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My Megabol-X/Anabol-X Experience.

I recommend the Anabol-X/Megabol-X stack to anyone looking to add some size and strength. Todd Blue is living proof that megabol-x works.

Well going into this stack I had some high hopes of gaining some lean mass as well as increasing my strength a ton. But due to a slight shoulder injury I wasn't able to meet some of my goals that I had set in my article "Pushing the Envelope" and throw in a cold that led to fluid in my lungs and I was put in the hole from the beginning?But I still put up some impressive lifts (impressive to me anyways) and some good solid gains too.

The Feeling

The stack was very impressive by the way it made me feel. My muscles had a very full feeling all daylong and my pumps were out of this world. I could feel a difference in my workout from day one. By the second week on this stack the Megabol-X was in high gear and I didn't think it could get much better than it was at that point. Then came week 3 when I added the Anabol-X and bam it was like I had reached a new gear or something. I had a feeling each day I trained that I was stronger and could lift a house if I had too. The overall sense of power was a very nice feeling while on this stack.

The Strength

Going into this cycle I was injury free, but during my first week of training I pulled something in my shoulder that really limited me in my pressing movements. Then I had to take a week off from training on week 4 (I lost some weight due to not being able to eat normally), which in turn really affected some of my goals that I set for myself. But here are some of my lifts that I performed the week after my stack had finished and some that I performed during the stack.

  • Dead lift - 500lbs - 6 reps
  • Close grip bench - 315lbs - 4 reps
  • Hammer curls - 120lbs - 10 reps
  • Bent rows - 405lbs - 4 reps
  • Barbell curl - 185lbs - 4 reps
  • Military press - 260lbs - 4 reps
Those are the most notable lifts that I did. Had I not hurt my shoulder my pressing lifts would have been higher but that's the way it goes.

The Gains

I don't take my weight anymore but I did use stats to track my progress. I added 1" to my chest, ?" to my arms and right at ?" to my quads and calves. I noticed most of my gains from weeks 3-6. There is a pretty obvious reason for that: those were the weeks I was applying the Anabol-X. But my strength went up each week thoughout the entire stack. One notable way that really showed the size that was added was the fact that I had to remove over 25% of my wardrobe because of my new growth.

Final Thoughts

This will definitely be one I will do again but next time I will add a high calorie gainer to optimize my gains a little bit better. I loved the pumps in the gym, the strength gains from week to week and of course the lean mass gains. I didn't experience any side effects other than a little acne but nothing too bad. My next stack will be with Tren-X, which I am hearing a ton of good reviews about. I recommend the Anabol-X/Megabol-X stack to anyone looking to add some size and strength, I have only heard good things about it and my personal experience was good.

Side Note

It has been nearly 5 weeks since I have been off my cycle and I have retained all of my gains but as expected my strength has dropped a bit.