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Online Training Journal Entry: Jan. 28th - Feb. 02, 2001!

Today is the 1st day in a month long Journal that I will be keeping. I hope you guys like it. I am going to try and keep it as basic and simple as I can.

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Here is my 1st Journal entry for the date of Sunday, Jan 28, 01.

What's up guys? Well, today is the 1st day in a month long Journal that I will be keeping. I hope you guys like it. I am going to try and keep it as basic and simple as I can.

I got up this morning at 6:00 am and felt really good. I took 1 (100mg) Nor andro and 1 (250mg) Tribulis terrestris tab prior to working out. I had a really good workout. I did Chest and Tris today. This was the first time in my life that I had ever done Chest and tris together. Man, by the time I got to my tris they had the best pump they've had in a while.

I started a new workout split last week using the 2 on 1 off split. Here was today's workout:

  • Chest: Incline Bench Press - 5 sets (11 reps)
  • Flat Bench Press - 3 sets (11 reps)
  • Machine Fly - 3 sets (11 reps)
  • Triceps: Skull Crushers - 5 sets (11 reps)
  • Close Grip Bench Press - 3 sets (11 reps)
  • Tricep Pushdowns - 3 sets (11 reps)
Had a really good workout today, I felt really strong and my pumps are lasting alot longer with the more Nor andro and tribulus I take.

If you notice I am doing everything using the same rep count. Go and see Todd O. Mass Training Workout and you will see why.

Around 7:15 am after finishing my work out I took 3 (100mg) of Chromium Picolinate then hit the shower. After showering I took my whey protein drink and had a couple of bowls of cereal (Wheaties - the breakfast of champions) then took another (250mg) Tribulis Terrestris tab. Around 8:30 am I started my first 12oz of water (I make myself drink at least a gallon of water a day) when that bottle runs out I go and get some more, it's like that through out the day.

Around 9:00 am I ate meal #2. I had about 3/4lb-1lb of ground beef with some taco seasoning in it and 1 pack of oatmeal and 1 Nor andro (100mb). That usually satisfies me until lunch. At 12:00 pm I had 4 beef burritos with a little cheese, salsa and sour cream and 1 (250mg) of Tribulis. About an hour later I was really craving some sugar so I had a big bowl of vanilla ice cream with some caramel topping. Then it was off to go to our Super Bowl party so before I left I took another Nor andro and one more Tribulis. At the party I inhaled so much chips, dip, brownies, cake and chili that it was ridiculous and also took my last Nor andro.

After getting home I turned on Survivor and I got the sugar crave again so I had another bowl of ice cream with caramel topping and took my last Tribulis tab and took my 3 ZMA tabs right before bed. Right about now my chest is starting to get a little bit sore as well as my tris so off to sleep I go. As you can see my day is basically made up with 3 things. Training, Eating, and more Eating. I also weighed myself Saturday night and I am up to 230lbs.

Todd Blue Go Heavy or Go Home

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January 29, 2001

I had a great nights sleep last night so getting up this morning at 6:00 am wasn't to bad. As usual I started my morning off with 1 Nor andro and 1 tribulis tab then hit the weights. I trained my back and bis today. I spent a good 10 min. just warming up because my chest and tris were pretty sore this morning. After getting good and warmed up I started my work out with 5 sets of 20 reps of standing calf raises. Here was my routine for this morning.

  • Deadlifts 5 sets - 11 reps
  • Chins 3 sets - 11 reps
  • Seated Rows 3 sets - 11 reps
  • Barbell Curl 5 sets - 11 reps
  • Dumbell Curl 3 sets - 11 reps
  • Cable Curl 3 sets - 11 reps
Once again I got a great pump and it lasted a good while too. After training I took my 3 chromium piccolonate caps and then hit the shower. After showering I took my whey protein shake and 1 tribulis tab. Then is the biggest pain of the day, packing up all the crap I must take and eat for the day. After packing I had a bowl of cereal then it was off to work. I usually get to work around 8:30 am and check my email and get all my stuff put up (I work in an architectural firm) then it's about 9:00 am and time to eat, again. This morning I had 1 pack of peaches and cream oatmeal with 1lb of ground beef plus 1 nor andro cap.

I usually leave for lunch between 11:30 and 11:45. For lunch today I had a McDonalds 1/4lber burger with fries and a large Dr. Pepper plus 1 tribulis tab. After lunch I really could have taken a nap but that would probably land me in an unemployment line.

So about 2:00 pm I had another Nor Andro cap and then around 3:00 pm I took another tribulis tab and ate 1 can of tuna mixed in some pasta with alfredo sauce. (I am using John Stem's Nor-andro and Tribulis stack in case you are wondering why I am taking so much). Right before I leave to go to home I take my last Nor andro cap and off to home and eat supper.

For supper I had 6 tacos with a little cheese, salsa and lettuce plus my last tribulis tab. Then I sat down to watch Me, Myself and Irene with my wife and man was that a funny movie, I highly recommend it. Then I had my usual bowl of ice cream with caramel topping man that stuff is good. Then it was off to bed so I popped my 3 ZMA caps and hit the sack.

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January 30, 2001

Well today was my off day from training so I slept in this morning until about 6:30 am. After taking a shower I had a couple of bowls of cereal and 1 Nor andro and 1 tribulis tab. After getting to work about 8:30 am I checked my email and got caught up on a few things then it was time for meal #2 which I had 1lb ground beef and 1 pack of oatmeal. It was kind of a slow day at work so I cut out early for lunch and went home and watched a little bit of Gladiator and ate my lunch from Sonic which was a grilled chicken sandwich, tater tots and a root beer.

At around 3:00 pm I had some pasta and beef. I was in a hurry to get home and eat supper so I could get to a basketball game. I had a piece of beefsteak and macaroni and cheese and part of my little girls pizza and 1 Nor andro and 1 Tribulis tab. So my little girl and me went to a basket ball game while my wife went to some kind of kitchen party. When I got home I was a little hungry (as usual) so I made me and my wife some French fries right before bed and I took my 3 tabs of ZMA. Then it was off to bed. So for a day off I thought I got good and rested for tomorrow.

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January 31, 2001

Since I have gone to this 2 on 1 off split I am a much happier man on my off days. I really hated it when I was using the 5 on 2off split because it was hard on those 2 days off. I love to train so my new split really works well.

I slept in this morning until around 6:20 am then I got up ate a couple of bowls of Wheaties took my Nor andro and my Tribulis tab and it was off to training I went. Today was shoulder day.

  • Military Press - 5 sets (11 reps)
  • One Armed Side Laterals - 3 sets (11 reps)
  • Bent Raises - 3 sets (11 reps)
  • Barbell Shrugs - 5 sets (11 reps)
I felt really good today, I didn't feel all that strong but my pumps were really good my shoulders really got burned today. After training I hit the shower and then I realized that I was running late for work so I had to speed things up a bit. I had my protein shake and a protein bar and 3 caps of chromium piccolonate and out the door I went.

After arriving to work late this morning I didn't eat my meal #2 until around 10:00am. I ate left over chicken from a Chinese restaurant from last night plus I had my Nor andro and my Tribulis tab. Around 11:45 am I headed off for lunch. I went home to finish watching Gladiator (by the way that is one damn good movie) and I ate 2 pieces of chicken and some French fries plus a tribulis tab.

Around 3:00 pm I finished off the rest of the left over Chinese food which was some fried rice and I took a Nor andro cap.

I usually leave work at 5:30 pm and right before I leave I take my Nor andro and Tribulis tab so when I get home I can eat. For supper I had a veggie pizza that my wife made and it was great. Before bed I felt like I needed some more protein tab so I had a shake and I took my ZMA and my last tribulis tab and hit the sack.

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February 1, 2001

After the alarm went off for the 1st time at 4:30 am I tried to think of any reason to stay in bed but none of those reasons were good enough to stop me from getting up and making myself grow. Today was leg day and I knew it would be tough but what the hell that's part of this sport. Don't get me wrong I love training legs it's just at 4:30 am and the only thing that really sounds good is going back to sleep.

After taking my Nor andro and my tribulis and putting on workout cd that I made with Rob Zombie, Korn, Limp Bizkit etc. I was up and ready to hit it.

  • Leg Extensions - 3 sets (11 reps)
  • Leg Curls - 3 sets (11 reps)
  • Squats - 5 sets (11 reps)
  • Sissy Squats - 3 sets (11 reps)
  • Standing Raises - 5 sets (15 reps)
  • One Legged Raises - 5 sets (15 reps)
Sissy squats are done just like a deadlift but you hold the bar behind your legs.

After training all I could manage to do was get to the couch and fall out. After regaining consciousness I managed to get back to the shower. After showering I had my protein shake and my protein bar and a Nor andro cap.

I did better today and got to work early. Around 9:00 am I had some chicken and a Tribulis tab. I got hungry a little bit earlier today so I went to lunch earlier. For lunch today I had 3 pieces of fried chicken and 1 large baked potato plus a Nor andro cap. Around 3:00 pm I had some fried rice and some chicken and a Tribulis tab. For supper I had some pizza and a Nor andro cap and then my wife wanted to go shopping. So the last thing I needed to do after training legs this morning was go walking around in a mall so me and my little girl found a bench and chilled out there while my wife did all here shopping. When we got home I was shot so I took some Tribulis, my ZMA and I hit the sack and I was out like a light.

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February 2, 2001

Well today was my day off. I have really enjoyed this 2 on 1 off and I plan on using it for a while. Since it was my day off I really got to sleep in until around 7:30 am which is around 2 ½ hours of more sleep. After getting up I realize that my legs are much more sore than I had expected. After getting my shower I had my Nor andro and my Tribulis tab. At this time I realize that I am very late for work but say, "what the hell I want to grow" so I cook some 5 eggs pack my meals and off to work I go. After getting to work late with no one noticing I sat down and ate my meal #2. I had some ground beef and a pack of oatmeal. I decided that I better go to lunch a little later since I was late to begin with so I headed out around 12:30 pm and went home where I had some chicken and pasta. After getting back to work and actually working and not surfing the net I took my last Nor andro and Tribulis tab of the day along with two 1/4lb cheeseburgers. Around 5:00 pm I got a call from my mother-in-law to get home because my wife had cut her hand pretty bad. After getting home from the emergency room and getting her hand all taped up (she cut a chunk out of her index finger about a ½" wide, 1" long and 1/8" deep) she was out from all the pain medicine so I put her to bed and my little 2 year old wasn't far behind. So from 7:30 pm until it was just me so I did what any loving husband would have done, I started playing on my Sega Dreamcast. After playing for a few hours I decided since tomorrow I had to get up and train I better hit the sack too.

Over all I thought this was a good week of training, eating and resting. Being able to rest every 3rd day really makes a difference in my training days as far as my energy levels go.

Look for my next article on Plateau Busting in the next week or so.

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