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Transformation Of The Month - Josie St-Amour.

Learn how Josie went from 216 pounds to 118 pounds. Free workout program with printable logs.

Name: Josie St-Amour
Height: 5'1"
Weight (before): 216
Weight (after): 118
BodySpace Profile:

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Why I Got Started

I remember this horrible morning when I woke up to realize that I weighed 216 lbs! "Well, that's not bad!" you could say ... if you're seven feet tall. But at 5-foot-1, I looked more like an early version of Carnie Wilson. I had gained a tremendous amount of weight in a short period of time and kept it on for what seems like a lifetime.

I went up to wearing a size 15 with 44% body fat before realizing that I had to do something. I couldn't be this fat ... it wasn't me.

All my life I've always been the biggest flirt so I have to admit that the main reason I decided to lose weight was to regain the attention I had lost over the years. Because at that point, the men I was attracted to wanted absolutely nothing to do with me. Oh I can already hear the "it's the inside that counts!" I couldn't agree more, but seriously, would Vin Diesel be attracted by Mama Cass?

My Goals

When I first started, the goal was to lose weight. I went beyond this goal a long time ago. I realize that there are more components to being fit than just body weight. I am now focused on my fitness goals instead of weight loss.

The biggest reward came when the owner of the biggest gym in North America, asked me to be the spokesperson for his gym. I do advertising promoting the benefits of working out.

What Are Your Goals?
>Lose Fat
>Build Muscle
>Improve Energy

Since people can really see me, I'm the living proof that hard work and commitment really do pay off. I'll also be entering my first figure competition in 2005.

I'm also a new health and fitness writer. Being fit has changed my life: I feel confident. I walk with my head high because I've worked hard to attain my new life, and I've never been happier.

How I Did It

Challenge # 1 was adding exercise to my already busy life. I started going to the gym after work with a friend of mine. For almost 8 months, the gym was my priority. I even refused invitations to go out. After a while I realized that having friends and a life was equally important as being in shape. I had to make a change.

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This is where I started working out in the morning, at first waking up at 5:30 a.m. was horrible, I literally had to drag myself to the gym; the first "workout" was basically getting up to hit the snooze button but I slowly got used to it. Morning workouts increased my metabolism throughout the day. The best side of working out in the morning was the rush and feeling of accomplishment that stayed with me all day long.

Baby Steps To A Better Body.
This is a short article on how to slowly work into living a healthier life and keeping fat off. Read on to learn more ...
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When I lost 40 pounds, I stopped losing weight; I became upset when the scale didn't budge no matter what I did. I talked to a trainer who checked everything I ate and then suggested I eat more protein, and eat 5-to-6 times per day. Once I started eating more and more often, my weight loss restarted. Before I knew it I was 100 pounds lighter.

My Workout Plan

I train a little differently every other week. But a typical week looks like this:

My Nutrition Plan

I try to keep my diet reasonably healthy all year round, with a mini splurge once a month.

    My Nutrition Plan ...

    7:45 - Yogurt & protein powder

    9:30 - Oatmeal or multigrain cereal

    12:00 - Huge salad with chicken and mixed vegetables

    15:00 - Low fat cheese or protein shakes

    18:45 - Grilled salmon & asparagus or Brussels sprouts

Drinking water is a must as well as sleeping. Supplements are an important factor in my diet. I take multi-vitamins daily and a few other supplements, which I have found to work for me, including protein shakes, thermogenics and CLA.

My Future Goals

My next goal is to help others achieve not only their workout goals but also spread the information on living a healthy life.

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