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The Pipsqueak Posse!

I am standing in the gym one day, just got finished with a grueling triceps and bicep workout. I look up in the mirror and see, what had to be 10 or so of the skinniest, ugliest looking dudes come in.

I am standing in the gym one day, just got finished with a grueling triceps and biceps workout.

I look up in the mirror and see what had to be 10 or so of the skinniest, ugliest looking dudes waltz in. They all looked like a bunch of little Eminems (not the candies, the rapper).

They all had on wife beater undershirts (you know the tight fitting white ripped tanks). All had a little peach fuzz on their upper lip (a very weak mustache), and of course all of these kids thought they were Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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So after seeing these guys walk in, I thought to myself, "Self, this could be some funny stuff about to happen." So I decided to train some abs for a little bit while watching these wimpy guys. Here in my town these guys have a little wannabe gang called the "Southside Posse". They are all little clones of each other, a bunch of little freaks.

It was funny stuff watching these guys act like they knew what they were doing. Some of them were having trouble with the bar, then one of these He-Man wannabes got cocky and thought that he could jump up to 135 lbs on the bench press. Now in my gym the bars were slick, and if they tilted just slightly the weights would slide right off.

I felt obligated to help these little boys out, so I told them that they may want to put the clips on the ends so they wouldn't get hurt. But instead of listening, they said they had it all under control. I said "Fine, good luck." So I sat back and watched - and then what I knew was going to happen, happened.

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The little guy is lowering the bar for his first rep, then the left side started leaning and the weights flew off the left side landing on one of the pussy's posse's foot, then the right side slammed down to the floor landing on another of one the pussy's posse's foot.

Then the left side came up and blasted the guy who was spotting in the face knocking him out cold, then the bar landed on the guy that was actually pressing, nearly crushing him!

These little fools had acted so tough, but they ended up getting their butts kicked literally by some weights and a barbell. (That was one mean barbell - it took out 4 guys in less than 5 seconds!) The other girls in the "posse" checked on the injured and helped carry them off. Needless to say, it was the last we ever saw of the Southside Pussies Posse...

Probably the funniest day in the gym I've ever had!

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Todd Blue
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