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Tony LeBlanc Competition Prep: 2 Weeks Out!

Check back weekly for my updates and new pics of my upcoming competition!

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My Progress

This week has been another tough week, but things are progressing. I am pretty much always tired and ALWAYS hungry, I expected this. I think it is pretty normal for this stage of the game. I have not made any changes to my diet as I cannot afford to cut anything else out as I will start to loose size. The last couple of weeks have been pretty tough in terms of dieting. I am starting to get pretty hungry throughout the day and at night.


My training is going very well, my workouts are still very intense and I am still pushing some heavy weights. This aspect has surprised me quit a bit, my last show I got very week near the end. I believe that having a training partner this time is what is making the difference.

I have been training alone for the last 3 years, I was obviously very happy to finally find a partner that can match my intensity and my dedication. This has been my biggest obstacle, not many people have the dedication that it takes to train and prepare for a show.


These next few week are very important as I am stepping up the cardio a bit (adding another 15-30 minutes when I have time) and I am going to try and put more time into my posing. This has been a problem lately as I don't have much time for posing.

Posing is extremely important at this stage of the game as it tends to make you look tighter and gets you harder. I am aiming for at least 4-5 nights a week for about 30 minutes. This weekend I will going to buy some new posing trunks and to get my posing oil.

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