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What Are The Positives About Working Out?

What are the positives about working out? We all have our reasons to workout.. This week we've put together some great information about 5 positive reasons for bodybuilding, why workout, and whether training or cardio has more benefits.

TOPIC: What Are The Positives About Working Out?

The Question:

Bodybuilding has become beneficial to so many people. We all have our reasons as to why we workout; health, strength, physique, sports, are just a few.

What are the top 5 positive things about bodybuilding?

What is the main reason you workout?

Weight Training vs. Cardiovascular: Which do you think has more benefits?

Show off your knowledge to the world!

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1st Place - bitterplacebo
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There's no doubt that working out is an overall positive activity to engage in. If it were not, then people simply would not do it. Besides just the physical improvements that exercise encourages, there are many other aspects of life influenced by regularly working out.

What Are The Top 5 Positive Things About Bodybuilding?

1. Discipline:

    A successful bodybuilder must learn to structure their life in a way that maximally encourages progression in their physique. Everything from the food they eat to their daily activities and workouts can be meticulously planned ahead of time. Strictly adhering to the plan is what allows them to eventually reach their goal.

    The ability to regulate oneself for the sake of improvement is what's known as self-discipline. Because bodybuilding is a sport centered on making improvements, it's natural that it takes great self-control. Since discipline is not an innate characteristic, bodybuilding helps people to develop this trait like any other skill.

    What makes this so beneficial is that discipline applies to many areas of life outside of bodybuilding. Besides diet and training, other areas that require strict enforcement of behavior include education and careers. Bodybuilding provides the experience necessary to guide oneself to goals in many other domains.

High Intensity Interval Training! Discipline: Reach Your Bodybuilding Potential.
We all know real champions are those who push their physiques to the limit and accept nothing but the best from themselves. Their success can be isolated to one point. Discipline!
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2. Confidence:

    When faced with a hardship, we can either run away or face it. Running away is the easier choice, it might leave us safe, but we are no more assured that similar events in the future will turn out alright. On the other hand, facing a problem accomplishes two things. The dilemma is resolved immediately, eliminating future stress and worry. Also, we become more sure of ourselves to act in the proper and effective way during future events.

    This feeling is often called confidence, and is nurtured greatly by participating in bodybuilding. Every workout, a bodybuilder must strive to accomplish something they have never done before. We must burden ourselves with difficulties not encountered before in order to grow and better ourselves.

    By creating our own challenges with regard to diet and exercise, we reinforce our certainty that we can survive and persevere through other trials that occur in life.

Confidence: Achieve It And Realize Your Potential. Confidence: Achieve It And Realize Your Potential.
The following interview is compulsory reading for those who would like to improve their confidence levels and those who are sufficiently confident but would like to gain that all important edge. Learn more about it right here!
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3. Balance:

    Bodybuilding can never be the sole objective in anyone's life. It may greatly influence our lifestyle choices, but in order to live healthily, a human being cannot be obsessed by a single purpose. Such a fixation can make a person unpleasantly weary.

    We know there is much more to life than just attaining a certain physical appearance, so bodybuilding must be treated like a hobby or passion rather than the sole meaning of life. It's an activity that involves both a physical and mental challenge.

    Adding such activities that adequately challenge us, makes life less passive and boring. Bodybuilding happens to be a way to present ourselves with challenges that correspond well with our abilities, preventing us from feeling overwhelmed.

    Building a physique requires great effort in the areas of training and diet, but this effort would not be possible if other skills are not exercised. Learning to distribute equal attention to the physical, mental, and social domains of living is one of the best ways to create a better sense of well-being.

    This stability is what makes each activity we engage in more enjoyable and entertaining, as we are forced to draw upon many differing and unique skill sets to meet each challenge. It's cliché, but true,

    "Variety is the spice of life."

    Bodybuilding teaches us to spread our enthusiasm out over an assortment of mental, physical, and social exercises to help us reach higher aspirations than we ever imagined. This perception is a positive thing to have as it influences the way we look at the events we participate in. It helps us live each moment instead of regretting the past or worrying for the future.

4. Focus:

    Concentration and dedication are required to accomplish both the short term and long term goals associated with bodybuilding. An acute attention is necessary in order to accomplish short term goals like strictly eating only planned portions of food for a meal or having an intense, limit-pushing workout.

    However, the human body is not so sensitive and receptive to immediate stimulus. It takes a long time for a body to adapt. By having the determination to consistently provoke such changes, the long term desire to improve a physique becomes possible. Developing the ability to focus on both short-term and long-term in the bodybuilding arena makes it much easier to similarly concentrate and succeed in other environments, such as in school or on the job.

5. Influence (Being A Role Model):

    One of the greatest joys in life is to help other people. A bodybuilder is in the perfect position to advise other people on making lifestyle changes. Perhaps the greatest positive aspect of bodybuilding is that the hard work that leads to a pleasant external appearance can inspire others. The physique of a bodybuilder is meant to demonstrate to people that where there is a will there is a way, and that if they see it they can achieve it.

    Be A Role Model
    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Hard Work Will Inspire Others.

    One person's actions are enough to prove to others the possibility for greatness. Choices cannot be made for other people; they must make them on their own. Being a good example or role model is the best way to influence people to start making the healthy choices for themselves. Bodybuilders are often looked up to, and it's fortunate that their lifestyles are conducted in ways that discourage destructive activities and actions.

    Perhaps the most beautiful part of this subject is how the influence of ideas spreads exponentially. Once the seeds of ambition are planted in an individual, they start making changes and improvements that get noticed and end up inspiring other people. Eventually, the cycle continues, and it boggles the mind to think how much difference a single person can make in this vast world of ours.

What Is The Main Reason You Workout?

My reasons for working out have changed numerous times since my first training implementations. Years ago, I was overweight and had problems with sleeping. When exercise was recommended to me as a cure for insomnia, I began working out regularly. Pushups and sit-ups throughout the day were a staple, and sleep quickly became less of a problem.

After several weeks, I noticed significant changes to my physique and even my mood, so I began to look into ways I could improve even more. Before long, cardio and weight-lifting came into the picture. Having wet the appetite with my first ever 3 months of consistent exercise, I was determined to continue strengthening my physical and mental health through diet and exercise.

Because I was concerned that people might begin to think of me as superficial for frequenting the gym, I began to try to justify my zeal by telling myself it would prepare me if I decided to engage in a sport or martial art. However, such things were never a big part of my life and college studies were already demanding much of my time. It took a while to figure out that working out can be compared to any other hobby someone might have.

While fitness, health, and sport are good reasons to workout, I eventually realized that enjoyment was enough justification for anything. Because my diet and exercise plans give structure and balance to my life, I am content to continue bodybuilding. I dream that my own fervor is eventually able to ignite a new passion in others, inspiring them to improve their lifestyle.

Weight Training Vs. Cardiovascular:
Which Do You Think Has More Benefits?

Both training with weights and cardiovascular activities have unique challenges. We can set goals for each that force us to push ourselves to new limits. Either cardio of weight lifting are good ways to enhance fitness. Below is an outline of the benefits each possesses.

Weight Training:

  • Offers a more dynamic challenge than cardio to prevent boredom and staleness.

  • Helps one gain muscle that in turn helps burn fat more efficiently. This leads to a drastic improvement in body composition.

  • Insulin resistance, blood pressure, gastrointestinal transit time, and cholesterol levels are all improved. Meaning this type of training reduces risk for diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

  • Metabolism benefits greatly from resistance training, and can even reverse the natural decline that occurs with aging.

  • Bones are strengthened.

  • Posture, balance, and coordination all improve.

  • The immune system is boosted.

  • Enhances mood and energy levels.

  • Physical attractiveness is a bonus for many.

  • Sleep is better.

  • Commonly results in greater physical strength and power, but it's also possible to train for endurance with weights.


  • Does not require the equipment that weight training does. This often makes cardio more convenient or less expensive.

  • Less risk of injury is involved.

  • Reduced risk of heart disease and osteoporosis.

  • Improve blood cholesterol levels.

  • Helps heart and lungs function more efficiently.

  • A better body composition is brought about by the fat loss associated with cardiovascular activities.

  • Stress reduction and short term mood improvement.

  • Physical attractiveness is aided by this type of exercise.

  • Better sleep.

  • Increased metabolism.

  • Commonly results in greater physical endurance and stamina.

As we see, many physical benefits are shared between resistance training and cardio. Personally, I prefer weight training because it offers more of an active challenge. To me, it seems to require developing a better ability to focus efforts on breaking thresholds of pain and fatigue. With cardio, it seems easy to reach a sustainable state and then just coast through the workout until my time is up. However, both styles of training have their place in the fitness world and should be tried out at some point or another.



2nd Place - lc5315
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Bodybuilding has become beneficial to so many people. We all have our reasons as to why we workout; health, strength, physique, sports, are just a few.

What Are The Top 5 Positive Things About Bodybuilding?

1. Improved Health:

    Who would've thought trying to look good or get stronger would come with such a host of health benefits? Following a good diet, supplementation regime and increased activity are just some of the reasons why the majority of bodybuilders are healthier than the average person.


      Those who have been working out for some time now know the simple fact that in order to put on lean muscle mass, nutrition, for a large part, has to be pin-point. With that, it means getting enough calories through wholesome, natural food sources.

      They know that neither an additional 'big mac' nor another large pepperoni pizza would be the one that packs on the beef on your body; food choices like lean red/white meat, green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits and whole grains, just to name a few, are the key players here!

      Good habits like making wise food choices, weighing out exact portions of how much one would like to eat and de-skinning any visible fat/skin of meat, helps one to prepare and consume healthier meals that the body will be grateful for.

Food Basics 101: Your Diet Makeover. Food Basics 101: Your Diet Makeover.
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      Supplements, though not absolutely necessary in a well-rounded diet, fill out any holes in the diet that may have been left uncovered solely by consuming whole foods. Supplements like multi-vitamins/minerals, vitamin C and calcium tablets 'round-off' an otherwise excellent diet.

      These supplements help in ensuring that the body is not deficient in any of the minerals/vitamins.

c1000 Animal
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    Increased Activity:

      Exercising frequently, twice/thrice a week on average, improves one's health dramatically. Walking to and from work/gym and following a weight-lifting regime definitely beats traveling everywhere in the car, couch-potatoING and slacking the day away doing stuff that require as little effort as possible.

      Weightlifting has a host of benefits that includes increased bone mass/density, increased muscular endurance, improved cardiovascular health and increased metabolism rate. All in all, weightlifting together with a healthy diet has been shown to reduce the probability of stroke, diabetes, heart attacks and osteoporosis among several others. How's that for just following a few simple rules and living it out?

2. Being Noticed & Looked Up To As A Role-Model:

    People with lean, athletic physiques turn heads. Big and fairly muscular people stop a lot of people in their tracks. Big, muscular and lean people are just a sight to behold. Having the opportunity to 'parade' the end product of years of hard work and healthy lifestyle habits invites a lot of encouraging comments.

    People are often amazed by the amount of dedication and determination it takes to reach that kind of muscular physique. This puts weight-lifters in good stead to act as role models for youngsters, and other groups of people out there.

    An example would be giving a talk to young obese kids who are still learning the ropes of healthy eating and to help give them a slight nudge in living a healthier lifestyle and improving their body composition. A simpler, more common seen example would be that of having a nice, casual talk to anyone about the benefits of healthy eating and participation in some form of weight lifting activity.

    Your body is a testimonial to what wonders one can achieve through that. The ability to help and inspire people provides huge satisfaction and this contribution to the society would go a long way in the lives of those people you manage to touch and inspire to help 'spark' a willingness in them to make a change in their life.

Choosing The Right Role Models For You! Choosing The Right Role Models For You!
In bodybuilding especially having good role models is very important in the trainees quest for new muscle. Role models are an important source of inspiration and information.
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3. Increased Metabolic Rate:

    Ever wondered why you perspire that much more easily or get hungry that much faster? Well, this is due to the increased metabolic rate of your body. The above 2 points may make an increased metabolism unwelcome. Nobody wants to be going around hunting for food every 2-3 hours or perspire after every flight of stairs right? Think again.

    How does burning more calories while sleeping sound? Not convinced? Ok, how about losing more fat while basically doing nothing sound? Betcha' it sounds good alright! An increased metabolism basically increases the energy expenditure of the body. The body burns more calories at rest compared to if you do not work out at all. This, together with sensible eating, promotes long term fat-loss for a leaner physique over time!

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4. Decreased Joint Pain & Injuries:

    Can't bench press without feeling a sharp pain through your shoulders? Problems deadlifting without feeling a dagger through your back? Injuries and lack of a range of motion in joints are some of the most common reasons why people avoid weight lifting or stop working out.

    This however, is a wrong concept as weightlifting with specific exercises and recovery techniques can help strengthen the problem area and improve the flexibility of muscles surrounding the area. This decreases the pain felt in the joint/muscle, significantly. Let me list a few ways how proper exercise helps:

    • Increases blood/nutrient flow to the joint and area surrounding it.

    • Strengthens stability of muscles surrounding the joint, thus reducing the direct impact on the joint.

    • May lead to fat/weight loss that may in turn place less stress on the joint.

    • Increase bone mass/density.

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5. Self Confidence & The Ability To Attract The Opposite Sex:

    Guys, ever thought those Baywatch babes looked awesome in red? Or gals, ever drooled over Brad Pitt or David Beckham's buff torso? Having a lean, muscular body dramatically increases one's sex appeal, physically and mentally.

    Weightlifting plays a huge part in shaping ones body to a leaner, meaner physique. Having lean, toned body and a nice v-taper makes several more heads turn during a walk down the beach during summer break. Knowing you look good makes you feel good, and this dramatically boosts your confidence. You feel more at ease when you're approaching or get approached by the opposite sex. You feel it's easier to chat up someone of the opposite sex and = to make friends! Don't believe me? Try it!

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Confidence: Achieve It And Realize Your Potential. Confidence: Achieve It And Realize Your Potential.
The following interview is compulsory reading for those who would like to improve their confidence levels and those who are sufficiently confident but would like to gain that all important edge. Learn more about it right here!
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What Is The Main Reason You Workout?

I first started working out because I wanted to be the strongest, biggest guy in school. I wanted to be the buff jock that turned heads. However, as I trudged along this weightlifting journey, lifting, learning and reading voraciously, the more I realized how important being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle is.

I realized that going full speed ahead, downing everything in sight to grow at the fastest rate possible would not pack on the most lean muscle mass. This is not possible without a proper healthy diet.

I realized that being healthy is much more important as you need to look after your body, pamper it, and give it enough rest, in order for it to have reason to build more lean muscle. Also, falling sick does not help in your weightlifting endeavors. Missed sessions and half-@ssing a workout due to low energy levels simply flush your efforts down the drain.

Focus on your health here. Don't think all calories are the same and 1000cals from fast food equals to 1000cals from wholesome, fresh food. Look after your body, fuel the system and your body would repay you by growing the way you'd always wanted.

Weight Training vs. Cardiovascular:
Which Do You Think Has More Benefits?

Benefits are aplenty in both forms of exercise. What it comes down to, is the kind of benefits you looking forward to? Are you a runner who wants to improve on his/her mile timing? Are you looking for a beach-ready body for summer? Are you looking just for overall health and be in the pink of health even after you retire?

Here's a simple table for your reference. (NOTE: 1* being the least important, benefits wise, to that particular activity and 5* being the most beneficial. This is just a guideline. One should TRY and strive for an equal balance, as much as possible):

Purpose/Activity/Sport Weight Training Cardiovascular
Bodybuilding * * * * * * * *
Power/Weightlifting * * * * * * *
Strongman * * * * * * *
Racquet Games (Badminton, tennis) * * * * * * *
Contact Sports (Football, rugby, MMA) * * * * * * * *
Overall Health * * * * * * *
Running (middle, long distance) * * * * * * *
Running (Sprints) * * * * * * * *

This is just a guideline for easy reference. This list in non-exhaustive.

Click Image To Enlarge.
Cardio Is Helpful In Many Areas.


In conclusion, I hope this would encourage those new to weight lifting/training and those who are not THAT involved in it, to not be afraid and pick it up. To those who have already been lifting for some time, I hope you are enjoying its benefits and do continue to push harder for that better body and stay in good health!

3rd Place - Nevel
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What Are The Top 5 Positive Things About Bodybuilding?

"BODYBUILDING"- Just thinking of the word makes me smile on the inside. This sport (if that word even does it justice) has provided me with so much that I cannot thank it enough. Ask anyone who is involved with the sport and they will rave about the positives. If there are any negatives mentioned, they are few and far between (at least at the personal, non-contest level where it is pure). The following are, in my experience, the top 5 positive aspects of bodybuilding.

1. Health:

    Obviously this is the number one benefit. It's a simple equation that we all were taught from preschool on,

    Exercise + Eating Right = Health & Wellness

    If you tweak that equation just a tad to read: Weightlifting + Eating the Right Foods, you get what looks a lot like the bodybuilding lifestyle, and yet the end result is still Health and Wellness, as well as other positive results.

    Think back to before you lifted weights. How often were you sick? Compare that to how often you get ill these days (asides from after a heavy squatting session). I am willing to bet that you are making fewer trips to the doctor's office these days. I know that aside from an occasional cold, I am very rarely sick.

    I look around work and see those around me that are frequently having health problems and taking sick days. These are the ones who go home after work, zap a TV dinner, and melt onto their couch, or they go and get cozy on their favorite bar stool and take their chances with whatever comes out of the deep fryer.

    These positive health affects can be attributed to the bodybuilding lifestyle. Since you are working out, your body becomes stronger and can fight off disease more easily. The diet portion is even more important. The intake of healthy foods and supplementation of vitamins and minerals ensures that your body has a full store of micronutrients that it needs to perform its job and defend itself against outside diseases.

    The main reason that I wish more people would get into the sport of bodybuilding is so that the obesity level in this country would go down. As we all know, this is an epidemic which is getting out of control. If more people would exchange the remote for a dumbbell and the pizza for a can of tuna, the population would be in a much better state than it currently is.

    Other Health Benefits Are:

    • Better maintained circulatory system from working out
    • Stronger skeletal structure from resistance training and eating right
    • Unblemished skin from proper diet
    • Mental health- positive self image

2. Sense Of Purpose:

    This is probably my favorite aspect of bodybuilding. Some of my favorite times in life were back in high school when I played football. I loved the preparation and training that went into getting ready for a game. You would go to sleep early Thursday night, then wake up and eat a hearty breakfast that day in anticipation of the game.

    When that was over for good, I noticed something was missing. I had no reason to go to the gym, no reason to eat right. Nothing was coming up in my life that would require me to prepare myself. Then I found bodybuilding. It is quite a unique sport in the way that the preparation is the main event. The best thing of all is that it never ends. Unprofessionally, there is no off-season. You have to eat right and train right all year or you won't succeed.

    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Bodybuilding Never Ends.

    A bonus- this is not a team sport. Whether you reach your goals or not rests on your shoulders and only your shoulders. That might scare some people. "There's no one to blame but me, and I don't like that," they think to themselves. These aren't bodybuilders. Others, the true warriors, think to themselves, "About time, I was tired of carrying so-and-so, and having his mistakes screw up what I worked so hard for".

3. Attention/Respect:

    This is not a positive for everyone out there. Some people do not like to be complemented all the time, stared at, and gushed over. Other people, like myself, can't get enough. There is a touch of cockiness involved in bodybuilding. Where else do you have to bear your entire body for everyone to see and criticize without having anything to hide behind. To be able to do that, you have to be confident about yourself and the work you have put into yourself.

    Admit it, at some point in your weight training career, you have gone to the gym and worked hard with the sole purpose of achieving a better look and attracting the opposite sex. We all hope for it. And when it happens, it is a sweet feeling. The classic comic strip says it all: The kid gets sand kicked in his face and is embarrassed in front of a girl, so he works out so he can come back and win back the girl.

Brawn's Gym! An Exclusive Bodybuilding Webcomic! Brawn's Gym! An Exclusive Bodybuilding Webcomic! presents Brawn's Gym! Oh, the trials and tribulations of running your own second-rate gym! You have to laugh just to keep from crying. Updates every two weeks.
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    Respect is a big thing in my book. I notice that people in this world who have a more muscular build and larger frame are respected more than those who do not. I believe this respect comes out of knowledge of the hard work these people have to put in to achieve the muscle and strength.

    I recently went to my parents' for a weekend and I went to a party with some friends. At this party, I saw some people who I had not seen in a long time. Many of these people were the bad-@sses of my high school days who would make people miserable for no reason. When they saw me, however (60 pounds of fat lighter and increased muscle mass), they were the nicest people on earth. My personality has not changed, only my physique, and that was enough to make them respect me now. It seems to be a sad truth.

4. Strength:

    An obvious benefit to bodybuilding is an increase in physical strength. When many of us started, that is one of our main goals. We wanted to be able to move more plates, have the bar bend around our hands and back, and pick up those huge dumbbells from that heavy rack in the corner. Through constant weightlifting and protein intake, these goals became obtainable.

    Another type of strength achieved from bodybuilding is mental strength. This comes in many forms. Discipline, for one, is achieved by being able to follow the rigid schedule and diet that you set for yourself. Self confidence is developed from your positive self image and knowing you are able to set a goal and achieve it. Your mind also becomes more resistant to physical pain and is able to tolerate it more and be able to push through it to reach its goal.

5. Friendship:

    This is an aspect that is not often thought of when bodybuilding is the topic. Think about it, you are involved in something that until a few decades ago was a completely underground sport. Those involved had to be close friends.

    This has carried on to today's scene. How many of your friends have you made through the gym, events, or on bodybuilding forums? I have only lived in 3 places in my life- my parents', at school, and with my brother. Three towns - all of them had bodybuilders in them. I am willing to bet that any place I go will have bodybuilders, and I would be able to immediately find common ground with them on the subject.

    Think about your training partners, usually they are your best friends. Is this a coincidence? NOPE. This is because you all spend a lot of time with each other each day and it's while you do something you all enjoy.

What Is The Main Reason You Workout?

All of the above 5 factors are reasons that I workout. My top reason for working out, however, is the discipline that bodybuilding gives my life. I get up each day knowing what I'm going to eat, when I'm going to eat it, and what I'm doing after work (heading to the gym).

This offers me security and confidence in my day. No matter what else happens, I have these aspects of the day taken care of and I don't have to worry about it; I just do it. What else offers this type of structure in one's life? The only thing that it could compare to would be the guidelines of some religions or military structure.

I know many others who work out purely to impress the opposite sex. However, once these people achieve what they set out to do and get a boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife, they give up on workouts and become an endangered species around the gym. Look around your gym and find the married people who are there every day working their @sses off. They aren't lifting to impress some guy or girl; they are there for more than that.

This is a life long discipline. There are short term goals and achievements, but your work is never done. You want to grow an inch on your arms. You achieve it. Good for you!! Now you want to grow another inch... and so on. Perfection is always a workout away and constantly runs ahead of us at the same pace on the bodybuilding path.

This makes me happy to know that when I'm old and gray, I'll still be lying underneath a barbell saying to myself:

"Bring it on, I'm not done with you yet."

Weight Training Vs. Cardiovascular:
Which Do You Think Has More Benefits?

This is definitely a matter of opinion. I just got in an argument with my brother before sitting down to type this out. He believes the opposite of me and we both had some good supporting facts. I believe that weight training offers more benefits than cardio. Not to say that cardio has no benefits. It keeps your circulatory system in shape, helps to shred fat, and gives your respiratory system a workout.

I believe that weight training brings more to the table. I have already spoken of the increase in muscle strength achieved from lifting weights. Another benefit to weight training is that through the resistance of the weights, bones are strengthened, reducing chances of breakage, or even worse, osteoporosis. This is good news to older women, who I am seeing more of in the gym, getting out of the cardio area and coming to the weight rack.

Cardiovascular training does help your circulatory system by making your heart beat faster, which helps to get rid of the fatty plaque in your blood vessels. Weight training can make your heart beat just as fast.

Don't believe me? Ask anyone who goes all out on a set of squats, deadlifts, or any other heavy compound exercise how fast their heart is beating. The only difference is that this heart rate does not last as long as the cardio would. This leads us to another cardiovascular benefit that weight training offers us. This one is brought to us by the pump. This expansion of the blood vessels we get from the rush of blood to the muscles helps to avoid hardening.

The Importance Of The Pump: Anthony Catanzaro Is Here To Pump You Up! The Importance Of The Pump: Anthony Catanzaro Is Here To Pump You Up!
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Finally, on a side note: weight training is more fun. There are a billion different things you can do each time you come for a workout, and each time can be as challenging as the last without doing the same thing. I realize that cardio can have just as much variety and challenge; however I just don't see it. I guess that's what makes this an opinion rather than a fact.

3rd Place - BurningHeart
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Bodybuilding has become beneficial to so many people. We all have our reasons as to why we workout; health, strength, physique, sports, are just a few.

It's everywhere in the media, the muscular, toned men and the slender, stunning women. The average person sees these physiques so much on television, movies and magazines that they believe these bodies only exist in some supernatural, unattainable world.

I am sure everyone can relate at some time or another to this... but something happened to us. We changed not only our way of thinking, but diets, social life, spending habits and leisure time to begin to transform our bodies and bring that supernatural, unattainable world to us.

Part 1:
The Top 5 Positive Things About Bodybuilding.

1. Respect:

    What is the one of the first things you notice about someone when you meet them? Their physique and what comes after - the appropriate stereotype based on your experience with people of that same body type.

    With all other characteristics the same, people respect others with a fit physique more so than someone out of shape. A fit physique portrays dominance and leadership, as dated back to the beginning of the human race.

    That respect factor is growing tremendously too, because as the world gets fatter it is seen as more respectable to be able to keep yourself in shape and above the norm of society. Truth is in regards to the muscle-building element of bodybuilding, the bigger you are, the more hesitant someone will be to mess with you.

    By bodybuilding, you are elevating yourself to a small, elite tier of people that radiate their dedication in the way they walk, talk, hold themselves up, handle stress, make decisions and basically live their life. It all calls for respect and society does respect and hold people in higher regards that have the dedication and knowledge to transform their bodies into a work of art.

Competitive Bodybuilders And Stress! Competitive Bodybuilders And Stress!
Training in general can reduce stress. It can provide psychological benefits that can help improve physical health. It acts as a buffer against stress. Find out about the benefits training has on stress!
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2. Self-Delight:

    Another top reason bodybuilding is so great is the joy you feel about yourself during the day. After conquering another workout you feel a pleasure with yourself that you cannot explain. Being able to look in mirrors and pictures and seeing a change is one of the greatest feelings that is attainable in this world. All of this makes your confidence go up and your days seem more pleasant, which means you act more pleasant to people around you.

    An example of this is a simple dinner with your friends. While everyone else is ordering a double cheeseburger with French fries, two glasses of coke and a big slice of cheesecake for dessert, which all equals up to the amount of calories required for a whole day, you are ordering a seasoned chicken breast with vegetables and water.

    Sure the hamburger meal may look tempting (it sure was typing this) but after it's all said and done, the meal over with, who's going to feel better about themselves, today, the next day, and so on?

3. Health, Both Inside & Outside:

    Everyone knows the health problems that can be avoided by working out, the reduced cholesterol levels, reduced risk of heart disease, lower blood pressure, increased metabolism and a stronger immune system; and even then a portion of these problems you cannot see without getting a doctor's examination. These are problems you see happen in your everyday life.

    For instance, you and a co-worker decide to go downstairs for a cup of coffee. The elevator is broke so you take the stairs. After just a few flights of stairs, the bodybuilder didn't even break a sweat, while your co-worker is huffing and talking in broken sentences because that was the most physical work they've done all week. I see it happen all around, and it will make you proud that you are more fit than most of the population around you.

4. Physical Attraction:

    Everyone wants to look their best, what separates the people who just want the looks and the ones who actually make a difference in their physiques is how hard they are willing to work for their body. Physical attraction is what sparks initial sexual interest for both men, women, and even animals, as it has since the beginning of time to make the best offspring.

Click Image To Enlarge.
Oh, Yeah.

    Attraction can be achieved by bodybuilding, where you establish yourself to society as someone who not only looks good but someone who has the willpower to control their diets and work ethic for the better.

    Face it, as much as most women say personality is their number 1 thing they look for in a man, a great personality with a great body will always beat a great personality with a mediocre body. Same goes for the vice-versa, for men nothing attracts them more than a great body on a woman combined with a dedication to something such as living a healthy lifestyle.

5. The Pleasant Aura:

    Ever met an energetic person that was just awesome to be around and talk to? When you meet these people you often speculate that they exercise, or at least are in great shape. This is frequently the case, working out makes you satisfied with yourself and in better moods during the day. Even though you may have just finished a 20 minute run, afterwards you actually feel livelier than you did before the run.

    Bodybuilding is a great way to prevent or fight depression, with depression effecting millions of people these days, you often will find a correlation that depression with a sedentary lifestyle. People want to be around others that are full of life, because it lifts their spirits also. This pleasurable aura you emit as a bodybuilder is often to credit for job promotions, more friends, more female/male companionship and so much more.

Part 2:
The Main Reason I Workout.

I workout for all of the reasons I listed above, but the absolute main reason I workout is to stop being seen as a skinny, weak person and to instead be seen as the person you go to for protection or help with something that requires power. When I was little I had so many adults telling me "You need to put some meat on those bones" or referring to me as 'lanky'.

The Beginning Bodybuilder's Guide To Building Muscle. The Beginning Bodybuilder's Guide To Building Muscle.
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Now after 7 years of working out I can turn the tables on those same people because I am the muscular, fit person while they have stayed on their path to growing their bellies.

I started working out back in the summer before my freshman year in high school. It was funny because I saw so many shows about high school gym class as climbing ropes and bullies stuffing people in lockers, thus I thought I better get in shape soon. Even though I did an alright job of putting together a routine back then, I've grown so much (in knowledge and body) over the past 7 years since I started bodybuilding, and that progress alone keeps me working out.

Part 3:
Weight Training Vs. Cardiovascular, Which Has More Benefits?

It's common knowledge both have benefits for different goals, but weight training has all-around more benefits. Weight training is very flexible; you can combine muscle building with a mini cardiovascular workout if so desired. Compound exercises such as weighted pullups, pushups, dips and squats are good ways to keep your heart rate up for short periods of time (the basic technique of HITT â€" High Intensity Interval Training).

High Intensity Interval Training! High Intensity Interval Training!
With High Intensity Interval Training you can burn more fat while spending less time in the gym. I will explain how you can get the best results from this.
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You will get in good shape cardiovascular-wise with only weightlifting, plus the benefit received by larger muscles. More muscle mass increases your body's metabolism, which in turn burns fat faster. While weight training does not consume as many calories as cardio does in a given time, weight training breaks down your muscles in order to repair and build them bigger. This happens when you are not lifting, thus your body uses more calories to repair itself when resting than it would without weightlifting.

Since weightlifting also builds muscle, it gives both men and women a nice, firm look that is symbolic to a toned, healthy body. While bodybuilders usually work their entire body, there are some people that prefer to be a casual lifter and weight lift for the sole purpose of enhancing only certain body parts. For example, many women prefer to have shapely glutes and firm triceps. This goal can be easily achieved with some weight training to those two specific areas.

So in conclusion, the weight training benefits generally outweigh the cardiovascular training benefits for the average person because of the ability to get a small cardio workout with weights, obtaining larger muscles and getting that desired look with weightlifting.

I wish you all good luck with bringing that so called "unattainable" world to yourself.