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Transformation Of The Week - Damion Ricketts.

Damion has been spending his time deployed as a Marine in Iraq. He made a personal goal to workout 6 times per week until it was time to go home. Here is what he has done.


Vital Stats

Name: Damion Ricketts
Age: 19
Work place: U.S Marines
Where: Camp Lejeune, NC
Deployed In: Camp Al Taquadum - Iraq (CLR-25 Supply Det)
Height: 5'6:
Favorite Bodypart: Chest and abs
Favorite Exercise: Bench press and weighted dips

Why I Got Started

I think I was watching ESPN one time and saw the Mr. Olympia contest. After that I wanted to look like Ronnie Coleman. He He. I go to the beach all the time and all the girls liked the guys with all the muscles so I had to do something to get the attention they were getting.

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No More Will I Be The Guy Without Big Muscles!
Check Me Out Now Ladies!

I told myself I had to hit the gym. I also wanted to be in shape and healthy so I didn't just hit the gym. I also run four miles 3 times per week and playing soccer has also helped. But my real motivation was the ladies ... every guy would agree.

How I Did It

Hard work and determination is what turned my body into what it is today. I never had time to workout in the gym because I am always busy at work; as a Marine. So when they told us we were going to be deployed to Iraq, I made a promise to myself to workout 6 times per week until it's time for us to come back home.

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Six Times A Week Until We Come Home.

When I got to the gym here I thought it sucked because there was little in it; a few dumbbells and a bench. Of course, being a Marine, I knew I had to adapt and overcome. I started out benching 125 pounds for 6 reps my first couple of weeks then went to 145 pounds for 10 reps in a month and a half.

My max now is 235 pounds after 7 months in Iraq. I looked at myself in the mirror every night after getting back from the gym and thought I was so big I just couldn't stop going. It is like an addiction. I love the sound of dumbbells clashing in the gym ... it is music to my ears!

I train 6 times per week and seem to get better results when I divide my workout everyday. I work my back, arms, chest on different days that way my muscle gets time to recover. It's hard for me to gain weight, so my muscles did what it does best and that was to get ripped. I have gained 15 pounds in 7 months, which is not that impressive, but my definition made up for that.

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Back, Arms & Chest Are Worked On Different Days.

Now I'm thinking about taking it to the next level and compete ... but I don't know how to get started in that.

    To Learn About Starting Competitions Click Here.

What Supplements I Took:

    I was against taking supplements until I took the time to study them and pick the best one for me. I wanted to gain mass so I read protein would do that.

    That's when I came across EAS MyoPro Whey protein. I also hear good things about creatine so I had to try it out. They do work really good together.

    Sample Of My Diet:

      • Oatmeal
      • Cereal
      • 1 mix of protein shake
      • 2 eggs
      • Waffles


      • 1 mix of protein shake
      • Baked chicken
      • 2 slices of pizza


      • 1 MRE (Meals Ready To Eat)

    Week Of Training:

    Suggestion For Others

    It takes hard work and dedication to get to the point where you want to be. So if you don't see results as soon as you want, keep going. Results take time, be patient. It takes time in the gym, not 5 minutes of curls and then leave.

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    Results Come With Time, Be Patient.

    Stay consistent when you do go to the gym. Know what you want to do and do it. Also, remember that not everyone wants to look like a bodybuilder so don't worry about how much the guy next to you is lifting, just do what you can handle, after all it's not a competition. Technique is everything.

    If you're not happy with your technique on a particular workout, shoot for a minimal increase in total reps the next time out, and focus your energies on improving your technique instead.

    Always strive to move weights as fast as possible on the concentric or positive phase of each lift, particularly at the beginning of the stroke. More speed means more tension, which means better results.

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    More Speed, More Tension,
    Better Results.

    And last but not least make sure to give your muscles time to recover even if it means taking several days off.

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