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Who Will Win The 2006 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships?

Who will win the 2006 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships? Our forum members discuss this and talk about two names in particular. Will Evan & Jerome bring their 'A' games? Bonus: NPC Competition to expensive?

TOPIC: Who Will Win The 2006 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships?

The Question:

Every year it seems like some unknown name pops out of nowhere to claim the top spot of the NPC Nationals. This year is no different and has a very competitive lineup including a relatively unknown Evan Centopani.

Who will come in and take the overall crown and why do you think it will go down that way? Will Evan show up in perfect condition or will some unknown enter and take it all?

Men's Competitor List (this is only a list of those who might compete/full listing of competitors not provided until after weigh-ins):

*This list is not final and can change at any time!

  • Erick Seng
  • Jerome Ferguson
  • Brandon Lowe
  • Malcolm Marshall
  • Sanjiv Neal
  • Gerald Aikens
  • Jason Dayberry
  • Marcos Espinal
  • Andy Haman
  • Desmond Miller
  • Victor Tringali
  • James Bivens
  • Todd Mendelsohn
  • Parick Murray
  • Rudy Richards
  • Johnny McCarver
  • Evan Centopani
  • David Jacobs
  • Stephen Frazier
  • Adam Weidel
  • Ambrose Middleton
  • Jim Swanson
  • Stokely Palmer
  • Randy Moore
  • TJ Hewitt
  • Tyrone Cane
  • Grigori Atoyan
  • TJ Humphreys
  • Matthew Lowden
  • Shaun Crump
  • Jason Huh
  • Jeff Schwartzer
  • Bobby Smith
  • Darrell Terrell
  • Adorthus Cherry
  • Lionel Brown
  • Jason Hamner
  • Michael Moore
  • Carlos Rodriguez
  • Sebastian Zona
  • Jason Marcus
  • Ben White
  • Gus Carter
  • James Ward
  • Miquel Perez-Martinez
  • Nate Brck
  • Marion Benton
  • Paul DeSimone
  • Henry Everette
  • Wondell LeFlore
  • Bryan Pazdzierz
  • Lloyd Dollar
  • Darin Page
  • Lee Banks
  • Al Auguste
  • Ali Mokallaed
  • Miguel Rojas
  • Devon Bender
  • Ryan Imamura
  • John Lopez
  • Marco Teixeira
  • Thomas Whorley
  • Brad Davis
  • David Praska
  • Ronald Torres
  • Brian Copeland
  • Jean-Claude Desardouin
  • Kert McClean
  • Stan McQuay
  • Manny Torres
  • Mario Tolentino
  • Mauricio Solis Torres
  • Alston Kenner III
  • Tim Liggins
  • Terry Bradley
  • Rick Sosias
  • Charles Dixon
  • Anthony Pettigrew
  • Brian Saltzman
  • Lorenzo Newton
  • Perry Black Sr.
  • Leonardo Nimo
  • Sean Smith
  • Jerry Miller
  • Cesar Moscoso
  • Stoil A. Stoilov
  • Robert Ambersley
  • Garrett Allin
  • Dustin Mahan
  • Darron Glenn
  • Dave Tuttle
  • Guillermo Escalante
  • Jesse Duque
  • Todd Scott
  • Julius Rumingan
  • Jorge Betancourt
  • Alfredo Santana
  • Anthony Marmon
  • Daniel Rocha
  • Anthony Watkins
  • LeDon Griffin
  • Miguel Neil
  • Patrick Neil
  • Kevin Creeden
  • Victor Del Campo
  • Kevin Key
  • Abiu Feliz
  • Perry McRae
  • Theodore Atkins Jr.
  • Robert E. Lee
  • Jesse Sabater
  • John Caraccio
  • Roosevelt Woodard
  • Richie Daggs
  • Terence Phillips
  • Larry Anderson
  • Andre Prue
  • Carlo Fillippone
  • John Fettes
  • Dave Candy
  • Kob Yan
  • Omar Ventura
  • Chad Augustin
  • Pasquale Greico
  • Wills Francois
  • Michael DeGrazia
  • Jerry Serna
  • Kelly Bautista
  • William Matthews
  • Ryan Hames
  • Michael Manibog
  • Richard Bobadilla
  • Wayne Hugar
  • Scott Foster
  • Ron Hackaspker
  • Rafael Campuzano
  • Alphonso Jones Jr.
  • Michael Echevarria
  • Randy Jackson, Sr.
  • Leon Daniels
  • Tim Sahr
  • Fernando Abaco
  • Angel Trujillo
  • Jerry Bell Jr.
  • Timoney Fernandez
  • Heath Warren
  • Paul Gillison
  • Salvatore Torres
  • Domenic Pulcini III

How is William Wilmore competing so far as a rookie pro in the IFBB?

Bonus Question: Have you ever attended the NPC Nationals? If so, what did you think of it and how was your experience? Was it what you thought it would be? How could it be made better?

Show off your knowledge to the world!

The Winners:

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      2nd place - 50 in store credit.
      3rd place - 25 in store credit.

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1st Place - BurningHeart
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Ever hear someone say, "Yeah I knew him before he became famous." While this comment can refer to an athlete, band, celebrity, or government official, the fact still stands that it gives you a sense of satisfaction by following the career of someone from rags to riches. It makes you feel like you have a unique connection with this person, one that not many have.

For fans of bodybuilding, the NPC National Bodybuilding Championship is where inspiring bodybuilders compete in hopes of one day becoming successful in the professional field.

2006 NPC Nationals Main Page! 2006 NPC Nationals Main Page!
The 2006 NPC National Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships was a superb show. Find the complete results, pictures and much more.
[ Click here to learn more. ]

It's the equivalent to running for governor in hope to one day be president, it's the equivalent of playing in the minor leagues hoping to make it in the major leagues, and it's the same as acting in B-rated movies in hopes of becoming the next movie star.

The NPC was formed in 1982 and is the "minor leagues", so to speak, of the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilders). To compete in the IFBB, it is required of one to win a qualifying NPC competition. Many bodybuilders have completed this journey, including Jay Cutler, Ronnie Coleman, Flex Wheeler, and Chris Cormier, just to name a few.

Now the time has come for the 2006 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships. This year they are being held on November 10th and 11th in Miami Beach, Florida. Who will take home the crown this year? That's what we'll discuss in this article.

The competitors are listed above.

Part 1:
Who Will Win The 2006 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships?

Out of this huge list of competitors, I strongly believe that "Hollywood" Jerome Ferguson will take the crown. Jerome Ferguson has the best combination of size and definition, as shown in his pictures from the 2006 USA Championships...

Click Image To Enlarge.
Jerome Ferguson.
View More Pics From The 2006 USA Championships Here.

Jerome has placed in many competitions including being the overall winner in the 2000 NPC Gold's Classic and the 2001 Los Angeles Championships. He came in 2nd place in the 2002 NPC California Championships as a Super-Heavyweight, 2004 IFBB North American Championships as a Heavyweight, and the 2005 NPC USA Championships as a Super-Heavyweight.

An Interview With Nationals Super-heavyweight, Jerome 'Hollywood' Ferguson. Jerome 'Hollywood' Ferguson.
Jerome 'Hollywood' Ferguson is putting it all on the line for the 2006 NPC Nationals! In the following interview he shares his 34 week quest to become the sport's newest pro.
[ Click here to learn more. ]

Jerome has a motto that says, "I found my passion and I followed my heart so never give up on what you truly believe in whatever it is - cause I will not. Never quit, never be a quitter, you may not be able to do it today, you may not be able to lift 500 pounds today but one day you will, always keep striving towards your goals."

Bicep Training W/ Jerome Fergusson!
Date: 11/08/05

This week on The Fit Show, Hollywood is back finishing up his bicep workout. Also David and Alexis Ellis are back in the kitchen to make eating healthy feel like cheating with Gourmet Fitness Foods.
Video Show 22

Bicep Training W/ Jerome Fergusson!
Date: 10/31/05

This week we've got what you all have been asking for, an episode with arm training. Get ready for a bicep workout with the one and only Jerome Fergusson, followed by a look at healthy living with NPC competitor Tony Dodd.
Video Show 21

I believe this strong will of his will allow him to overcome every other competitor, and win him the title in Miami. Now there has been hype of Evan Centopani, overall winner of the 2006 NPC Junior Nationals, to come in and sweep the title. While I believe Centopani's upper body is impressive, his legs are lacking in size compared to others such as Jerome.

Here is a comparison shot from their two recent competitions:

Even Centopani Ferguson
Click Image To Enlarge.
E. Centopani - 2006 NPC Junior Nationals.
J. Ferguson - 2006 USA Championships.

Photos Courtesy Of Graphic Muscle & SecondFocus.

As also seen in these comparison shots, Jerome Ferguson has better symmetry than Evan Centopani. It seems as if Evan's arms overpower his chest, and his upper body definitely overpowers his lower body. If Jerome Ferguson shows up at the Nationals in a dry state, he will be the favorite to win.

Jerome's Contest Prep! Jerome's Contest Prep!
Date: 11/09/2006

Superstar trainer Charles Glass trains Jerome 'Hollywood' Ferguson just days before the 2006 Nationals. Gunter Schlierkamp makes a special appearance during the show.
Video Show 44

Part 2:
How Is William Wilmore Competing So Far As A Rookie Pro In The IFBB?

The spotlight has been on William (Bill) Wilmore ever since winning overall in the 2005 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships. From that win, he advanced from amateur status to professional, competing in the IFBB. However he has not had much success in the professional ranks yet.

William Wilmore
Click Image To Enlarge.
William Wilmore At The 2005 NPC Nationals.

Following his '05 NPC win, he came in a good 5th place in both the Colorado Pro Championships (out of 16) and the New York Pro Championships (out of 18). Even though he placed in the top percentage in those competitions, when he was faced with the best of the best at the 2006 Mr. Olympia, his success wasn't so great. Bill suffered a disappointing tie for 16th place at the 2006 Olympia.

Bill Wilmore Bill Wilmore
Click Image To Enlarge.
Bill Wilmore.
View More Pics From The Colorado Pro Championships Here.

While Bill has had moderate success in the local IFBB competitions, in a national competition such as the Olympia he falls behind some of the veterans. With some constant work on his overall size and conditioning, Bill Wilmore has the opportunity to become a major success in bodybuilding. Only time will tell.

Click Image To Enlarge.
W. Wilmore - 2005 NPC Nationals & 2006 Mr. Olympia Pre-Judging.
View More Pics From The 2006 Olympia Here.

Part 3 - Bonus Question:
Have You Ever Attended The NPC Nationals? If So, What Did You Think Of It And How Was Your Experience? Was It What You Thought It Would Be? How Could It Be Made Better?

I have never been to the NPC Nationals, but it's obvious what could be done to make it better. Many people think, myself included, that this year's ticket prices are outrageous. Paying $50 just for the men's pre-judging pictures is very overpriced. Then not to mention the $75-$150 priced tickets for the finals.

To get exposure to the sport of bodybuilding, the promoters should strive to keep prices as low as possible. Having high ticket prices not only discourages prospective fans from the show, but also prevents some big bodybuilding fans from attending.

What Do You Think Of The Ticket Prices For Bodybuilding Events?

The Prices Are Completely Unaffordable!
The Prices Are Generally Fair.
The Prices Are A Huge Bargain!

Besides the ticket prices, the NPC Nationals look to have a good sized lineup for the two days. Including seven male bodybuilding divisions, four female bodybuilding divisions, and three divisions for the fitness competitions ensures that there will not be a lack of showing.

One suggestion the NPC could look into would be lowering the amount of competitors accepted into the Nationals, allowing for a shorter and possibly more accurate showing.

With the 2006 NPC Nationals approaching, we could have the treat of possibly seeing the next great bodybuilder. Will you have the privilege to say you followed the next famous bodybuilder's career before he turned pro?