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Motivation For Whatever It Is You Are About To Do In The Gym!

Everyone has that one day of the week they have to push themselves a little harder to get through. I intend to cover every body part or 'day' of the week in order to get you psyched up to go hit it next time at the gym. Learn more.

Motivation For Whatever It Is You Are About To Do In The Gym!

There are a lot of people that serve as sources of motivation for all types of reasons. People can hype you up to perform better at work. Coaches can give speeches before you step out on the field or court for the big game.

There are motivational speakers that can help you snap out of the blues and get back on your feet to live a happier life. And of course, there are trainers, nutritionists, and other folks that hype you up to get in better shape and take care of your physique.

And Your Point Is...

I wanted to write an article that goes a little deeper than that. I have written blogs and motivated folks to get in better shape, but there should be something said for those days that you just don't feel like going and training that one part you hate more than any other.

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Everyone has that one day of the week they have to push themselves a little harder to get through. I intend to cover every body part or "day" of the week in order to get you psyched up to go hit it next time at the gym.

-> Legs:

    This is the number one body part that people just hate going to the gym to train. It is the hardest day for most folks both mentally or physically. There are many benefits to training legs. Too many to list here, but I will go over a few.

    Legs are the biggest muscle groups you have. Doesn't it make sense that if you want to gain huge amounts of muscle that you should blast the biggest muscles?

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The Energy Level Goes Up
And It Stays With You All Day.

    Have you ever seen those guys at the beach that are so top heavy that you think they could topple at any moment? You know how people make fun of them because of it? Do you want to be that guy? I didn't think so.

    Have you ever seen a hot girl that didn't have a great pair of legs? Ladies, do you really want to be that girl? Again, I figure the answer is no.

    The true measure of a great athlete or bodybuilder is their leg development. You walk on them, you run with them, and I know plenty of people that would love nothing more than to train legs and can't. Don't take that gift for granted.

    Leg Exercises:

-> Abs:

    This is the centerpiece of that magnificent physique you are going for. Have you ever seen a divine dinner table without a great centerpiece? It looks bland, doesn't it?

    When you visualize that dream body you are going for, the abs are the most visible feature. I have never seen someone step onstage without a six pack and they would get laughed out of the auditorium if they did.

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The Centerpiece Of That Magnificent Physique.

    Abs Exercises:

      Your abs and core are very crucial when it comes to lifts like squats and deadlifts. You want to train them and train them hard. Crunches, hanging leg raises, oblique twists, bicycles are some great exercises to develop this body part effectively.

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-> Back:

    A lot of people don't like training back because these are the muscles you don't see as you are working them unless the mirrors are positioned just right. Again, these are big muscles and if you want to gain muscle, you need to hit them. When you say goodbye to someone and go to walk away, they notice your width.

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If You Want To Make Gains,
You Need To Hit These Muscles.

    You have them lats developed, and that is all people will say. "D@mn, that is a big dude." Ladies, although most of you aren't going for huge muscles, training your back does complete that physique. Also, the lower back is a lot of trouble for older folks. Prevent it before it starts by keeping it well trained. Having a back in great shape just completes that entire package.

    Back Exercises:

-> Shoulders:

    The bigger and wider your shoulders are, the littler your waist appears. Deception is a great thing, isn't it? You want to do more than presses and shrugs, too. Hit those delts from all angles.

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Hit Those Delts From All Angles.

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-> Arms:

    Most of Arnold Schwarzenegger's photos that inspire so many of us to start training are biceps' shots. He visualized his arms as mountains growing with every rep. When someone asks to see your muscles, the biceps is the first that comes to mind. Having lean, toned, and strong arms is appealing to either gender.

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Having Lean, Toned And Strong Arms
Is Appealing To Either Gender.

    Biceps Exercises:

    Triceps Exercises:

      Triceps make up two thirds of your upper arm. They are very important if you want to have a big bench, they compliment a big pair of biceps, and a lot of upper body exercises are just not done without assistance from triceps. Training tri's hard could be what separates a lot of guys from 19 and 20 inch arms. Great exercises for hitting the triceps include close grip bench presses, lying triceps extensions, dips, and various types of pressdowns.

    Forearms Exercises:

      You can't forget about forearms. If you are wearing a tee shirt, the forearms are the only visible part of those guns. They can't be ignored. A strong grip is also beneficial in the gym and in all types of sports. Hit them hard with reverse curls, wrist curls, and you can get hand grips at our store. Use it when you are bored or after a killer arm workout and you will get them huge in a hurry.

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-> Cardio:

    You can burn a lot more body fat if you do cardio first thing in the morning. Think about it. You haven't eaten for six to eight hours because you have been sleeping. You have no calories going right now in your body.

    Where in the world is the body going to get the energy to get through cardio? That is right. Your body fat is all there is to use. So this reason alone should be enough for you to get up and do it. Just in case you need some extra incentive though, let's look at another reason.

    You ever get up and after about an hour you just want to go back to bed? It seems the energy level never goes up. You lie around and get to feeling more tired by the minute. I know. I've been there.

    Your brain is in need of oxygen. It needs to be stimulated. Go for a run for a few minutes and you will notice you have a little more energy than usual. Now imagine doing a full cardio session when you wake up. The energy level goes up and it stays with you all day.

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The Energy Level Goes Up
And It Stays With You All Day.

    Anyone that says they got leaner without doing cardio is either a freak of nature or a liar. Either way, you can't chance it and got to do it. Take a variety of classes that your gym offers or join a sports league in your area. If you prefer to go it alone, hit the elliptical, treadmill, or go out on a run and enjoy the weather.

What Is The Best Time To Do Cardio?

Before A Workout.
After A Workout.
Not Sure.

-> Diet:

    This is something that is every day, but I know there are times you want to cheat when you shouldn't. So think about this next time you want to get that extra pizza. You have busted your @ss as hard as you have to meet your goals.

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The Energy Level Goes Up
And It Stays With You All Day.

    It took a long time to get where you are right now. Do you really want to screw that up over a burger or a pizza? Does it really taste that good that you are going to set yourself back on meeting your fitness goals? Once a week is OK, but don't go and screw up everything you have worked so hard for. People admire your work ethic and will power to not give in to those temptations. It is flat not worth it.


I know there are those days that you would want to skip the gym or the iron once and hit it harder next week. There are those body parts that suck to train, believe me I know. But at the end of the day, it is better for your fitness future if you do it and do it as hard as you would for your favorite muscle group.

Your body is a well oiled machine and all the parts need to be worked efficiently in order for it to work as a cohesive unit. A balanced body is a healthy and strong body. Remember that and not only will you be more mentally, but your goals will be accomplished a lot easier.

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