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Transformation Of The Week - Tommy Skupien!

Tommy has undergone an amazing transformation and would like to share his story about why and how he made this life altering decision.

220 lbs
Age: 23
Height: 6'3"
Pant Size: 36
185 lbs
Age: 23
Height: 6'3"
Pant Size: 32

Why I Got Started

Before I started I was living my life as I wanted. I was going to a lot of parties, drinking alcohol, and eating everything at any time. The biggest problem was every time I got home in the middle of the night I would consume even more food. I was taking the food with me to bed and while eating I was falling asleep; and as you know eating late at night is the best way to gain fat. However, at the time, I did not care.

Well, one day (the day when my girlfriend broke up with me) I realized I do not want to live my life like this any more ... I want to change. All my life I wanted to be slim (have a nice six pack), my goal was to loose weight and work on my belly.

How I Did It

I was always into body building so I already knew a few things. However to learn more I started to read about dieting, nutrition, and workout programs. Then I found the web site. This certainly helped but the part that really got me going was my mind.

I started telling myself it is possible and I am strong enough to make it because it is what I want and is my decision. You have no idea how good this mental game worked. This is how I learned (and share with others) that the power of your mind can make your dreams come true. It did for me.

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One Week Of My Routine

    6:00 am - 7:00 am swimming
    5:00 pm - 6:30 pm abs workout at home
    9:30 pm - 10:45 pm chest
    11:00 pm - 12:00 am treadmill

My Diet

    For the first 5 days I was drinking only water (no food whatsoever), then 1 yogurt in the morning, 1 fruit for lunch and 5-6 slices of turkey at 6pm. After 2 months I started eating salads, chicken, turkey, fish. I totally eliminated carbs, sugar and was staying around 500-1000 calories a day.

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    My diet took about 3-4 months. I lost 35 pounds and made my belly look like I always wanted it to ... a 6-pack!


Never give up; every person is strong enough to get what they want. The answer is in your mind.

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If you can, get out of your social life during your time of dieting. That is what I did. I told my friends not to call me and that would plan on seeing them at least once per week to talk. Then when they saw me after my diet, it was a big WOW! This motivated me to work even harder on my body.

Remember, you will lose a little bit of weight everyday, but you won't see it. Then after a week or so the weight loss will become more noticeable.

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