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Transformation Of The Week - Kent Trivette!

Want some inspiration? Then look no farther. Kent has been through some severe health problems in addition to being overweight. Can you relate? Find out right here what he has done to improve his life. It certainly has not been easy.

217 lbs
Body Fat: 24 %
Waist: size 38 pants
Shape: round
Weight: 190 lbs
Body Fat: 13-15 %
Waist: size 34 pants
Shape: delicious
Age: 31

Why I Got Started?

Well, I guess it's important to start with some of the things I went through. I grew up from the age of 5 playing sports and being active and had my first knee surgery when I was 14. After high school I got fat, even though I was still playing basketball everyday, it just wasn't the same as 3-4 hour intense practices.

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I had gone from 155 pounds senior year to 213 pounds. Then, while fat, I got married at, the age of 21, to an older girl I dated since high school, for the last 3 1/2 years. A short while after working out and trying creatine I began having severe stomach problems. I thought I was just sensitive to creatine and stopped taking it.

After a couple of more months of severe pain, and bleeding, I finally went to the doctor. Hey, I was brought up to where if a bone wasn't sticking out then you didn't need to go to the doctor. I waited way too long. I was diagnosed with a severe case of ulcerative colitis and it stayed acute; it always flared up.

For those who don't know what this disease is, basically 100% of my colon, 5 feet, was an ulcer. It was so bad that medication kept making me worse and all the doctors kept saying was there was nothing they could do by now and I would get cancer in the next year or two.

This was apparently too much to take for someone and I found myself divorced 6 months later. I spent the next 3 1/2 years too sick to leave the house, lost 60 pounds due to the illness, and felt horrible.

Finally I went to a doctor who said they could do something. All they had to do was remove my entire colon ... Ouch!

The day of the surgery I weighed 150 pounds and looked fragile. I finally even started getting kidney stones from staying so dehydrated all the time and not able to eat anything. After the second time I started drinking at least a gallon of water per day.

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A couple of months after the surgery I started trying to go to the gym again, determined to get in shape, and it started to work. (one cool thing is that the week this profile will be up around the anniversary of my surgery, July 19, 1999).

At this point I was looking better and met someone I thought I was going the spend the rest of my life with.

Over the course of the next four years the relationship was going bad and I found myself eating the way she did and as much as I worked out, ballooned back up to 217 pounds.

With all the additional weight and prior knee injuries I was always in pain. I had actually been on crutches a total of 10 times between knee surgeries and chipped bones and pulled ligaments in both ankles. I wasn't able to do cardio the way I needed to.

I finally got checked one day and found out I had a completely torn ACL and both menisci. So I had to have reconstructive knee surgery. At my weight it just wasn't comfortable to work out. I found if I weighed more than 190 pounds, my knees and ankles would always hurt.

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With this surgery I even got my shoulder looked at and was told I had a severe tear in my labrum and needed surgery, but still have never done that. After that I had another medical problem (damn ... this boy's got problems, huh?).

I had a pilonidal cyst, or however you spell it, needless to say it's not comfortable and to this day I actually lance it myself whenever it comes back. This is not recommended so don't do it.

What Is A Pilonidal Cyst?
A pilonidal cyst or sinus is an abscess (localized collection of pus) or a chronic draining sinus (canal or passage leading to an abscess) located in the opening between the buttocks muscles. This cyst may have a deep cavity containing hair and may be without symptoms unless it becomes infected.

When we finally broke up I found myself lost and depressed, and again not looking the way I wanted to be happy with myself and not even wanting to get up for a couple of weeks.

I didn't want to be in pain any more either so I finally decided I was going to start working our and eating right no matter who was in my life. That was last summer.

How I Did It

I started by refusing to miss workouts and actually doing cardio. I did 40-45 minutes of cardio every day at the beginning to try to get the fat off.

Just for the record, the Elliptical machine is a life saver. No pain on the knees or ankles and you can adjust the resistance so your workout on it can constantly be changing. It is wonderful.

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I also started eating a lot better. Actually I was not eating enough at the beginning but I wanted to lose the weight so bad I wasn't eating more than 1200 calories, again not recommended. After a couple weeks of this I decided to go back to college again to finally try to get my teaching degree.

While in school I have access to the gyms on campus for free, so I basically started living there. I began eating 6 meals per day, all basically even. Needless to say after a month people started making comments on how good I looked, even though I couldn't see it myself. At this point I started lifting weights again and it all started to happen so fast it was amazing.

It's great to get second looks from girls and have them ask to see your abs. This is a big ego boost. At this point I got meticulous with everything I did, workouts and meals were all planned and I busted my ass every day, always working out without a dry spot on my shirt. This was pretty nasty, but man did I feel good.

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I guess my workouts had a couple of different phases:

    Phase I: 45 minutes of cardio every day and abs when tolerated.

    Phase II: upper body superset workouts, 30 minutes of cardio, and upper body circuit sets to finish on Mondays and Thursdays. 45 minutes of cardio and abs the other five days. I used the weighted crunch machine on weight days and the ab roller for multiple sets on cardio days for my ab workouts.

    Phase III: same as phase II but move the second upper body workout to Friday and now do a leg workout on Wednesdays in the same fashion. Leg press and calf press supersets followed with 30 minutes of cardio and then leg curl and leg extension supersets. Again, I used the weighted crunch machine on weight days and the ab roller for multiple sets on cardio days for may abs workouts.

The reason I did circuit sets with cables at the end of workouts and after cardio was to get a really good pump in the muscle before having my post workout drinks, to make sure they got to the muscle fast.

My post workout drinks also had phases:

    Phase I: just one scoop of whey protein.

    Phase II: one scoop of Cell Tech Hardcore or Champion Creatine Xtreme, then one scoop of protein

    Phase III: once scoop of Champion Creatine Xtreme and then 30 grams of whey protein with 5 grams of glutamine.

I started to have one scoop of protein immediately before my workouts after phase III to get more protein into the muscle to work with.

My Supplements

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Take my advice, almost all supplements work at least a little bit, but for the best bang for your buck protein, glutamine is all you need to get in shape. Creatine helps a lot too but you do not need to waste all your money on these supplements that are like $80-90 per bottle and last only two or three weeks. Keep it simple.

My Diet

    7:00 am

    7:45 am

      3 egg whites & 1 yolk scrambled
      2 slices low cal wheat bread
      1 slice fat free cheese
      1 cup skim milk
      1000 mg vitamin C
      400 iu vitamin E
      1500 mg glucosamine
      1200 mg chondroitin
      2 CLA caps

    10:30 am

      30 grams whey protein
      1 granola bar
      5 grams glutamine
      5 flax oil caps

    12:30 pm

      Stacker 2

    1:15 pm

      30 grams whey protein
      1 granola bar
      5 grams glutamine
      5 flax oil caps

    4:00 pm

      3 slices of chicken or turkey
      1 slice fat free cheese
      1 low carb whole wheat tortilla
      1 low carb yogurt
      2 CLA caps

    5:30 pm

      Stacker 2

    6:00 pm


    7:00 pm

      Post-workout drinks (depending on phase I, II, or III)

    7:30 pm

      5 slices of chicken or turkey
      low carb yogurt
      or 6 oz can tuna & 9 whole wheat crackers
      2 CLA caps

    9:30 pm

      30 grams whey protein
      1 tablespoon of peanut butter

    11:30 pm

      3 ZMA

    Basically every meal averaged out to 30 grams of protein, 20 grams of carbs, and 10 grams of fat. Breakfast had a little extra carbs to start the day, but the last part of the day has almost no carbs, so it all averaged that way. Also, on cardio-only days there wasn't the post-workout creatine drink so it gave a little cycling off the carbs on those days too.

    If I had a cheat meal it was usually something like Taco Bell and I only get hard or soft tacos, meat and cheese only, or chicken quesadillas; so it's not like it was TOO bad. Just after a couple days straight of eating perfect you have to have something that will satisfy your craving and then get right back to the diet the next morning. This will also keep you sane.

    Besides having a small cheat at least once during the week, there was always the Sunday cheat meal of a pizza buffet ... Mmmm. But it was just the one meal and then right back to the workouts. I actually noticed that this cheat would speed my metabolism back up and I would actually lose a pound or two the next day or so after having it. It was useful too ... remember the sanity.

Weekly Sample Workout:

Phase I:


      Cardio and abs; just trying to get some fat off as quick as possible.
      I did some lifting, but just enough to not get too sore.

Phase II:

Phase III:

    Upper body workouts were the same as in phase II, but now I had a lower body day too.

    Monday & Friday - Upper Body

    • Superset seated bench press and seated lat rows (3 sets at 15, 12, 10 reps)
    • Superset shoulder press and weighted crunch machine (3 sets at 15, 12, 10 reps for shoulders. 25-50 reps on crunches)
    • Superset tricep press or pushdown and preacher curl (3 sets at 15, 12, 10 reps)

      I didn't focus on weight, I chose a weight that I could do the number of reps I wanted and focused on really slow controlled reps with a squeeze at the end. This was very important.

      Then I would do 30 minutes on the Elliptical machine (3 miles, 450 calories ... my fat butt was a movin').

      After the cardio I would do a upper body circuit on the cables to get a good burn and pump before having my shake. I would go in order:

      • cable crossovers
      • one-arm cable row
      • one arm pushdowns
      • one arm high cable curls
      • one arm side laterals.

      I would do that for 3-4 sets of 10 reps each set.

      Click Here For A Printable Log Of Phase III: Monday & Friday Upper Body.

    Wednesday - Lower Body

    Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

    Cardio & Abs

      40-45 minutes of cardio on Ellipticals and bikes, mix it up some to keep it interesting. 15-to-20 minutes on each one. Then I did my ab workout with the ab roller, alternating between crunches, side crunches, and leg raises for 3-4 sets of at least 15 reps.

      I even did my crunches, slow and controlled and squeezed at the end. So even just 15 reps on abs still burned. Most of the time I cycle the intensity on the Elliptical, going up one lever each minute for 5 minutes then start over again.

      Click Here For A Printable Log Of Phase III: Cardio & Abs.

    Even though I used machines for the majority of my workouts I have since switched to using dumbells so I can lift a little heavier and put on some more muscle. You can tell the difference on the last set of pictures I have.

Future Plans:
    I'm thinking about doing a bodybuilding competition, just haven't gotten into that kind of condition yet. I'd would like to do something like a calendar or something along those lines. Anyone with any suggestions can feel free to email me at I'd love to hear back from people.

Suggestions For Others:

Change is possible, all you have to do is make the decision and then follow through. There's no reason to go through every day of your life feeling miserable about the way you look or feel ... do something about it! Your physical conditon is one of the few things in life where you make all the decisions.

If you want to lose weight then make a plan, drink diet pop instead of regular pop; could save you 1,000 calories or more per day. Drink lots of water, if you don't like plain water then buy crystal light mix and drink up. Read articles about nutrition and diet plans. Soda's and juices are just empty calories that will make you fat.

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Read articles on, find someone that might resemble you and follow the plan they followed. Just find what works for you. Never let anyone keep you from achieving something that will make you happy.

A quote I really like is, "Everyone dies, but not everyone lives", don't go through every day miserable, Live!

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