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Transformation Of The Week - Michael (a.k.a. Romeo) Vincent.

Up until now Michael has been living life with the motto of, 'I'll do what I want, when I want, eat whatever I want.' Here is his story and how he, as many others have, dumped this motto for clean and active living!

253 lbs
Size 40 pants
181 lbs
Size 33 pants

Why Did I Start?

Let's go back to March '05. I bought two pairs of khaki pants, size 38. They fit me perfectly when I tried them on. When I got home, I threw them in the back of my closet until the need to dress formally.

One month later came the need to, so I got out the khakis, and now they don't fit. Not even a little snug ... I can't even button them. I realized then it was time to stop what I was doing and change my life.

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Down To Size 33!

How Did I Change?

The next day, I started researching what I needed to do to fix the mess I had put myself into. The first thing to change was the diet. No more candy, chips, fast food, eating late at night, and so on. Bring on the good stuff! Eat more and weigh less!

Second on the list was the gym. Having a gym right next to my office made everything easier, and gave me absolutely no excuse to not go. After figuring out a diet, I signed up for a yearly membership for the gym. I was determined not to be a statistic ...

Joe Schmo who signs up, puts his heart into it for a few weeks, then gives up and makes excuses not to go. Next thing were the supplements. What was my body lacking that was going to hinder my process of weight loss and muscle gain?

That led me to researching online, to sites such as After doing the research, I made a list, and bought what I needed to help achieve my goal!

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Make A List Of Goals You Want To Achieve!
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I started working out with a friend from work. He basically showed me the ropes, how to use the machines, the correct techniques, etc. I remember it like it was yesterday ... I couldn't go 4 mph for more than a minute without being out of breath. A month later, I was able to walk 4mph for a good ten minutes.

After that, I was doing it for 30 minutes. Then I started HIIT, and incorporated jogging at 6.5 mph with the 4 mph walk. I'm happy to say that today I am able to run 7 mph constantly, and mix in 9 mph+ sprints!

High Intensity Interval Training!
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I did more than that as well. I even started to read magazines such as Men's Health, and Men's Fitness to keep up with the latest news in the health industry.

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A Couple Bicep Shots During My Transformation.

How Did I End Up That Way?

    Living a lavish, uncaring lifestyle. My motto was

    "I'll do what I want, when I want, eat whatever I want, etc."

    I ate fast food every day as it was convenient to my job; I ate candy, chips, junk food all the time.

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    Back When I Was Eating Junkfood All The Time.

    What made that worse is I have an office job, the normal 9-5 grunt work where you sit all day. That just made the situation worse. Then I'd drink multiple cans of soda a day, and at night? Always a snack while lying down and watching TV!

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    A Rare Trip Away From The Television
    In My Lavish, Uncaring Life.
    Being Around Hot Women Is/Was Great Motivation!

My Supplements

My Diet

Here's An Example Of My Diet:

    • Breakfast: Oatmeal with a banana, and a glass of whey protein. If I'm still hungry, I'll have a small portion of Kashi GoLean cereal.

    • First Snack: Usually half of a sandwich with some type of meat (turkey) or tuna on whole wheat, and a low-fat yogurt.

    • Lunch: Usually a South Beach Diet lunch or a Lean Cuisine meal as it's easy on the limited time I have free at my office.

    • Second Snack: Other half of a sandwich, and Nutri-Grain bar, fresh fruit, yogurt ... something along that line.

    • Pre-workout Snack: Nature Valley Peanut Butter bar, or some form of nuts.

    • Dinner: Some type of lean meat for protein. I sometimes just heat up a Lean Pocket if I didn't feel like cooking dinner and have some fresh fruit or a low-fat yogurt.

    As far as liquids, I drink water all day. I sometimes drink flavored water such as Fruit2o to break up the monotany, but never soda! I'll have the occasional diet soda with lunch or dinner though.

    Green tea is definately a part of my diet too! I drink at least two cups a day. I recommend Lipton's Green Tea Collection, so you can sample a few different flavors and not be drinking the same original flavor every day.

My Exercises

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Lettin' Loose.

Advice For Others

Today, I'm leaner, healthier, and overall am just living a better life! One tip I have though is that you do not cheat! I go out all the time with friends, both at restaurants and/or bars. Fortunately, my friends respect my lifestyle and understand when I don't drink as they do, or eat the 1,300-calorie burger at restaurants.

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"Eat to live, NOT live to eat!"

Think about what you put in your body! Do you really need that candy bar, or is it a craving? Just think about what you put into your body, and if it will help you or hinder you in your goals.

It seems almost everyday I get complimented on how I've changed so much and how much better I look. That just pushes me to go further! People I've known for years can't believe how far I've gone and tell me how different I look ... that I look like a different person.

I've even had people who haven't seen me since before my change of life give me a strange look thinking "Who are you?" when I see and greet them by name.

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"Who Are You?"

Hopefully what I've done can help others achieve their goals if they are overweight. Trust me when I say it. I've been there before, you can do it!

Michael (a.k.a. Romeo) Vincent

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