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Tony LeBlanc Competition Prep: 10 Weeks Out!

Check back weekly to see my progress and updated stats!

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As indicated in my initial article, this was my first week back from an almost 2 week layoff. I was expecting it to be a tough week and I was right! In addition to taking time off from training, I had also taken 2 weeks off the CreaGro (Muscle Network creatine mix). I wanted to give my system a rest and this gave me a good opportunity to take some Kidney Flush (another Muscle Network product).

I will be adding another 30 grams of protein to my diet this week as I have already dropped close to 5 pounds, this is a too much loss for one week.

Weight: 195


Starting fresh on Monday morning, the 5:30am cardio sessions have begun and back on the CreaGro!

I had a hard time eating today, I was not very hungry and therefore was not able to finish most of my meals. I was still feeling full from all the junk food I had eaten the prior weeks. Today I trained shoulders, abs and cardio. The workout was ok, got an ok pump.


Today I trained legs, traps, calves and cardio. Got a good workout in, but not a very good pump in the quads. My main accomplishment was to get thru the workout and I did that. My appetite was coming back but still not where it should be.

As a fat burner, I am trying for the first time the ECA (Ephedrine, Caffeine and Aspirin) stack. For the last 2 days now I am always on the verge of getting sick and never really that hungry. I know it is the ECA stack that is causing this so I am getting off of it (Results may vary)!


Today my legs are sore as hell; sometimes a pump is not always telling of how good a workout you are having. On schedule today was Chest, abs and cardio. An overall pretty good workout but my shoulder were still sore from Monday's workout therefore I was not very strong but still pushed as much as I could.


Off but still did the morning session of cardio.


When I woke up this morning I was starving, I could tell my appetite was kicking back in and my stomach did not hurt anymore.

Today my legs are still very sore, I am having a hard time walking at times and getting up from the seated position is quite difficult. Today was biceps, triceps, calves and cardio. I had an awesome bicep pump and an ok tricep pump, this is typical for me.


Today my legs are getting back to normal, finally! I trained back, abs and cardio today. The back workout was good but not up to where I want it to be.


My body is overall feeling better, I started taking some GlucosaFlex on Tuesday and I can feel that I am recovering faster. Today I trained legs for the second time this week, but only doing leg extensions, lunges and stiff leg dead lifts, 20 sets in all. I also did my calves and cardio as usual.