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Tony LeBlanc Competition Prep: 9 Weeks Out!

Check back weekly for my updates and new pics of my upcoming competition!

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This week was a great week, all my workouts were good and I am not as sore any more. My diet is on track, abs are coming out and starting to see some good cuts in the legs. I won't be changing anything this week, when I am feeling hungry I will add some protein sometime in the day, carbs will remain at the same amount. I may slow down on the cardio as my weight is going down pretty fast.

Weight: 192




Today I trained Shoulder, abs and cardio. This was an excellent workout, really intense!


Trained Legs, hams, calves and cardio. My workout consisted of 7 sets of squats up, 6 sets of sissy squats and 4 sets of lunges. The sissy's were a killer! I also did 4 sets of curls for hams, an overall very good workout.


Today was Chest, abs and cardio. Did not feel very strong today but did an awesome workout, lots of supersets and not much rest time.




Arms were done today, killer bi and tri workouts. Again lots of supersets and drop sets.


Did back today, hadn't done dead lifts in a while so I gave it a go. I was surprised at how strong I was for my dead lifts, still able to do 405 for 8 reps.