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Who Will Win The 2006 San Francisco Pro?

The question has been asked and the forum members have picked the winners. Will this hold true for this weekend's event? See who they picked and watch the web cast to see.

TOPIC: Who Will Win The 2006 San Francisco Pro?

The Question:

The week after the Arnold Classic many competitors will be flying across country from Ohio to compete in California. With stars like Darrem Charles, Johnnie Jackson, Dexter Jackson, Chris Cook and more, it is expected to be a superb show. Will Dexter come back this year and win after a disappointing and controversial loss to Chris Cormier (after Dexter beat Chris a week earlier in Ohio)?

Give your opinion on who will be in the top ten and give full details for why you believe it will go down that way.

2006 San Francisco Men's Competitors:

* Last updated: 3/07/06


    1. Eddie Abbew
    2. Melvin Anthony
    3. Mo Anouti
    4. Pablo Arevalo
    5. Gustavo Badell
    6. Paul Baker
    7. Eryk Bui
    8. Alberto Bistocchi
    9. Chris Cook
    10. Kris Dim
    11. Aiman Faour
    12. Derik Farnsworth
    13. Toney Freeman
    14. Neil Gardner
    15. Ahmad Haidar
    16. Johnnie Jackson
    17. Heiko Kallbach
    18. Rod Ketchens
    19. Beat Meschberger
    20. Evgeny Mishin
    21. Mustafa Mohammad
    22. Moe El Moussawi
    23. Dragan Paunovic
    24. Franklin Roberson
    25. Armin Scholz
    26. Heinz Senior
    27. Roc Shabazz
    28. Branch Warren
    29. Ricky Welling
    30. Hidetada Yamagishi

Bonus Question: Have you ever attended the San Francisco Pro? If so, what did you think of it and how was your experience? Was it what you thought it would be? How could it be made better?

Show off your knowledge to the world!

The Winners:

      1st place - 75 in store credit.
      2nd place - 50 in store credit.
      3rd place - 25 in store credit.

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1st Place - NoNameNecessary

The Scoop

The 2006 San Francisco Pro is turning out to be a pretty interesting event. As it is every year, this competition follows the Arnold Classic by only a week, and most of the big names that compete at the Classic tend to compete at this competition in the Bay Area. Many look to follow up on great performances, and others look to improve upon not so impressive showings.

This show is a great chance to display whether or not those, like Dexter Jackson or Branch Warren, who performed well, can stay at the top of their game, or those, like Johnnie Jackson and David Henry, can overcome disappointing finishes, and come into this competition, and take a few steps forward.

The competition is shaping up to be a very nice, entertaining one with names like Jackson (Johnnie), Badell, Dim, Cook, Mohammad, Warren, Bui, Anthony, etc... all on the list of competitors.

The Down-Low

Last week at the Arnold, there were many surprises in the final results of the show that left many disappointed. The one place there wasn't a surprise was at the top, when it was announced that Dexter Jackson had repeated as the AC champion, as many had predicted.

Click Image To Enlarge.
Arnold Awards Repeat Champion Dexter Jackson.

Branch Warren surprised many people with a second place showing. As always, he brought a freaky combination of mass and definition.

Click Image To Enlarge.
Branch Warren.

The "successor to Ronnie Coleman," Victor Martinez, was the third place finisher and many people feel he could have placed as high as first, or as low as fifth.

Click Image To Enlarge.
Victor Martinez.

It tends to vary depending on whether the person is impressed by his freaky, Coleman-esque size, or is rather disappointed with his un-impressive conditioning. Gustavo Badell finished fourth, and sadly, he deserved it. Many, including myself, expected much better out of Gustavo in the AC.

Click Image To Enlarge.
Gustavo Badell.

Look for a slight improvement here. Melvin Anthony rounded out the top five at the AC. Anthony came in with his well-rounded physique and entertaining posing sequences that we have come to expect from him. Others who competed at the AC that will be competing this weekend include Mustafa Mohammad (7th), Darrem Charles (8th), Toney Freeman (9th), Ahmad Haidar (12th), Johnnie Jackson (13th), Kris Dim (14th), and Chris Cook (15th).

Click Image To Enlarge.
Melvin Anthony.

But why all of the talk about the Arnold Classic, isn't this the San Francisco Pro?

Typically, those who place well in the Arnold Classic, tend to place well in the Bay Area Classic, as I have come to call it. This is due to the short span in time between the two competitions. Usually, most competitors finish within some range of where they finished at the AC, with the changes due to a change in the judging and the criteria each judge has. What this means is a good finish in the AC indirectly leads to a good finish in the San Fran Pro.

Dexter Vs. Chris?
Will Dexter come back this year and win after a disappointing and controversial loss to Chris Cormier (after Dexter beat Chris a week earlier in Ohio)?

In 2005, Chris Cormier upset Dexter Jackson, a week after Jackson had beat him in the Arnold Classic. That was the last time we had seen or heard from Jackson, as he chose to sit the rest of last year out and work on a project with his new sponsor, until last week's Arnold Classic, where Jackson repeated as champion.

Many, including myself, feel that Dexter Jackson would have won this week at the San Francisco Pro, but he has chosen to sit this competition out, likely to focus on the Olympia, at the end of the 2006 season.

The Big Names

Branch Warren:

    Coming off an impressive 2005, where he won two competitions (the Europa and the Charlotte Pro), and had an impressive eighth place finish in his first Olympia, Branch is looking to prove that there will be no "Sophomore Slump" for him. Thus far, he is succeeding.

    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Branch Warren.

    He surprised many with a second place finish at the Arnold Classic, and many feel that he deserved a first place finish. Undoubtedly, he has a pair of the best legs in the game. He has a knack for bringing in hardcore mass, while keeping his muscles shredded and striated. If he can bring up his better than average biceps and back, he can me a mainstay in the game for years.

Gustavo Badell:

    Badell had a career year in 2005. He won the Iron Man, and finished third in two major competitions, the Arnold and the Olympia. Also, at the Olympia, he won the challenge round, where, as we all know, he beat the Olympia champion, Ronnie Coleman. Gustavo is looking to improve on one of the best years in his career.

    Click To Enlarge.
    Badell, Challege Round Winner.
    Thousands Of More Pics Here...

    However, he needs to improve his conditioning in order to make an impact this year. He came in with freaky mass, but he showed up with less than stellar conditioning at the Arnold, and ended up with a disappointing fourth place finish.

    Gustavo needs to shred up his mass in his posterior chain, he would have a better chance at repeating this year. Look for a strong improvement from Gustavo with the added week off.

The Top Contenders:

Melvin Anthony:

    "Marvelous" Melvin Anthony is a very well known bodybuilder. He is mostly known for his impressive and well-choreographed posing routines. He brought what everyone expected from him to the Arnold, and finished with a very impressive and well-deserved fifth place finish.

    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Melvin Anthony.

    His physique has the aesthetic edge over the mass of the rest of the guys in the field, and I look for his streamlined physique and well-developed back, to again repeat a top five finish.

Eryk Bui:

    Eryk Bui made his professional debut earlier this year at the Iron Man Pro. He packed a lot of mass onto his small frame. He brought a very nice package, with a weight under 200 pounds, a feat that many professional bodybuilders cannot do.

    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Eryk Bui.

    He brings a well-rounded package, and has no body parts that excel or lag ahead or behind the rest. Look for his complete package to have an impressive showing. The only thing that might hold him back is his lack of height.

Chris Cook:

    Chris Cook has had a disappointing year thus far. He didn't make an impressive showing at the Iron Man, and finished outside of the top ten at the Arnold Classic. He lacks the discipline and conditioning of the other pros in this competition to do any real damage.

    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Chris Cook.

    In the future, if he can get it dialed in, he can make an impact on some of the bigger competitions, because he certainly has the size to, but lacks the experience.

Kris Dim:

    Who is the best Asian bodybuilder at this competition? Bui or Dim? If you ask Dim, and many others, they will say he is. He performed well at the Iron Man, and thus, was invited to the Arnold Classic, where he finished 14th, only one spot ahead of the last place finisher, Chris Cook.

    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Kris Dim.

    His back and arms are very well developed; however, his upper body overshadows his lower body and leaves him looking disproportional. If he brings up his conditioning, he could finish inside the top ten, with a finish around seventh or eighth, at best.

Derik Farnsworth:

    His performance at the Iron Man Pro was anything but good. Lately, his showings have been very disappointing. He lacks definition in his back, but he does bring a huge pair of legs, that rival Mohammad's. If he can come in with better conditioning, he could place in the top ten.

    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Derik Farnsworth.

Toney Freeman:

    At the Iron Man, Toney was truly the biggest man on stage. He obviously worked hard, and added a ton of mass to his upper body. Surprisingly, he comes in very symmetrical, even though he stands at 6'2". His physique is one of the more pleasing physiques in the pro rank.

    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Toney Freeman.

    I rank it up there with the likes of Dugdale, and an old-school Francis Benfatto. He finished 7th at the Iron Man, but many placed him inside the top five. If he can come in shredded and ripped, look for him to make a huge impact on the top five.

Ahmad Haidar:

    Ahmad Haidar is given the nickname "Abzilla" and for good reason. At the Iron Man, he didn't look razor sharp like he always does, but at the Arnold, where he finished 12th, he made a slight improvement. He needs to come in even more chiseled if he wants to crack the top ten, which is a good possibility. But, he lacks the mass of the other competitors to do any real damage.

    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Ahmad Haidar.

Johnnie Jackson:

    J.J. brings a very nice package to the stage as well. His powerlifting background allows him to bring the whole deal. Jackson has very nice proportions, along with well defined mass. He finished 13th in the Arnold Classic, which I feel was one of the worst placings of the night.

    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Johnnie Jackson.

    Undoubtedly, he should have been in the top ten. The only thing that I could possibly see that held him back is his lack of any mass or definition in his calves.

Mustafa Mohammad:

    Mustafa is one of the biggest mass monsters in the game. The mass that he brings to the stage is rivaled only by the names of Coleman, Cutler, and Martinez. However, his conditioning is never spot on, and he almost always comes in smooth and with a lack of definition.

    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Mustafa Mohammad.

    He surprised me with a very respectable 7th place finish at the Arnold, and with another week to prepare, he could dent the top five at this competition. He feels he should've been placed higher at the A.C., and if he can use that as fuel, look for him to make an improvement here.

Armin Scholz:

    He packs a lot of mass on his frame, and always comes in with average conditioning. At the Iron Man, he finished just outside of the top ten, with Chris Cook beating him out for the spot. He brings enormous size, but needs more onstage experience, as he makes some rookie mistakes.

    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Armin Scholz.

My Top Ten

1. Branch Warren

Branch will follow up on his great performance at the Arnold Classic, and will come in even more shredded. His conditioning, not mass, is what will win this competition for him.

2. Gustavo Badell

Gustavo will bring more pure mass than Warren, but he will not be able to get his conditioning spot on in little over a week. However, he will improve it enough that he will finish second, just ahead of the third place finisher, due to his added mass. He really needs to shed up his glutes, or else he could drop a spot or two.

3. Melvin Anthony

Melvin will bring his well-rounded physique into this competition, along with a very entertaining posing routine, that will push him ahead of those behind him. He has one of the nice physiques out of the rest of the competitors.

4. Toney Freeman

Freeman just brings pure size that will dwarf the other competitors. He could finish higher if he brings conditioning, but in this competition, his back is one of the best.

5. Mustafa Mohammad

Mustafa is truly a mass monster. However, his conditioning is always slightly off. If he brings better conditioning, he and Freeman could swap positions.

6. Eryk Bui

Bui truly brings a very nice package, and his physique is aesthetically pleasing. Many fans in the audience will enjoy the show he will put on, but his height will keep him from placing higher.

7. Johnnie Jackson

Jackson will bring one of the best upper bodies in the competition, but his legs are too far behind. He will not be able to improve much in a week, and will finish with another disappointing placing. Needs to improve his legs, specifically his calves, to make any real impacts.

8. Kris Dim

Dim has one of the largest upper bodies in the game, but his body is too disproportional for him to make an impact. He could slide to outside of the top ten if he misses his conditioning again.

9. Ahmad Haidar

Haidar will certainly improve upon his conditioning at the Classic and will come in much more lean. If those I have listed ahead of him miss their marks, he could take advantage and move a few spots, possibly as high as fifth place. His physique is very pleasing, and can be identified with, unlike many of the mass monsters. He will be a fan favorite.

10. Armin Scholz

Scholz will bring a ton of mass on his frame, and will get the tenth place finish just ahead of Derik Farnsworth.

There you have it, my preview of the San Francisco Pro, or "The Bay Area Classic." It certainly is shaping up to be a nice competition, and it will be fun to watch how it turns out. As always, thanks for reading, and god bless.

God Bless,

Bonus Question:
Have you ever attended the San Francisco Pro? If so, what did you think of it and how was your experience? Was it what you thought it would be? How could it be made better?

No, I have not been able to attend the San Francisco Pro. It is on the opposite side of the continent, which tends to make it hard for me to get to. I have heard it is better, in some ways, than the other competitions, due to the smaller size of the show.

2nd Place - bigcalves
Who Will Win The 2006 San Francisco Pro?

The San Francisco Pro is a competition for pros. Unlike the Mr. O, it's not full of all the big names in bodybuilding. Sure, there are some, but it really gives a chance to the younger, less experienced guys with pro cards. This is the time to pay attention to the new and hopeful competitors.

The setting is placed in California, the promised land. Many bodybuilders new to this game know this is a very important contest. A chance to set their name in and make their mark in the professional community. Excitement is in the air and the new pros will, maybe for the first time, meet with some of their heroes.

In this article I will discuss the top 5 spots and also give you one of the less popular names that may have a chance to set a mark in the bodybuilding community.

The Competitors

* This list is current as of 3/01/06

*Editors Note: Dexter will not be competing at the 2006 San Francisco Pro.
Check most recent competitor list: Go Here.

  • Eddie Abbew
  • Melvin Anthony
  • Mo Anouti
  • Pablo Arevalo
  • Art Atwood (out)
  • Gustavo Badell
  • Paul Baker
  • Eryk Bui
  • Alberto Bistocchi
  • Darrem Charles
  • Chris Cook
  • Kris Dim
  • Charles Duca (out)
  • Aiman Faour
  • Derik Farnsworth
  • Toney Freeman
  • Neil Gardner
  • Ahmad Haidar
  • Dexter Jackson (out)
  • Johnnie Jackson
  • Heiko Kallbach
  • Rod Ketchens
  • Stan McCrary (out)
  • Beat Meschberger
  • Evgeny Mishin
  • Mustafa Mohammad
  • Moe El Moussawi
  • Dragan Paunovic
  • Armin Scholz
  • Heinz Senior
  • Roc Shabazz
  • Rodney St. Cloud (out)
  • Branch Warren
  • Ricky Welling
  • Hidetada Yamagishi
  • Franklin Robson (in)

Top 5

5. Melvin Anthony:

    Melvin Anthony always comes in with great conditioning. He is noticeably smaller than the other competitors, but instead of being a mass monster, he has a rather smaller and leaner physique. If no great mass is present, conditioning must be very good. And that's what Melvin is known for.

    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Melvin Anthony.

    He has an aesthetic and symmetrical body which is a favorite. Unfortunately, sacrificing mass for conditioning will take its toll, and that's why he is not at the top three but rather number 5.

4. Chris Cormier:

    Chris has definitely hyped himself up. Has great genetics and great muscular development. Having good mass and great symmetry is something Chris is proud of. Even though he has the potential to come in with great conditioning, Chris sometimes seems to miss that. Great mass, but a lack of perfect conditioning. That takes its toll on Chris, and will keep him from reaching the top 3.

    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Chris Cormier.

3. Branch Warren:

    Branch is a new name to some. He has showed a great improvement and has come in with great size, symmetry and conditioning. That defiantly helps and puts him in the top 3. Even though he has tons of things going for him, he has to battle against Dexter and Gustavo. Those 2 guys are ahead of everyone that will be on stage that night.

    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Branch Warren.

    Branch is young, and has great potential and if he trains hard and stays focused he has a great future in the following years. Some say that he has the potential for a Mr. O but that's really up to him. Branch makes top three in this contest.

2. Dexter Jackson: (*Is not competing at this competition.)

    Dexter is the man. Great cuts, smaller size but that's compensated by the insane proportion and symmetry. The first time I saw a shot of Dexter I was amazed. He has great size and tiny waist. Good conditioning and super good symmetry. The reason that I feel he'll come in second is because this is following the Arnold.

    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Dexter Jackson.

    Contest after contest usually takes its toll on Dexter and he usually comes in more 'watery' and in a worse condition compared to the contest he did a week ago.

1. Gustavo Badell:

    Depending on how Dexter comes in, this will be a tight match. I have a feeling that Gustavo will win this one. He has shown great improvement. A few years ago no one knew his name, and now people are saying that he'll be Jay's rival when Ronnie Coleman retires.

    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Gustavo Badell.

    He has greatly improved and shown great size and will be a rival to Dexter. Depending on how he comes in I believe he can take first. This will be a close one folks, and the outcome could surprise us all.

The Person To Watch

Hidetada Yamagishi. This name might not be so popular to you put it soon might be. He resembles a young Kris Dim and has great potential to make it in bigger contests such as Mr. O. I believe that he will place in the top 15 and that he will show the potential he has at this contest. Keep your eyes on this guy; he has the potential to go a long way.

Hidetada Yamagishi
Click Image To Enlarge.
Hidetada Yamagishi.

Bonus Question:
Have you ever attended the San Francisco Pro? If so, what did you think of it and how was your experience? Was it what you thought it would be? How could it be made better?

I have never attended the San Francisco Pro. I know that my friend attended it 2 years ago and said he was impressed. He said he would never pass the Olympia or Arnold but for him it's in the top 3. He believes that the competition is good and that the newer names make it more exciting than bigger contests.

Good Luck to the Competitors!