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Transformation Of The Week - GuyPaul Thibault.

I used to smoke 2 packs per day (including cigars and chewing tobacco), fast food everyday, and was going to the emergency room on a regular basis. When I found out I was going to be a father it all changed! Check it out.



Why I Got Started

I thought I'd lay down just some of the basic things I did and why I did it.

I had just turned 32 ... I was smoking 2 packs a day, with cigars, pipes and chewing tobacco in there as well. I was eating fast food EVERYDAY, eating a large bag of potato chips EVERYDAY, I was having chest pains and going to the emergency room way too often, doctors where telling me I was on the verge of being morbidly obese.

I was in constant back pain from a car accident, I couldn't shovel a driveway or run around a ball field. I was quickly heading for 300 pounds on the scale and then I found out my wife was pregnant.

That changed everything right there ...

I knew if I didn't change right then, that day, I would NEVER see my son grow up, and I wanted to be there for him more than anything in the world.

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I Wanted To Be There For My Son.

How I Did It

So that's WHY I did it, how did I do it? I started to clean up my diet and joined a gym right away, and over the past 2 years I've spent countless hours researching foods, exercise, and trying everything I could find.

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Two Years Of Research Led Me Here.

After all that time here's what I've discovered works for me (these are all things you could find in most health magazines).


How You Look Is At Least 80%+ Diet!

    I don't mean starving yourself "diet"; I mean the type, quality and quantity of food you put into your mouth. Even bodybuilders agree it's all in your diet. Workout everyday for 8 hours but eat 5 super meals at MacDonald's everyday; you're still gonna be fat.

    Everyone thinks the diet is a joke when they start working out, but guys like Brad Pitt, The Rock, and Stallone, all have insanely strict diets that trainers make up for them. They aren't going out and eating cheeseburgers.

What Percent Of A Transformation Is Dependant On Diet?


Stop Eating Garbage!

    No brainer here. Eat as many whole foods (unprocessed as you can) and avoid trans fats at all costs! My diet consists of a lot of the following.

    Nutrient Information
    Food Calories Protein Carbs Fat Details
    Whole Oats 389 17% 68% 16% [ VIEW ]
    Tuna 116 88% 0% 6% [ VIEW ]
    Chicken Breasts 165 75% 0% 19% [ VIEW ]
    Brown Rice 111 9% 83% 7% [ VIEW ]
    Natural Peanut Butter 589 16% 15% 76% [ VIEW ]
    Whey Powder
    [ Nutrient Database ]

Eat Six Or Seven Meals a Day!

    Honestly, sure they might not be 1,000 calorie meals, but I'm eating at least 6 meals a day, usually each is about 250-to-350 calories. A cup of oats, 1/2 cup of milk and a scoop of whey comes in at under 350 calories and is a perfectly sound nutritious breakfast and is filling.

    A can of tuna on a toasted plain whole wheat English muffin is a good mid-morning snack. But why eat so many times? It keeps your metabolism running on high gear, which eats fat.

Know How Much You Are Eating!

    Everyone knows how much gas is their car and what type of gas to put in it, why don't most people even have a clue how much they are eating or what they are putting in their mouths?

    Join the Forum and get advice on your food, calories, fat, carbs and protein for FREE. I've met several IFBB bodybuilders that use it. It's that cool!

Carbs Are Not Evil!

    Atkins and low-carb basically preach that carbs are evil, well the truth is ... they aren't (they are necessary). Carbs are your body's energy source. I eat most of my carbs in the morning, a few after working out and absolutely none after 5pm.

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    Why none in the evening? All I'm going to do is go to bed, so why would I want to load my body with energy? If the energy from carbs isn't used, your body stores it as fat, it's that simple. So I eat most my carbs pre-workout to give me energy to train hard.

Workout Routine

Don't Work Out Everyday!

    There's a shocker! OK, so I do workout almost everyday, but the trick is to allow your body rest time to repair the muscle you injure while working out.

    If you train your chest one day give it a day or two (or a week) before you work at it again. I'll do a chest workout Monday, a back workout on Tues, etc. Same as running and cardio. Do it one day and then rest the next. I typically lift weights 4 times per week for about 45 minutes.

You Don't Get Abs From Working Your Abs!

    Well, you do, but not Brad Pitt style abs. A 6-pack comes from low body fat, nothing else. I haven't worked my abs once in the last 6 months; all I've done is eat correctly.

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Suggestions For Others

There Are Absolutely No Excuses!

    Did I mention that I also have thyroid disease? Actually I have NO thyroid anymore. Doctors keep telling me I should be 500 pounds and on Oprah crying that I need Richard Simmons to help me get off my ass.

    F*ck that! I take responsibility for my own life and even if my body medically wants to be 500 pounds, I'm not gong to let it!

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Keep A Journal!

    Ya, I know, journals are "girly" and you're a "manly man." I record my calories every day, my weight and every rep and set in any workout I do. It only takes a second between sets to jot down what I did and in 6 months time I can look and see that I've made HUGE changes in my abilities, weight etc.

    On a bad day it can also help to look back and see how far you've come. I'll keep working on this and adding to it ...

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