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What New Features Would Improve The Site?

What New Features Would Improve The Site? Find out what other people from the messege boards think...

TOPIC: What New Features Would Improve The Site?

The Question:

You are the CEO of, and you are about to walk into a big meeting with the executive team to discuss what new features/sections/areas could be added to the site to make it even better for the visitors. What will you say in your presentation?

This isn't the time to talk about what is wrong with (that was last week's meeting), but a time to discuss what new things should be added.

What kinds of features/tools/programs/articles/areas/multimedia/interactivity would you want to add to make it better? Are there some sites (bodybuilding sites or other) that have things that doesn't?

What would you add to the Forum?

What would you add to the SuperSite?

What would you add to the Store?

What is missing? What would you do to make the visitors happier and want to visit more often? What would bring new customers to the store?

Thing big, think crazy, think that the impossible is possible. Pretend you have almost unlimited resources and creativity! Let's see, Mr. CEO, what you can come up with! You've got your best suit on, your shoes are polished perfectly, and the rest of the executives are patiently waiting in the next room...

Bonus Question: What do you think about this Topic Of The Week section? Has it helped you? Do you find it interesting? What could be done to make it better?

Show off your knowledge to the world!

The Winners:

      NEW Prizes:
        1st place - 75 in store credit.
        2nd place - 50 in store credit.
        3rd place - 25 in store credit.

To use your credit, e-mail Josh @ for more info.

1st Place - hepennypacker52

It's Time To Discuss What We Can Do To Help Succeed Even More Than It Is Now.

Foreword: Sorry for the way the article is typed, I got caught up into actually being the CEO.

Hello, how are all of you doing today? After last week's meeting, it's time to discuss what we can do to help Bodybuilding.comsucceed even more than it is now. We have over 1,200,000 sales, but we'd like to push it to 1,500,000 at a faster rate than ever before. We want to focus on more sales first, so we'll start with improvements on the store.

The Store

First off, we're going to perform a complete site makeover. The main page for the store is boring and old. There's not enough information on the page, about the only thing that is helpful is the navigation bars. We need to keep ahead of others stores and convert to a Flash based page. A better looking site will be a better selling site. There can be many little things to make the site much more attractive, we'll let our computer geniuses do that. I'll give an example to get ideas going.

On the main shopping page, the specials would be up towards the top. A picture and name of the product would be visible, but when the visitor places the mouse over the product, an extra box appears that will lay out the product name, price, and a quick summary of what the product is.

Increasing Incentive

    We need to start by giving the customer more incentive to buy products. The shaker/water bottles we're offering for orders over $75 is lame. Every bodybuilder already has at least 5 shaker bottles, who wants another one? The free shirt isn't a bad idea, but some people may have no interest in a shirt. We need to broaden our "will to give" here. For each order over $75 (before shipping), we'll offer:

    It shouldn't end here. There are some people who buy a lot of bulk products. If they're not sure how much they are going to buy, we'll give them some incentive to do so. For each order above $125 (before shipping), we'll offer :

    We could even go to the length that every huge order over $200 (maybe $250) (before shipping) would receive an additional $50 to spend on supplements.

    Also, if wanted, we could set up a point system in which a consumer could earn a certain amount of points for every dollar spent at the store. Then, once they built up a certain amount of points, they could get a specified amount of free credit to use at the store, or a percentage discount off of their next order, or a free product.

Feature Products

    Next, we're going to try something new here. We have such a wide range of products, but people don't know how they're going to like them, and if they want to spend a lot of money on something. We're going to feature a new product every week/month (undecided), and provide a sample of that product for the consumer to use. Every order over $25 will receive a free sample of the product of the week/month.

    Real Life Example

      Joe is looking to boost his energy throughout the day, and during his workout. He hears that NeuroStim is a great product, but he isn't sure if it will work for him. He sees on that NeuroStim is the product of the week/month, and that if he purchases an order over $25, he will receive a free serving of it.

      Joe needs some whey, so instead of buying a 2lb jug, he's goes for the 5lb jug instead so that he can get the free sample. For packaging, we would make little " Sample" packets, where we would put in the powder or pills.

Pro Stacks

    Next, we should have a section that lists the supplement stacks of pro bodybuilders, as well as writers.

    Real Life Example:

      Joe is going to buy his normal whey, and maybe some creatine.

      He starts wondering if there are any additional supplements that would help him achieve his goals. He sees that there is a section that gives the supplements that pros and writers use, so he checks it out.

      He finds that a majority of the stacks include creatine and green tea. He's sold on the creatine now. He looks more into green tea, and after reading the benefits, buys that as well.

      These are only a few of the things we can do to improve the quality of the store, and increase sales. Next is on to the site.

The Site

Now that we have our customers and consumers buying from our store, we need to make them feel like they're at home so that they make their main supply of supplements. We need to give them a site filled with articles and videos so that when they have a question about something, they can just search it and find a wide variety of sources to help answer their questions.

Complete Makeover

    We are going to start by doing the same thing with the store, and perform a complete makeover. We'll convert to Flash, to make things more accessible. The loading time will be greater, but after that things will go much quicker and easier.

    What Is Flash?
    Flash is a bandwidth friendly and browser independent vector-graphic animation technology. As long as different browsers are equipped with the necessary plug-ins, Flash animations will look the same. With Flash, users can draw their own animations or import other vector-based images. Flash was known as FutureSplash until 1997, when Macromedia Inc. bought the company that developed it.

    We need to fit everything in tighter and neater. Nobody wants to read a ton of information on the main page, and chances are, they're not going to scroll down all that way and check out what else there is.

A Feeling Of Community

    Also, we need to start getting more into a "community" with our visitors, we want to make them more than just visitors. We are going to start running competitions, separate ones for best fat loss transformation, best "ecto gone big" transformation, and best bodybuilder (like an actual competition). This will make our visitors more loyal to, and more likely to buy products from our store in order to give them an "edge" on one of our competitions.

More Videos!

    We need to improve our videos section, and add in a video for almost any exercise that exists. The pictures help, but they don't display the motions needed to give the viewer a complete understanding on what they're going to do.

Advanced Readers

    Next, we need to give a section to our more advanced readers. This would be a section with all of our more scientific articles, and we would recruit more skilled writers (ones with degrees in exercise science and such, in addition to the skilled writers we have now), so that this section can be filled up and filled with current articles and studies. We need to attract both sides of the spectrum equally, the beginners and the advanced.

    Our site is definitely on track, we just need to tweak some things out and make it the hands-down best site around. Now on to the forum...

The Forum

The forum is where our most dedicated members of are found. They are loyal to the forum, site, and store.

Prove Your Knowledge.

    The forum is also filled with guests who are new to weightlifting, and have no clue what they are talking about. This leads to extremely repetitive threads that create an annoyance to the loyal and more advanced members.

    That is why we will set up a selection of mandatory readings that would apply for each forum (Workout Programs would have required reading, but Post Your Pictures wouldn't).

    New members must read the given articles/stickies before posting in that forum. They must also pass a short quiz that will allow them to post in that section. If they already have some experience lifting, and are more advanced and just joining to start posting, they can take the quiz and pass it easily. This would help eliminate the hundreds of noobish threads that are made every day, and make the quality of threads much greater.

Crack Down On Trolls

    New members will have to validate their email address, and the same email cannot host multiple names. THIS IS HUGE. Trolls can create an account in 10 seconds, and this gives them so much power. They can create name after name after name and just do the same stupid things on it.

    Also, users will not be able to post pictures until they have at least 50 posts. This would eliminate most of the trolls that just create a name to post a stupid picture and get banned.

Advancing The Advanced

    We just added the Advanced Teen section, which is good, but it's time to take the advanced topics other places as well. Another new section will be created entitled "Advanced Topic Discussion". This will be a section devoted to physiology and scientific nutrition related questions.

    It will not just simply be a section were more advanced trainees can come and post seemingly advanced topics. This section would have to be monitored very closely, and anything not truly advanced would be eliminated. We would have to create special mods that would mod only that section, so it can be under a close watch.

The General Look & Feel

    Members with over 2,000 posts will receive a deducted time in between posts. These members are obviously not trolls, and will only have to wait 20 seconds to post a new message after posting a previous message.

    Rep points are going to be taken away. They have done absolutely nothing good, and the system is just abused. There are good members with -500,000 rep points, and there are noob members with +500,000 undeserved rep points.

    Avatars will be allowed, but only if it is a picture of that user. Otherwise, it's pretty much pointless. Moderators will have to examine the pictures sent in to see if they are valid, and then they can allow them or not.

    We'll be expanding our smilies, posts will come off with better understanding sometimes if the smilies permit.

    The smilies at the forums are sufficient, and that's what we'll switch to.

In Conclusion

Now that I discussed with you what I want to do to change this site, I'd like to hear what you think. We're going to make the most changes to the store, and these changes should boost sales, which is what we are after. We are also after making our customers feeling like more than just customers. They will have a highly reliable website and clean forum to visit and become a member of.


    I find this section extremely helpful. I'm motivated to win the store credit, and this makes me work very hard on my articles. I learn so much by researching everything about the week's topic, and learn even more by reading other responses. Thank you Ryan, for the incentive to kick start me to start learning! If only they did this at school...

    There is one thing that I would change though. When I write articles, I become concerned that other contestants are going to see use my information if I post up the article quickly, but I also don't want to look like I'm taking things from other articles when I submit my article right before the competition ends.

    It's very easy to look at the best article so far, and then create an article that includes all of the points that the current top article has, and then add more to make it even better. We need some form of submission, where you can see all of the articles only after you've submitted your own.

    Also, I'd like to have a thread that for each week, states why each person got the place that they did. This way, members would know what made the article better than theirs.

1st Place - bigcalves (Tie)

What New Features Would Improve The Site?

Today we will discuss new features that will be added to our website. is a successful website. We averaged over 1 million orders and that is something to be proud of. Since we are doing good, it's time to progress, and make some new goals to take our website to the next level. We are doing great, but we can always think of new things to improve and be even better. Like bodybuilding, you body can be excellent, but you can always build more and more perfection and that's what we will discuss.

It's time to design a better website. We will add a lot of new tools and features to draw more customers and a wider range of audience. By having a better website, that alone will attract more customers and increase the business, and quality of our costumers. We will try and add more features. Also by making our site easier and more interesting we will have more and more people browsing through just checking it out. That way, they can review articles and products and then place orders.

Our goal is to make our site easier and more fun. We have to be careful though. Enriching the site, adding more stuff will be nice, but making it too hard to navigate can have a negative effect.

So our goal is easier, more fun and more interactive. Remember that people like simple, but impressing things and that's what we intend to do with our update of the site.

At the moment I don't see any website better than Although some do come close to our standards, but they are only a few. What they have that's better, is easier navigation and wider selection of tools. Our site has tons of tools and features but they are a little hidden and can't be found by the beginner computer user. So we should try to make our site easier to navigate through, and easier to see where things are. is the best bodybuilding site right now, and if we make the leap and effort to make it better, we can go on another level that will not be matched by competitors. Sure they will try and copy, but original content always wins and is the favorite. So, we will make things easier, more appealing and on the spot.

The Forum

Our forum is already the best in the bodybuilding community. We have the most active forum around and our members offer tons of valuable advice. Even though we have our forum running good, there's something we can do to make it better.

More Sections

    We already have tons of sections that users find valuable. But imagine if we add another 3-5 specific sections that will help people more. That way, we won't have as many questions in one section to make it confusing, so by offering a few more sections, we will clear some out of topic questions and make the navigation more user friendly. Also people will be able to be in their favorite section and discuss topics that others don't find so interesting.

    By providing more selections people will be entertained, and browse longer just to check out the new threads. Although we have a MISC. section, the questions pass too quickly because of its popular demand. Even though it would create one or two more mod jobs, it will attract more people the forum, and eventually the site.

    New Sections To Be Considered

    • Recipes (People are always on the look out for more healthy eating and food plans that will meet their new goals)

    • In the Gym ( Discussing stories, rants and things that happened in the gym and caught our attention)

    • Sports Talk ( Talk about the NBA or NFL)

Forum Tools

    Although we have many forum tools, we can benefit from adding a few more. By adding more tools, more people will be attracted to our site. There are many people that refuse to post due to the fact that some forum doesn't have the right smiley face.

    Even though this is not a big problem for the site, it can greatly benefit it by the new number of people that can come and enjoy the forum. The new tools will offer a refreshing change to our long term board members and that will keep them from posting elsewhere.

    By adding tools our forum will benefit greatly. From the new people to the board veterans, tools will be appreciated.

    Tools To Be Considered

    • Spell Check (People always make mistakes, and it's nice to correct them, that will add a better reputation and view to our forum)

    • More Smileys ( Even though not as important, smiley faces add more fun and flavor to the forum)

    • Web Site Refresher ( So you have a favorite section, instead of it sitting there, it would be nice to have a refresh of it every 3 or 5 minutes)

Troll Problems

    Trolls are people on message boards that post fake, ignorant or stupid reply's. They do this on purpose to attract attention, get rid of free time, or just annoy people.

    Trolls are present on every site, and from one perspective it shows that he website is popular. But on the other hand they annoy, and can often get people to desert a site. Trolls cause problems, and take valuable forum space by posting useless information or stupid opinions.

    In order to eliminate them we need to have a stricter restriction on people that join and zero tolerance to already existing trolls.

    Things To Consider For Trolls

    • More MODS (Trolls will always exist, but with more mods they can be cleaned out quickly)

    • E-mail Verification (By registering a username, you will have to verify it over e-mail, and that will prevent many trolls from coming back)

    • IP Bans ( By banning their IP address, trolls will have a tougher time coming back)

Forum Member Rewards

    Sure, there are people that sign up to ask one question and leave. What about the long running veterans of the board. Most veterans have more than 2,000 posts, and offer good advice.

    They contribute positive things to the forum and always stay clear of trouble. There should be a reward that forum members get. By having a reward, there will be less trouble because people will try and be like the veterans and will contribute positive things.

    That way the forum will be made of positive contributors and trolls that will be cleaned out quickly. By rewarding the long term members, the site will gain them as loyal users.

    Things To Consider As Rewards

    • Store Coupons (Let's say every 500 posts, you get a coupon for 20% off the store, or 40% off a certain product)

    • Free T-Shirt/ Clothing (Every 1000 posts, and that way our site will be advertised)

    • Free Supplements (Nothing too fancy, but offering 15 dollars of supplements for every 2000 posts will be rewarding)

The SuperSite

The SuperSite is the most popular bodybuilding site on the planet. We are the best. By adding new features we will take it to the next level, perfection.

Bodybuilding Tools

    Our site already has great tools. Body fat calculators, calorie counter and many more. The fact is that they are kinda hidden and it will take more browsing to find it. Our articles are great, and the goals are clearly stated on the site, but making the text bigger, or making it more noticeable will make our site sparkle.

    By adding the handy calculators in the front page, we will attract more customers, and get more hits on search engines based on the search for calculating body fat, etc. By adding the specific goals and articles to read, the viewer of the site will have an easier time handling it and it will be more helpful.

    Things To Consider

    • Calculators On Front Page (Easier access to the 'commuter-challenged')

    • Article & Goal Selection on Front Page ( Easier to understand and get information you need right away)

    • No Advertising On SuperSite page (People feel that when there are ads, the site wants your money and that's it. But with a dedicated site to knowledge people will read up on information and buy desired products)

User Competitions

    We already have competitions for teens and amateur bodybuilders. We should have more interesting competitions that will draw more spectators, and in return produce more customers.

    By adding interesting and unique competition we will separate ourselves from other sites and draw a bigger audience which equals more business and productivity. We should have competitions between forum members, and that will also increase the active forum member population.

    Topic of the Week is the only forum competition that we have, by making up more competitions we will set ourselves apart from the rest, and we will be like a lamp in the middle of the darkness. Everyone will notice us and check out our site.

Easier View/Organization

    Our site is already well organized. But we can make it better. Picture more information on the front page. So far we have articles and a poll.

    Imagine little bits of the teen site, and a little of the women, and the pro bodybuilder.

    By adding all this we will make the site look more interesting. If articles are not your thing, then checking information about the pro's might be.

    So instead of putting all of this information that we have behind 2-3 clicks, we can put it on the front page.

    Adding a little piece of each 'section' will add more diversity, and people will be interested in each choice, and that way more and more people will come to our site. We will offer education advice, as well as fun and products in our store.

    Our site has a lot of different information, and I see that as potential for the first page. Remember that when it comes to sites, people really do judge a book by its cover.

The Store

Our store is the best in cyber space. We offer the best products and at the best price, with a few enhanced features we will reach our 2 millionth order in no time.


    We know that a satisfied customer is a loyal one. Since we already have the best shipping and good prices we have to add some new stuff to our ordering process and some new rewards.

    Our store features tons of products and we have to present them in the best way possible. We should have the top 10 company list, so people go and check out the best rated products. By doing that, each company will attract customers and at the end, people will buy more products.

    We should offer discounts and special rewards to our royal customer. To be rated as one, you should have 10 or more orders. We should have Store Points. For every $10, you get 1 Store Point.

    We will have around 20 different products that could be bought with the Store Points. Each product will be rated from 10 to 50 points, so the more you buy, the better prize you select.

    Store Points can be used as a trade mark name, and hopefully soon it will become famous and people will shop from here, just so they can collect points and buy that bottle of creatine for the 10 points, or buy more products and make 30 points for that NO2 bottle. Regardless of the products offered, people like free stuff, and will always choose a place to ship if it offers good deals.

    Remember that a good company always rewards its customers. So if you have royal customers, chances are that they will come back for more and in the end you won't loose. Also giving them small rewards will make them happy, people cherish free things and will always make a company their favorite based on how they get treated and what extra goodies they receive. Free T-Shirt or Shaker Bottle has worked well for orders above $75, so now it's time to take it to the next level.

    Other Discounts To Consider

    • Samples of the newest products in all orders

    • On every 10th order you get $25 extra store credit

    • Free Straps for purchases over $30

    • Free T-Shirt or Shaker Bottle For orders over $50

    • $10 extra credit for purchases over $75

    • Free Shipping for purchases over $105

    • $25 extra credit for orders over $125

    • $25 extra credit, T-Shirt, Free Straps for orders over $175

    Since people order in bulk, they will receive more. By receiving these rewards, they will come back and always shop from By offering rewards on a set amount of money, even if people have 10 dollars less, they will find something they want so they can get that extra gift.

    Gifts are very nice, and speaking from experience, are always appreciated and remembered. I will always shop from not only because of the low prices, but also because of the way I get treated. My order is important, always comes fast and I receive a T-Shirt or Free Straps with my order.

    By offering this service, and these rewards, the percentage of people that shop from our store will sky-rocket. Do not take for granted what a simple shaker or water bottle can do in an order.

    Free is always good, and since nothing in life is free, customers remember our business, and always make a mental note to shop from us no matter what. Even if they can buy it instantly from the store, they will buy it from so they can get their free shirt or shaker bottle.

    Offering free stuff and discounts always works, especially on an internet based service. store is the best there is and with these extra features we can make it the best there ever will be.


What do you think about this Topic Of The Week section? Has it helped you? Do you find it interesting? What could be done to make it better?

Topic of the Week is great because it gives us a way to be writers and express our opinions and show off our knowledge. We can type out an article and become famous on the net! By showing our knowledge we prove that bodybuilders are smart, and not the stereotypical meat heads. Also we get help from fellow writers. Sometimes I don't know everything there is, but other articles help me reach my goals. I'm always excited about the new topic of the week, and the new theme.

I read all the articles and gain as much knowledge as I can. I focus on producing great articles. I find all the articles interesting because they show different viewpoints and opinions. That is something that we all need and can benefit from.

Topic Of The Week is wonderful as it is. Although we have more and more people joining in. That makes it harder to win so a raise in the prize level would be nice. Of course we all would want unlimited amount of supplements and goodies, but life doesn't work that way.

A simple $20 raise on first place would bring a lot more people and will only increase the quality of each article since people will be trying harder to get the new prize. Other than that, I am very thankful for this section and that I have the ability to win prizes and show off my knowledge and get my article published.

Keep doing what you are doing, is meant for success!

2nd Place - Kill_yourself

Board meeting

First of all just let me start off by saying that is the most informative bodybuilding site I have every come across. It contains articles regarding topics of about everything you can think off. And the cyber store has one of the largest ranges of supplements with all time low prices. There's is no where else where I could ever find prices like this.

But with every incredible product, there will always be room for improvements. Since this week's board meeting is not about stating the flaws of the website, I shall only touch on the new features that would make the website better.


Rate The Articles

    Although there is more than enough help articles on either losing fat or gaining weight, the articles are not sorted to suit the user. A beginner will be at a loss of which article to read. So the new features would be to rate the articles.

    For example if the contents of this article is more suited for someone that is new to bodybuilding, then there will be a "1" rating by the side.

    And if the article is for someone that is a veteran in bodybuilding (10 years and above) then there will be a "100" rating by the side.

    So with this rating the article can reach its target audience easier and avoid confusion within the readers.

    Although the articles are sort into "goals" these goals may be the same for a 10 year veteran or a 1 month old newbie to bodybuilding.

24 Hour Online Chatting

    There is an online chatting help section within the bodybuilding website. However it is not operational 24 hours a day. If only this feature was open 24 hours a day people in other countries that are experiencing daylight during our sleeping time will be able to get urgent help too.

Supplement Rating

    There are a lot of supplements that are close to useless. There should be ratings and reviews of all products. The full truth is needed. So that customers can be aware if what they are buying. Although we are allowed a full refund, the shipping to and fro will cause the loss of time and inconvenience to the user. There should be a comment of all products.

    For example Ecdysterone is more suited to people above the intermediate stage of bodybuilding. Because the body will have a surge in growth within the first few weeks of training, there is not a need to use ecdysterone in the diet. (this is just an example)

Motivate The Motivation

    We should have more motivational articles on a regular basis like once a week. Something like the ones in Not copied from there but articles written by's own writers. This will be able to constant remind fellow weight trainers that giving up and going to the old ways is not an option.


More Products

    I do admit that the store has a enormous range of products. But it doesn't have all types of products. There are certain brands that the store does carry but doesn't have all the brand's products. So should a customer need a product that the site does not have, he should be able to order it privately. After all the cyberstore offers the lowest priced supplements anywhere. So logically, would be the right place to place such an order.

Bulk Discounts

    For customers that are looking to set up a supplement store and want to make their supplement supplier, there should be a bulk purchase discount for such people. Of course there must be a minimum purchase limit. For example the bulk purchase can only be used for orders above 500 units. Something of that nature. A bulk discount.

Gym Equipment

    Since the store is set up for bodybuilders, the store should also see weights and machines. The website should make arrangements with gym equipment suppliers to make such a feature be possible.

    And not only one brand of machines and weights; there should be a reasonable range of brands.

    Click Here To Check Out Some Awesome Gym Equipment.

Improve "Special Of The Week"

    I know that there is already a section called "special of the week" when certain supplement are sold at a low price. But it would be better if the supplements that are on special are randomly picked. For example: This week's 50% discount special is, optimum 100% whey protein. It must be strictly one week only though. Every week must have a different product.

Freebies For Big Spenders

    For purchases that are above $75, I get to choose one of 3 freebies. A shirt, shaker and a water bottle. But what if I have them all. Sure I could use some spares but that is as far as it should go, there should be other choices every month.

    I can't keep collecting these items like a form of collectibles. If there is nothing else to give, a credit should be offer. And this credit will be deduced from the purchase. Not a huge credit something small would do too. Like a $5 discount.

Monthly Drawings

    Every month the people that place orders will be entered into a draw. And the winner have a choice of 2 prices. A $20 credit or a mystery gift. Now this gift could be just about anything. It could be a watch, key chain, bag or even a car! As the title states, it is a mystery. This feature will keep the motivation of buyer at its peak.

Magazine Give Aways

    For a purchase over a certain value, a magazine should be given. But I am not talking about a petty $75 purchase. Larger purchases like $300 and above.

Membership Cards

    For those people that buy tons of supplements from should have a membership card. Not just any membership card, but you will have to pay for it on a yearly basis.

    The point is to pay the members fees and buy the supplement and have the total amount less compared to ordering the standard way. This will be useful for customers that tend to buy larger amounts of supplement every month.

Upgrade The Credit Sytem

    The current credit system is quite messy. Anyone that has credit will have to go through someone and have to email the person. Wouldn't it be easier if every registered forum members have their own store accounts. And any credits will be used by logging into their account in the cyber store and ordering from there. And if they have some credit, they would be able to use it on the spot.


Direct Link To Thread Pages

    Certain threads have over 100 pages and if I want to find something that is in page 55, I would actually have to click page by page until I reach page 55.

Where's Page 55? Ugh!

    That is extremely redundant and annoying. The best way is to put a small area for the page number to be entered and you will be able to go to the desired page instantly.

Save Function

    When I am trying to catch up on the details of a certain thread, I would read page by page. But since some threads have over 100 pages, I would have the tendency to forget which page did I stop at.

    The best way would be to have a save function. This would allow me to be reminded of what page did I stop in. For example, if I am on page 55 and I click "save" the next time I log in again, there will be a prom on the side saying I stop at page 55 the day before.

    So with this I am instantly able to recall where I left out. This is much better than writing the page number on a scrap piece of paper.

Free Posting Section

    There should be a thread called the Free posting section. This is where you write full "articles" about anything related within the boundaries of bodybuilding. And the web administrator will view articles that are good and post them on the main page. Any one that has his article posted will get a certain store credit to be used in purchasing.

So Long Rep Points

    Take away the Rep points. As far as I am concerned it is useless and I am sure half the people wouldn't even know what it is for. This is a forum. Everyone should have an equal say in voicing their opinions. We would need rankings in a forum where there is no right or wrong.

Longer Posts

    The forum should also allow more words to be type in a single post.

Bonus Question

Firstly, topic of the week has helped in my finance. I have not been able to proper make ends meet with all the purchase of food and supplement. So this thread has greatly improved my buying power.

Secondly, it has help me gain a ton of knowledge about things I had no idea about in the past. It is extremely informative and there is a good range of topics being covered. So it is not boring.

I have personally implemented some of the advice in the articles into my personal life and I am glad to say I only stand to gain from this experience.

Because of the fact that every week contains a different type of topic, it is very interesting. Because you never know what "non bodybuilding" question may be asked. And I must say will has done a great job in the choosing of the questions.

However as I mentioned earlier, in any good service, there is also room for improvement. This thread could offer the 3rd place some form of credit. Even if it is $10 credit I is still better than collecting 20 hats at home. At least with the small amount of credit, within time you will get somewhere. Other than that, this thread is almost perfect.

2nd Place - doggiejoe (Tie)

The New CEO: ME!

You're fired! Oh yea, move over Trump, I'm the new CEO of the prodigious company It's already the most visited bodybuilding site on the web but I'm not going to settle for that. I want to own the world of supplements! I wake up in the morning and life couldn't be any better.

This is the day I've been waiting for. I get to pitch and sell all my views to the executive team. I go about my daily routine and now I got my suit on and I'm looking... Go. I head out the door with one thing in mind. Changing the way supplements are sold and viewed forever!

Right before I go into the meeting room, I adjust my tie and take a deep breathe. I walk inside, with all eyes on me. I'm loving it. I have always loved pressure and I've always been ready for it, today is no different. I have a plan in mind and I'm sticking to it. I will leave all these people in here amazed when I'm finished with my presentation.

It's time for my presentation, I stand up and the lights dim...

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time to change the world of supplements. After my presentation you will be amazed of the endless opportunities presented to our magnificent company I request your full attention; please turn off all your electronic devices. New Features To Improve SuperSite Traffic

To begin with, I'm going to share some innovative features to add to our SuperSite.

"Ask The Experts" Tool

    Ask the experts will be a new daily section on's homepage. There will be one question a day answered by experts. There will be 3 experts, so there will be 3 different opinions on a subject.

    Home users will be able to email the site with their question and one question will be chosen daily and experts will give detailed answers to the user. This is going to be an awesome way to add "real life" questions to and people will get the answers to the questions they all wonder about.

Weekly Weight Training Videos

    Every week there will be a fitness guru performing 3 exercises on a particular body part. For example, one week the guru will show how to workout your chest. They will teach about all the aspects of the pectoral muscles.

    They will then perform 3 different exercises showing perfect form and showing the correct and incorrect ways of lifting. Providing every piece of information, even how to breathe while performing the lift.

    These videos will be updated weekly and will include a routine for the selected muscle. Also these videos will be able to be streamed and saved to one's computer.

Interactive Games

    "Why games?" you may ask. Well truth be shown, everyone enjoys the challenge of a game. In the interactive games section there will be video games and trivial games. Video games will get all the teenagers attention and therefore attracting newer customers. These video games will be based on bodybuilding and will be addicting even to a 40-year-old gym rat.

    The trivia games will be brainteasers about weight training and dieting. There will be many different questions on many different subjects. For both video games and trivial games, there will be a high score leader board. This will keep this section flooded with traffic. Prizes like free shirts will be given away to the top gamers.

Powerlifting/Senior/Sports Section

    Yea, this is but powerlifters need their supplements too. And yes, they already have a "section" but it is really just an archive of articles. I want their section to include new and exciting articles on how to improve strength and receive diets that are specifically made for powerlifters.

    I want their section to resemble the homepage. It will be designed to make powerlifters feel right at home, and therefore will earn their respect and they will purchase from our site.

    There's already a section for women and teenagers, but the seniors have been forgotten. This will turn them away from our site, and we don't want that. You would be surprised how many seniors want to get in shape and improve their health.

    In this section, it will be strictly dedicated to senior and it will have articles on how to improve their health and ways to extend their life span.

    Bodybuilding is a sport, so mostly everyone that's into bodybuilding is into sports. In this section there we be scores and standings on the most popular sports. These sports will include football, basketball, and baseball.

    Basically will turn into an "all in one" type of site, so you won't have to alternate from sites to know the score of a ball game. This will be very convenient to the sport enthusiasts that visit the bodybuilding website daily.

Bodybuilder's Space

    Bodybuilder's Space will be an innovative section where everyone will have their own space sort of like their own web site. Here, bodybuilders will be allowed to post pictures of themselves, post polls, show their routine, their diet and basically talk about anything they wish.

    You will also be allowed to rate a persons site and there will be leader boards for personal sites. The top 3 leaders of each month will receive different prizes. This section will gain many members and everyone will be interested in making their own bodybuilding web site therefore making our site's traffic ratings soar through the roof.

New Format

    We are now in the 21st century but our web site is not. It is still stuck in the 20th century with a boring format. We need FLASH. The introduction of our site is very boring and dull. We need a new flash introduction. Something about lifting weights.

    I picture a cartoon figure with unbelievable physic bench pressing 4 plates on each side while struggling and sweating and when he is finished, he gets up and the bench clearly says "" and you click on it to enter.

    We need an intro. that shows what bodybuilding is all about, dedication. Some sort of introduction like this will make visitors fall in love with the web site. In addition, the main site should be customized for the individuals that enter.

    We would make people sign up with the web site and then they would be able to choose how their homepage would look and what updates they wish to receive. All in all, the main page should be made completely new and have more eye candy for the viewers. This will make the viewers want to come back more often.

Forum Changes

Furthermore, here are great ways to make our message boards even better!

New Style

    Just like the homepage, the message boards have an old look to them. The format of the forum should be revised to a new "cooler" message board. The format should be sleek and very easy on the eyes.

    There should also be different skins that users can pick from to display the message board. New options will also be displayed on the message boards, like an instant messenger. Which will also have a video chat included.

    This cool innovative feature would even allow people to show their workout live from home. There can be topics like... "Look at me workout... live." This will allow for people to have viewers while they workout and there can even be constructive criticism given to them. Another thing that should be added to the message boards are avatars.

    Avatars are actually a way users can express their individualism. And are you tired of 'no0bs tpin lke dis?' If so, a new innovative all in one spelling and grammar checker can help this problem.

    Image signatures with size restrictions and bodybuilding smilies can also be a great way for users to express their individualism and enjoy the message boards a little bit more.

New Sports Section

    A new sports section on the forum will be very beneficial. People will get to talk about sports and rant about their hometown sport's team all they want. This is a section that is truly missing in the forum.

    Have you ever been to a sports message board? They are filled with posters and new topics every other second. There will be always something new to talk about because sports news happens everyday.

    Whether it's the score of a game or a superstar going down with an injury, there will always be a new topic in the sports section and it will be one of the more popular sections, guaranteed.

Changed Rep System

    Everyone's reps will be reset to 0. The reason being - reps will now be worth something. Reps will be exchangeable for store credit. The catch behind this is that only moderators will be allowed to hand out rep points.

    The reason I will only allow Mods to hand out rep points is so the rep system won't be abused. Although users will be allowed to request rep points for other users as long as it is very justified. Then the Mod will decide if it is justified or not.

    In addition to this, there will also be 3 new Mods chosen for every section. They will be chosen by their reputation on the message board and will have to apply through email. In addition, Mods will receive 50 dollars in store credit monthly, so they are encourage to do their job. They will also be evaluated and can be "fired" at any time.

    The rep currency will work as followed... for every 5 rep points a user receives, the user will receive 1 dollar in store credit. The credit can be used whenever the user decides too and can be used in conjunction with any special or any order. Remember the justification for rep points will be very strict.

Features To Improve Sales

And finally, here are some ways to make sales go through the roof!

Sales Of The Week

    I'm not talking about putting items on sale by deducting a few dollars from the regular price. Sales should be big, like 10 dollars off the regular price. Yes, you may think "What about profit?" Follow my logic.

    If you sell a few items at wholesale price, you will get people to buy more from your store. Look at what Wal mart does. It has sales and then since people are already there, they think "Heck might as well buy this too." That happens in every aisle and people end up spending more money than they originally planned on.

    Same goes for, I'm sure people won't want to pay shipping cost for another web site if they can already get it here. Sales of the week should include new products every week, and not the same supplements over and over again.

Frequent Buyer Program

    For the frequent buyer program, customers will get points on all the orders they place. The ratio will be 20:1, meaning that if a customer purchases 100 dollars of products, they will receive 5 dollars in store credit. The store credit may be used whenever the customer decides he or she wants to use it. Also there will be different type of customer levels and when a customer reaches this level they will receive a free prize.

    As the level rises, so will the quality of the prize. This will work because it will make people buy more from the site to get to the different levels and the earnings will give them determination to spend more. Never forget there's always a frenzy for anything that is marked "FREE!" Everyone loves getting something for nothing.

Offer More Bulk Products

    If we want Higher Power to really become a "higher power" we are going to have to deliver more bulk supplies at a cheap price. Bulk powders are the "thing" within the internet bodybuilding world. If we want a piece of this market we are going to have to go after it. This means to get all the popular ingredients and to deliver it to the public through our own private line, Higher Power.

    People love bulk powders because they get mix and match their own powders and make their own products. Not to mention that we will also offer even more discounts to customers who buy extreme amounts of bulk products. This will get all the bulk buyers out there to spend their money on our site instead of others. In addition to these individual ingredients, customers will be able to mix and match and be the mad scientist to their own supplements!

    There will be a new feature were customers will be able to make their own supplement with the ingredients they wish. Customers will have the final word on what they want and how much of it they want. This will be a splash hit with customers.

Products Reviews/ Price Match

    Have each and every product have their own review section on the product's order page. This will allow customers to see what products are working and which products are not.

    We will also only allow the people who have purchased the product from our site to review the product. We don't want others who haven't tried the product to lie about it and ruin the product's reputation.

    The rating system will be based on 10 stars and customers will get to write a mini review on the product. This will work because customers will feel a lot more confident buying a product that has worked for others.

    Our new store will also include a price match. Our price match system will work by giving the customer back 2 times the difference in price found on another web site. We will also have a "spy" looking at other sites daily to see if they lower their price, and if they do, so will we.

    Our customer will love the fact that we are giving them the lowest price possible and we will gain their loyalty. Little by little we will have millions upon millions of loyal customers and we run every other company to the ground!


    People look at stars and say "I'll do anything they do, to be like them". We see it with basketball stars and shoes everyday. Every teenager has purchased a pair of sneakers in hopes of jumping as high as the basketball player that sponsors them.

    If we go after athletes to market our supplements, we'll have millions of new customers on the site wishing to be like their idol. I say we go after up and coming players from the 3 big sports.

    >From basketball we should go after Dwayne Wade, from baseball we should go after Albert Pujols and from football we should go after Terrel Owens to market our company.

    All these players have bodybuilder type bodies and are widely known in their sport, we should do everything we can to get them on our team. If that means, throwing millions of dollars at them, then so be it, we will end up making millions in profits from them.


    Advertisement is what makes the business world go round. We need to get in the middle of this revolution. We can do this by having television commercials. People that are watching television are all average people so they want to see average people succeed.

    This means, we shouldn't put a guy with a hulk type body and God genetics on the screen. Rather the public wants to see success stories. So in turn, we look for a person that has transformed their body due to and put them in the commercial.

    Monica Brant In The New Oxygen, Shape & Fitness Magazines!

    We have before and after pictures and then they give words of motivation and recommend our site saying it has super low prices and super fast shipping.

    We can also get some well-known business partners and they could advertise us in their sites. For example, there can be a ad on We can partner up with other companies and really accomplish some ground breaking feats.


    We can sell franchise opportunities nation wide and have across the nation. We can also open up stores so people can visit and we will rival GNC with our superior prices. Little by little the word of mouth will make our business grow and therefore make us the number 1 seller in supplements.

    Truth is, that all great businesses are worldwide. If we want to be that successful, we will have to sell franchise opportunities to other business people overseas. This means we can expand worldwide and have warehouses in other countries!

    This will make our business international and the revenue wont stop coming in. How do you say "Number 1 Supplement Store In The World" in 100 different languages?

    Ladies and gentleman, the future of supplement sales is here!

Bonus Question

What do you think about this Topic Of The Week section? Has it helped you? Do you find it interesting? What could be done to make it better?

Topic of the week section is a fantastic, well thought out section. It has certainly helped me, even if I'm writing articles for others to learn, I also learn from other articles and from the research I perform.

I find it very interesting because topics like this one let me use my imaginary and creative juices. Topic of the week is very versatile, as there are some many topics related to bodybuilding. Topic of the week lets you show off your knowledge and imaginative skills as well you learn something new every week.

Although topic of the week is almost flawless, there are some things I would change. One thing I would change is how people turn in their articles. I wish there was an email address were everyone would email their articles.

This will be fair for everyone because then there would be many different type of articles and people wouldn't copy from each other but be innovate with their own ideas.

Then on Thursday all the articles would be posted on the section so there won't be any controversy and everyone would know that their article has been read. On Friday the results should be a little different.

By different I mean, for the voting process to be shown. A system like the MVP voting in sports, were they show how many 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place votes each person got. This will eliminate that only thing that is wrong with TOTW, which is controversy.

3rd Place - antihero

It Is Time For Some Major Changes Here At!


First thing I'd do is: send out an email and inform all members that the site will be shut down for a few days while these changes are being made. I believe that it is time to RE-INTRODUCE as a better site. On many other boards, this site is looked down upon and seen as inferior, so some major adjustments need to be made to change people's outlook on the board.

  • Change the style of the board, because if the board is going to be RE-INTRODUCED, it needs to be different. Adjust the colors, format, whatever needs to be done to give it a different appearance.

  • Remove the rep system. It has been abused, and there is too much chance of it being abuse again, even if the reps are just re-set. Other measures will be put into place to show intelligence and validity of members.

  • Member validity (a person actually being who they state they are), will be addressed by emailing a mod with a pic/pics of yourself holding a paper with your screen-name on it. Must also include height, weight, age, +other stats. This will then give you MEMBER VALIDITY, and that will in turn the use of avatars.

  • Different user name colors. This will allow others to see what kind of advice you give. This can only be given by mods, and more than one must agree that you have given out good enough advice to deserve this status.

      Bronze = good knowledge
      Silver = great knowledge
      Gold = Excellent knowledge
      Blue = regular member

  • Many more mods to keep the trolls and other wrong activities under control. THIS IS A BIG REASON WHY SO MANY PEOPLE LOOK DOWN ON THIS SITE. Some mods should have the specific job of troll control, and nothing else. Other mods should be on thread control which makes sure that the thread belongs in their section.

  • Specialty MODS. These should be people who show excessive knowledge in a certain area, such as AAS or SUPPs.

  • Add an anabolic discussion section that only validated members over 21 are allowed in

  • Have Enough MODS So That There Is At Least One On At All Times!

  • Completely clean out all threads except stickies, topic of the week, article reviews and supp reviews and training logs that have been posted in within the last week

  • Delete all members that have been registered and have no posts and no activity within the last month

  • Zero Tolerance. One warning, then you get a two week ban... then perma-ban... no ifs-ands-or-buts

  • Add smilies

  • Allow a person to select only the sections that they would be interested in viewing. This can be a feature in the user cp…. that way people who don't like the misc. section, won't have to see it.

  • Small gifts to members who often and consistently give a positive effort to helping others on the site

  • Spell checker

  • Language converter... that way if a person is unfamiliar with a certain language, they can translate all posts to their native language to make it more accessible to more people

  • Grammar checker

  • Email validation for new people, that way less trolls will bother (hopefully)

  • No two emails can be the same for user names... this eliminates one person having multiple user names

  • Have the sports training section automatically directed to (which I believe is also run by the same people who run this site).

  • Prune old threads often to keep server running quickly.


  • Items have links to product reviews

  • Promotional deals

  • Discounts for certain member status on the forum.

      Gold Member = 20% off
      Silver Member = 15% off
      Bronze Member = 10% off

  • Discounts for returning customers

  • Free shipping with $50 orders or more

  • Cheaper Higher Power products


  • Workout clips that allow the person see the exercises done in real motion, instead of just two or three snapshots

  • Online bodybuilding competitions for free supps

  • Have workouts broke up into two basic groups a high volume/low intensity, and low volume/high intensity


Honestly, I think this section is great, and that not much could be done to improve this section. Maybe only members with a bronze or better status would be allowed to post in here, but other than that I can't improve on perfection.

Prizes could be increased if you want to, but I don't see a need for it. This section has helped out many people greatly. Some of the best articles on this site were written in this section and it helps others to read them and learn.

This topic in particular is a great one, because it allows us to be brutally honest about how we would run things

3rd Place - ironvixen85 (Tie) The Business Of The Future, the foremost online supplement company in the world has some of the best deals on supplements and also gives the consumer access to articles, online forums, and much more information that any online company has given its consumers.

Being an online company gives some advantages compared to the brick and mortar companies of yesterday. can have lower prices since they do not have to worry about building stores all across America, paying utilities for these stores, and paying sales people wages.

Internet supplement companies do have one problem, and that problem is competition. Mall stores can raise prices on supplements 30-50% above wholesale, and then give "gold card" members 20% off weeks, to make it look like a deal.

Online sites have so much competition that they must only make profits of 10-20% on each supplement, and take loss on some popular supplements as a "loss leader" to attract more customers to a site.

Unfortunately this doesn't allow internet sites to give huge discount weeks and many other savings/rebates/coupons that amount to a lot to the consumer. has taken advantage of all the above by making a supersite with a store, forums, and articles on about every subject dealing with health/fitness.

This allows to bring in more customers without jeopardizing profits, but the question we need to answer is, what can do better to attract more customers, and bring up a higher quality of satisfaction among clients.

The Store

The customer has always been the main theme with period. They have relied on customer service, a lower pricing scheme, and fast shipping to attract customers from around the world. Some of the things could do to attract more customers and to keep customer service up is:

Discounts On Multiple Items Purchased.

    When businesses sell things, they must buy from a manufacturer in most cases. The more in bulk you buy from a manufacturer, the cheaper the manufacturer can sell you these items.

    So why not give this discount to your customers? could buy more at a cheaper price, allowing the store to make more profits per unit, and it would encourage consumers to take advantage of this and buy in bulk, keeping inventory lower, and business constantly growing.

Free Shipping On Huge Orders

    Encourage your customers to buy more; give discounts on shipping with huge orders. This will encourage them to spend a little more to get the free shipping. This would give you more profit and give customers a little incentive in buying more.

Free Samples Of Popular Products

    Many supplement manufacturers give samples to everyone to encourage the buying and selling of their products. If could encourage supplement manufacturers to give the site their samples, they could give samples to their customers when buying products.

    This would encourage customers to buy certain supplements they have never bought, and 'wom' (word-of-mouth) advertisement would increase.

The Supersite

The greatest site on the internet in giving help to fitness enthusiasts around the world needs to be improved?

Top 10 User Opinionated Ranking Of Bodybuilders.

    Allow your readers to vote on the top bodybuilders in the world. This would allow more traffic to your site. To my knowledge only the IFBB has a top 10 list of bodybuilders, and they don't update it too often. This would allow readers to check it every so often after a show to see how the rankings change, sort of like college football. A good showing would help you; a bad showing can knock you out.

Direct Links To &

The Forums

As many other forums around the net, has a forum that is obsessed with thousands upon thousands of people around the world. They make demands and want this and that, and they don't understand certain things.

They don't understand that has literally put in thousands of dollars in running this forum. It helps them attract consumers, but it also is a big cost. cannot just give discounts and other customer friendly advertisement to forum users because of the extreme cost of the forums themselves. So the company needs to do some cost friendly things with the forums.

Take Out The Rep System/Start It Over

    The rep system to me is junk, the only time it is useful is when you are looking for an answer to a question and someone with high reps answers it for you. This gives you a peace of mind that they know what they are talking about.

    But many people, for some reason feel that it is necessary to cheat basically to get high reps, and for what? Nothing really. I don't understand it.


    Small pictures below a username should be allowed, but only if the rep system started over. This would allow users who help, the ability to get bonuses like avatars.

More Diversity In Forum Topics

    I think the supplement section should be divided into types of supplements, this would allow it to be easier for the researcher to find their answer. Creatine should have it's own topics, fat burners it's own, and prohormones it's own.

    It would make it easier for me, to look up fat burners, instead of scrolling down 10 pages of creatine questions.


Through all of the above, if can supplement some of the above ideas, they can increase user satisfaction and increase sales. It is not worth it to a company to give so much if they don't get something in return.

If both sides can win, then it is more likely that a site, as great as this one, can provide more for its users because they created a win-win situation for both parties.

3rd Place - live4this13 (Tie) Makeover

Opening Statements

Hello, I would first off like to thank you for attending today. We are here today to discuss ways to improve I believe that we can find ways to cut cost, and improve sales.

With the prices of running our servers, and other operation cost, I think we should focus on decreasing bandwidth required to run our site, and boosting sales revenue. With this being said, I will take you to our first concern today, "Increasing Cyberstore sales."

Increasing Cyberstore Sales

I believe that if we redesign out cyberstore, and add in some new features, we can eclipse the 200,000 sales mark by the end of this year. I feel that in order for this to happen, we need to make shopping easier for the consumer, and persuade them to buy more.

You may wonder, "How will we do that?" Well it is simple, come up with a rewards program. This will tempt the customer to purchase additional items, that will in return, get them into the next reward level, boosting our sales.

Not only will we incorporate the rewards system, we will also making shopping less complicated, and give out samples to increase sales. I have outlined all of these plans below:

Rewards System

    The rewards system will be based on levels, the levels will vary on spending.

      Level 1: $50.00-75.00: This level will result in the customer receiving 5% off and their choice of 1 out of the 3 sample products we will carry each month. (see below for sample products)

      Level 2: $75.01-125.00: This level will result in the customer receiving 5% off, their choice of 1 out of the 3 sample products, and a free hat, shaker, or towel.

      Level 3: $125.01-200.00: This level will result in the customer receiving 5% off, their choice of 2 out of the 3 sample products, and either a free hat, shaker, or towel. Also included is free shipping.

      Level 4: $200.01-300.00: This level will result in the customer receiving 5% off, all 3 sample products, and either a free hat, shaker, or towel. Also included is free shipping.

      Level 5: $300.01 and Up: This level will result in the customer receiving 5% off, all 3 sample products. A 5 pound tub of Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey. Also included is free shipping.

    Now I understand you are wondering how this will work. For instance a customer picks his items and his total is $275.00, he wants to get to the $300 level in order to get a free tub of protein. He goes back and decides, "You know what, I have really wanted to try BSN No-Xplode, let me go ahead and pick two tubs up, and give it a try." Thus increasing the amount he spends, in the long run I believe this will increase sales.

Cyberstore User Control Panel

    I believe that if we added a user cp function to our store, it would simplify shopping. A user cp would allow customers to sign in, view wish list, view their favorite items, and see recent order status.

    Wish List

      A user cp would allow customers to create a wish list. A wish list would simplify purchasing, and allow users to shop at their convenience. The consumer would not have to worry about having enough time to find and order all of their items at one time, in fear of their shopping cart being emptied.

      They would be able to add items to their wish list gradually and when they decide they are ready to place be able to conveniently convert their wish list to a shopping cart.

    Favorite Item

      Maybe a user would like to make a list of items he really likes, or that he wants to try. This is where the favorite list comes into play; a customer would be able to create a list of all the items he enjoys. Then they wouldn't have to browse through the store to find them.

    Viewing Recent Order Status

      How many times after you place an order do you want to check your status, but you're at work, and you don't remember your order number? Oh wait, and on top of that, the confirmation order that had your order number in it got deleted.

      What do you do? Well with this system it's easy, just sign in to your Cyberstore user cp, and see your recent order status, it's that simple with this neat little feature I would like to add.

Sampler Products

    Every month I would like to see us start carrying samples of three new products. They would just be one serving packets or the product. Users would be able to pick which items they would like to try based on their rewards level.

    This would boost sales by customer experience. Say a customer receives some new protein blend, and falls in love with it. What are they going to do? More than likely they will order some, thus increasing our sales.

General Cyberstore Layout Changes

    I believe that with the help of the features we are adding and the general layout changes, we can make the store a more pleasurable place to shop. I think that the navigation bars on the top need to stay, other than that, everything else could you a change.

    We need to incorporate our sample products into the main page; we will leave our designers up to that. We also need to add more color. I think a Blue:Silver:Black color scheme would work well.

    I would like to see a rating and review system for every product. Users will be able to rate the product from 1 to 5 stars. They will also be able to provide a short review. I believe that these changes will increase sales, and make the cyber store a more pleasurable place to shop.

Forum Reconstruction

On to the next topic, we will be discussing ways to increase the forums appearance and functionality. We will also hit on ways to save space and bandwidth.

General Forum Changes

    Add color

      I would like to see the same Blue:Silver:Black color scheme we will use in the store used on the forum as well.

    More Moderators

      I would like to see more moderators in order to combat the troll problem. I realize we already have a bunch of moderators, but with them having lives too, it is hard for enough to be on at all times.

    Delete Members

      I believe that by deleting all members with zero post and that have not been active in the past thirty days, we will save server and bandwidth space. This will provide will slightly faster loading times.

    Add A Recovery Section

      I would like to see a recovery section where members can share their recovery techniques.

    Spell Checker

      I think this will make reading and learning easier. It is also neater and more presentable.

    Email Verification

      This is a must. Requiring email's to be verified makes it harder for trolls to create accounts. Hopefully it would prevent them for even bothering.

    Multiple User Names Per Email Address

      I believe that limiting one screen name to one email address would help the troll issue as well. A troll would then have to go through more work to get a user name. I would like to see only one screen name allowed per email address in the future.

    New Members Sections

      I would like to see a new members section started. Members would be limited to posting here until they reach the 25 post mark. We would have to make sure our veterans still stopped by to give them advice.

SuperSite Changes

I believe the SuperSite is already a very strong point on our site. However, like everything else in life, it is not perfect. I have a short list of features I would like to see added, I have included them below:

More Competitions

    I would like to see more competitions added. This will draw more attention to our site, and get more members involved. We should have competitions based on age groups.

    • Teens
    • 19-29
    • 30-45
    • 45+

    I would like to see small prizes distributed to the winners. Even if it is something as small as a " Contest Winner" shirt. This will help us advertise our site, while supplying our winners with prizes.

Article Selection

    I believe that we should pick our articles based on the season. For instance, it's going to be summer soon, what are members more than likely most interested in? I would guess articles relating to getting ripped up for summer.

    I would also like to see more advanced articles. I would enjoy reading articles based on the science and chemistry related to building muscle, and losing fat. We would need to find more advanced writers with higher degrees in the field, in order to do this.

Basic Setup

    We should concentrate on centering more information towards the top of the site as many members do not take the time to scroll all the way down. I would like to see links to different calculators on the main screen as well. We have so much information, that the main issue is helping members find it. I like the "Exercise of the week" idea, I think we should make it larger though so members don't over look it.

Video Of Exercises

    I would like to see a place where members could submit videos of them doing certain exercises. This would eliminate any confusion as to how to perform the movement. It will also help better prevent injuries.


I first off would like to Thank Will and the staff for providing us with a great place to learn and express our knowledge, as well as win supplements.

I enjoy writing articles to help others, and you can't beat doing something you love, and having a chance to win supplements for it. I feel that we could make two or three small changes to make the Topic of the Week section better.

Convert To The "Submit Your Articles Format"

    I would like to see the topic of the week section go to the same submission method as the "Submit your own articles" section. This way others will not be able to read your articles until they submit their own, that way we don't have to worry about plagiarism. As it currently stands, members can read through others articles and base their own on others work in a short amount of time.

Limit Participation To Members

    I would like to see the participation limited to members with at least 10 post. This way no one can create a new account just to write an article and increase their chances. Members posting up articles with 1 or 2 post is kind of suspicious to me.


    I think the first place winners are fairly rewarded. I would like to see the second place prize raised to $25 and the third place prize made $10 store credit, I think it is important for the third place winner, being that members can win third place several times, and they really only need one beanie or hat.


    I believe that with these changes we can improve sales, and make our site more manageable and more knowledgeable. I would like to see the forum shut down for a couple of days, and some of these changes incorporated. Good Luck design team, we have given you the lead way, now use your magic and make it happen.

What Other People Think?


    1. On the product pages allow for comments and star ratings so maybe there wont be so many repetitive questions on if a supplement has worked or not.

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    From someone who runs the marketing department for a large company: (1) Loyalty system, this helps both and the user, with a particular discount for frequent shoppers.

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    I think it would be cool to be able to sign-in when shopping at the store, and create a personalized account. A lot of other web sites have this right now (i.e. amazon, ebay). This would allow shoppers to log into their account and see past items bought...

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    User rating + review, when viewing a products info.

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    Make Rep Points Do Something.

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    I would add the following topics: "Natural Bodybuilding" and create regional sections for non Americans to use

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    I think too many people concentrated on cost...

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    A SPORTS INJURY Forum - there is no single area to post or review this very important aspect of BB.

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