How Do You Manage To Take All Of Your Supplements Each Day?

How do you manage to take all of your supplements each day? Find out some great ideas right here to help keep track of all the supplements you take and when to take them. Read on for more!

TOPIC: How Do You Manage To Take All Of Your Supplements Each Day?

The Question:

You take your creatine before and after the gym, you take three multivitamin capsules per day (morning, noon, night), you take four ZMA capsules at night and you take two protein shakes per day.

How do you remember to fit in all of your supplements? How do you bring your protein shakes with you to work/school?

Do you break out your daily or weekly supplements into containers to make it easier? What do you use?

Do you write out a daily checklist?

How do you mix your protein shakes at work/school?

Show off your knowledge to the world!

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With constant new research on gaining muscle, losing fat, and upping energy levels, companies are constantly bombarded us with new supplements. We then find an "innovative" supplement that we want to get on, but we don't want to give up our past supplements in sacrifice. This cycle repeats itself until we have a supplement for every possible thing we may ever want.

Now things are not as easy as popping a multivitamin in the morning and drinking a protein shake after a workout. We have liquids, bars, white pills, green pills, red pills and powders. Here are my tips to make some sense of that supplement cache ...

How Do You Remember To Fit In All Of Your Supplements?

There are a few methods you can use to remember your supplements. However the absolute best way to remember is simply to understand the supplements. When you know and understand the essentials of each supplement and how they work then it will automatically click in your head that you have something that needs to be taken.

I have rarely forgotten to take a supplement for years because I merely just understand them. The key is just being aware of the time of day and what activities you have planned later.

For instance, an hour before hitting the weights you should remember to take your creatine because of the estimated hour it takes to be absorbed into your muscles. Someone who takes creatine just because it is popular and does not understand how it works will probably often forget to take it an hour before their workout.

Another example may be considering multivitamins. Most multivitamins recommend two servings a day, one in the morning and one at night. One may often forget to take the multivitamin at night because they do not understand how vitamins work, so it doesn't click in their head that their body needs nutrients before bed.

On the other hand there is another person who before bed automatically thinks to themselves, "I will be sleeping for possibly 8 hours with no food, what do I need to take for my body before bed?" Those people will not forget their multivitamin, casein protein, ZMA, or whatever else may be in their regimen.

Understanding and researching supplements also has an additional effect besides remembering when to take them. It also helps you learn which supplements should be taken with each other and which should not be taken with each other.

Let's refer back to creatine. An uninformed person will buy creatine, read the directions to take a heaping teaspoon of it and mix with water or juice, and do just that. They will probably mix the creatine with orange juice or another form of citrus juice and never know any wrongdoing from this.

As we all know creatine is not to be taken with citrus juice because of the juice transforming it to creatinine, the waste product of creatine. A person who would never research creatine could make that mistake for many years.

Understanding the supplements is all you need to remember when to take them, however there are extra methods that can be used such as putting them in containers for the day or keeping a log. Soon after using a log or containers the types of supplements you need at specific times will come automatically. These two techniques will be discussed later in the article.

How Do You Bring Your Protein Shakes With You To Work/School?

I don't think protein shakes are needed at work or school because protein shakes are most useful immediately after a workout. Other meal replacement foods such as protein bars are a lot easier to take to work or school. However if you do want to take a protein shake to work or school here is the best way to do it ...

    1. Buy a personal mixer. These make it easy to be able to make protein drinks at work without having to worry about bringing a shaker bottle along. They also mix the powder better than shaking does. My favorites are the ones that act as a small blender without the container, as seen here.

    1. Next just bring the container of protein powder and a glass to work or school; if you are not able to leave the container there you can take along a daily supply of protein powder in a shaker bottle or any cup with a lid.

    1. I like my protein powder mixed in skim milk much more than water, and milk can be found at the school cafeterias or can be stored at work. If not, a lunchbox with ice packs can keep milk cold. If you prefer water, well water is pretty much always available, if not just use the same method as milk.

    1. You now are easily setup for protein shakes at work or school. Mix the milk or water with the powder and use the portable mixer; you now have an instant protein shake.

Do You Break Out Your Daily Or Weekly Supplements Into Containers To Make It Easier? What Do You Use?

In the past I did not use containers for my supplements because I had no supplements that needed to be taken away from home. However this changed when I bought Glucophase XR and Lipo 6. Glucophase XR is needed to be taken before a high carb meal and Lipo 6 should be taken at various points in the day. That is why just a week ago I placed an order for a VitaMinder 7 Pack Organizer.