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Transformation Of The Week - Linaz_AU.

I was non physical and did not do well in gym class. I also thought working out in the gym was boring. That all changed when an 'older' kid showed me the right way to train hard. Learn more ...

Before Before:
202 lbs.
Body Fat: 25%
Max Bench: 200lb
After After:
155 lbs.
Body Fat: 12%
Max Bench: 194.9lb

Vital Stats

Name: Linaz_AU
Age: 17
Height: 6'
Location: Australia
Pounds Lost: 47 lbs.
Time Taken: 4 months (16 weeks)

How I Got Fat In The First Place

Growing up I was a very non physical kid. To use a cliche; I was "Always picked last in gym class." Physically I got a lot worse after I was put in the hospital for several months after contracting the disease Meningococcal. At about the age of 13 I went to the gym for about 2 months, but found it boring.

Still very weak and horribly unfit I gave the gym another try at about 15-16, I enjoyed it a lot more this time, as an older kid showed me how to train 'hard.' I began gaining strength though I did not notice any real change in my physique. At 16-17 I went through my final year of high school. This is when I put on a lot of fat.

Front Front
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I Had Put On A Lot Of Fat.

I went out a lot and pigged out on Micas and KFC, ate huge meals before bed in order to help me sleep (so stupid), and I did almost no exercise. I continued to only get even fatter after year 12, especially as I had moved out of home so I could attend a university (lived off take away, and cereal).

My Normal Prebed Meal During Year 12 Exams:

  • 2 chicken burgers: processed chicken meat in a white hamburger roll witch cheese and mayonnaise
  • 1 Plain hot dog with sauce
  • Bowl of 2 minute instant noodles
  • Big glass of milk or a hot chocolate
  • By the way, my current pre-bed meal (beginning to clean bulk) is a small serving of cottage cheese and a few almonds.

Making The Decision:

    I was grossed out whenever I looked at myself, my inner thighs would hurt like absolute hell, I would constantly have my gut sucked in, and I was having A LOT of trouble fitting into all of my pants.

How I Did It


    Though I got rid of my fat myself - my number 1 'goal' was to win Transformation Of The Week on In the beginning most of my motivation came from whenever I looked at myself in a mirror, however after about 7 weeks I was much more happy with my body and it was harder to be motivated.

Front Front
Front Front
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Front View Tense: 0,6,12,16 Weeks.

    This is where aiming to win Transformation of the month came into it; I wanted to not only be proud of myself, I wanted other people to see that with determination and knowledge anybody can lose a good amount of fat just from doing things right.


    Starting off I trained with weights 4 times per week, and did about 30 minutes of light cardio 2-3 times per week. It wasn't much but being so unfit the cardio gave me troubles, a 30-minute fast walk got me sweating and GOD my thighs chaffed.

Front Front Front Front
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Front View Relaxed: 0,6,12,16 Weeks.

    Towards the end I was training with weights and doing cardio everyday (45 min-3 hours).


    I designed my diet plan myself, which was great 'cause by doing this I learned a lot about nutrition, however I also made errors and it was easy to cheat. I won't go into great detail of my diet, just the basic foods I ate and when I ate them, as actual calories and serving size really depends on age, sex, height, muscle.

Front Front Front Front
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Back View Spread: 0,6,12,16 Weeks.

Why I Didn't Use Supplements:

    I did not use any supplements, though I did tried to get into the habit of drinking coffee. I really hate coffee so that didn't work.

    1. The number one reason I chose not to use supplements is because I wanted to give it a go without them. In about a year, after I have gained some quality muscle (clean bulking), I will probably wish to trim down a bit. At this time I will use supplements.

      However, I think it is generally important in relation to bodybuilding to give it a go without supplements first, so you actually have a better idea of how the they have helped.

    2. Money, I don't have very much of it and supplements can be expensive.

Front Front Front Front
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Back View Relaxed: 0,6,12,16 Weeks.

Weekly Diet:

  • 1st Week - No junk food + get more water.

  • 2nd Week - Smaller helpings but still no solid eating plan.

  • Weeks 3-7 - Eating about 5-6 meals a day, nothing for 3 hours before bed, no high carb foods after lunch.

  • Weeks 7-9 - Went back to my home town for school holidays, I was noticing less results so I decided to have a bit of a break, still eating healthy I allowed myself bigger meals and many a BBQ (staying away from the sausages, sticking with chicken and egg) I put on maybe 2 kilos. However, I think a lot of it was water weight because it was lost very quickly.

  • Week 10 - After 2 weeks of slacking I felt like shocking my body, so I kept my carb intake fairly low, and ate eggs, chicken breast, tuna and snacked on all sorts of salads.

  • Week 11-15 - Kept it simple, 6 meals usually chicken, tuna, lean mince, eggs and lots of veggies.

  • Week 16 (Last Week) - I was about where I wanted to be, so I had very little motivation ... just looking forward to my bulk. I lost another 2 kilos this week, but I think it was mostly water loss (I had cut down on fluids the last 2-3 days).

What I Wish I Did Differently/Mistakes

  1. I wish I held a newspaper or something when I took my photos, as I have had people say that I lied about the dates and things like that (mostly haters on the forums).

  2. I wish I took more photos early. Taking photos of myself at the beginning really just made me feel like sh*t about myself. I also knew very little about 'posing.'

  3. I wish I knew what I know now when I began my diet, what my body responds to, and the greatness of the elliptical walker.

  4. I wish I was never fat and unfit in the first place, but I guess it's the future and what you do right now that matters eh?

  5. Oh I wish ... I wish I never killed that fish.

Advice To Anybody Looking To Transform Or Just Improve Their Body

Firstly, I can't believe that I am writing this ... how to change your life (or at least your body) in one simple, succinct and preferably rhyming sentence, that does not sound too cliche.

Sorry I really can't do it properly under a 3,000-word limit, however I suggest that you go through lots of articles here on and also check out the forums, especially the stickies (just remember when you read to be objective at all times) you really can find all the info that you need for free on this site.

Feel free to email me or msn me at if you have any questions, criticism and advice or just want to say g'day.

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