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Transformation Of The Week - Paul Bradley!

After spending most of my life being overweight (294 Lbs.), I decided it was time to make a change and lose the idea that I was a naturally big person. See how I made my transformation.

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 294lbs
BF: over 30%
Weight: 198lbs
BF: 12-14%

Why You Got Started?

I have always been overweight even as a young child. Food was important to me and I liked sweets and fast food. I never did much exercise; my family was not really inclined that way and I grew up believing I was naturally a big person and I could never change.

My weight shot up when I got into a steady relationship about 6 years ago. Because I found my perfect partner I thought I could be even lazier! I ran a pub for about a year, which didn't help; my diet consisted mostly of beer and crisps. I got a new job working in an office and one of the perks was a discounted gym membership.

12 Months Ago With My Girlfriend & A Friend.
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I joined my local gym (Reps, Worthing) who were helpful and offered advice and encouragement. I was fed up with looking in the mirror and seeing someone unattractive in it. I had been kidding myself. I didn't want to be fat I wanted to be muscular and fit.

How You Did It?

I didn't know much about training so a friend of mine who had trained on and off for years showed me the basics.

I started off with cardio on the x trainer every day and circuit training 5 times per week. I began to get strong quickly and I enjoyed the weights so after a couple of weeks I split my routine into body parts so I could concentrate on developing muscle groups individually.

Circuit Training!
'Circuit training' is an excellent way to simultaneously build strength and stamina. Full workout circuit included!
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I increased the cardio to 45 mins per day and walked and ran during the day whenever possible. My diet was low carb which worked well for the first 2 months but then my body became used to it and I stopped losing weight.

I researched diet more and began a weightlifter's bulking diet, which worked wonders for me. I was increasing muscle and losing fat! Diet has remained the same ever since. I allow one cheat day per week but I am strict with my diet and training.

Sometimes I don't feel like eating the right things or going to the gym but I force myself, knowing I will feel great afterward. I train on my own so I am not relying on anyone else to motivate me. The goal I set for myself is to look good and get stronger.

Sometimes I Just Don't Like
Eating The Right Things.

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What Supplements Did You Take?

    I have done a couple of courses with creatine. I did this in an on for two weeks off for 2 weeks pattern. The first week I loaded with 20 grams a day and then 5 grams for the second week. I take multivitamins every day and 2000mg of vitamin C. I take a B complex vitamin to keep energy levels up and evening primrose to help with mood and energy too.

    I use whey protein from Reflex and Garnell nutrition. For a post workout drink I mix the whey with Now Foods Dextrose (2g of dextrose for every gram of protein in the shake) this prevents breakdown of muscle after workout.

    At night I use anabolic muscle milk which contains slow digesting proteins to keep my body anabolic while I am sleeping. I drink a lot of green tea which I believe aided my fat loss.

Give Us A Sample Week Of Your Diet.

  • Meal 1 - 45 mins after cardio 6 egg whites one yolk scrambled with low carb ketchup. 1/2 bowl of oats with 1 scoop of whey protein.
  • Meal 2 - protein and veg (protein is tuna steak, lean beef, chicken breast or turkey). I avoid anything with high sugar (peas and tomatoes for example).
  • Meal 3 - as meal 2
  • Meal 4 - as meal 2


  • Meal 5 - PWO shake with whey and dextrose
  • Meal 6 - Protein and carbs (normally half cup of brown rice)
  • Meal 7 - as meal 2
  • Meal 8 - shake before bed of whey and micellar casein to aid anabolic function throughout the night.

Sample Week Of Training

Note: 1 KILO = 2.2 POUNDS.

Suggestions For Others

Do as much research as possible. Nothing worked for me until my diet was worked out properly. I found out how many calories I needed per day and gradually altered my diet until I was losing fat and packing on muscle.

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It's no good thinking you have a good diet you must put the time in to work it out. Same goes for training. If you want to see results be strict and set yourself a new goal every week!

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