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More Is Not Always Better!

For those that have read my previous articles you already know my stance on nutrition and that you must eat big to get big. Well I am changing that philosophy just a little bit. Not only do you need to eat big you need to rest big to get big as well.

Ok, Ok. I know what you are thinking; you got to be kidding me right. I was thinking the same thing about myself just a few weeks ago. If you have ever read any of my previous articles then you are probably saying to yourself "what in the hell has got into Todd?" You're right, I was always the guy preaching that you should hit it hard in the gym with 15-20 sets per body part, 4-5 sets per exercise. Don't get me wrong, I still go all out while training but I have just completely reworked my entire thought process to bodybuilding. You see my new thought process came about by complete accident. In the late part of July I was becoming so burned out with bodybuilding, the eating, supplementing and training, which is a 24-hour chore to do each and every day. Now with my new philosophy I have made some really nice gains over the last 6 weeks. People I have never met in my life are always commenting of my muscles, something that has never happened in the magnitude before. I went to my local state fair last night with my wife and child and I counted 18 times that a complete stranger had a comment. So I know that my new philosophy is working and working well.

Like I mentioned above I changed my entire thought process to bodybuilding because I was so burnt out with it. I was at my biggest weight ever between 235-340lbs and I was feeling great. But after a couple of months at that size I stopped seeing results all together. So I upped my calories and still nothing. I changed my training and still nothing. That's where the burn out came into the picture. So I stepped back from bodybuilding all together for a few weeks. I still trained but cut back on my eating and completely stopped supplementing my diet all together. During this time I reevaluated all my goals, training schedules, nutrition and supplementation. And that's when it hit me like a ton of bricks and the light finally came on.

In the past as I would grow I would increase the amount of weight I used in the gym, I would increase my nutrition (calories, protein etc.), I would increase the doses of the supplements I would use. This all worked fine for quite sometime but all that just stopped working once I got to 240lbs. But the one thing that I was leaving out was RECOVERY. I knew that the bigger my muscles got the more weight they needed in the gym to stimulate them to get even bigger, I knew that I had to consume more food for them to grow, I knew I had to up the doses of supplements but I just flat out forgot about them needing more recovery time to grow. So I have changed my entire training split, training schedule, and training philosophy to get the most out of each and every workout.

For those that have read my previous articles you already know my stance on nutrition and that you must eat big to get big. Well I am changing that philosophy just a little bit. Not only do you need to eat big you need to rest big to get big as well. I simply was not letting my body recover after each workout, which led to the huge plateau I hit. Now, when I say rest I don't mean sleep time each night, I was getting plenty of sleep. My problem was I was not allowing enough time between workouts so my body just couldn't recover and rebuild broken down muscle tissue. Let's say on Day 1 I trained arms and really hit them hard then on Day 2 I trained shoulders, well when doing pressing movements the triceps really comes into play and since I trained arms on the previous day my triceps just couldn't recover like it need to. My new training split allows nearly complete recovery before my next workout.

Now my new workout schedule is taken from the H.I.T. program but just the basics. I have modified it some to work better for me and I believe it will work better for you as well if you decide to give it a try. I train at an extremely high intensity and go all out and then get out as quickly as possible to start the recovery process. My main goal is to stimulate the muscles to grow but not to tear them down so much that it takes them longer to recover.

I have also changed my diet. I consume around 4500 calories a day from real foods and another 1000 from protein and calorie shakes. I am seeing some of the best gains of my life and I am not consuming the normal 6-8000 calories a day like I have done in the past. I still drink my 1-2 gallons of water daily and supplement with creatine, glutamine and the occasional prohormones, nothing any different than I would normally do.

As a natural bodybuilder I must maximize my recovery time as best I can in order to reach the desired size I wish to reach. The difference in natural bodybuilders and the chemically enhanced bodybuilders is their ability to recover at such a fast rate. So my new training split and schedule allows me to recover faster than I ever had and normal muscle soreness isn't nearly as bad. Now in my next article I will run down the complete workout and training split. So check back next week for the complete run down of the training split and routine and let's maximize your recovery time.

Todd Blue
God Bless America