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Why I Do What I Do!

I don't know how many times I get asked these questions:

I don't know how many times I get asked this questions "Why do you want to do that to yourself?" I ask "Do what to myself", "You know make yourself look like a freak" My answer is "I love bodybuilding, I like to be different". It is one of the only things in life that you can do to change your appearance, size and definition with the right attitude. It seems to me that most people only think of bodybuilders as guys who wear baggy pants, a bright colored tank top, always has on a fanny pack, competes every year and has an ego the size of Texas. Well I got news for those type people, they are dead wrong. Yeah, there are some bodybuilders that would fit right in to what I just said, but most don't even come close. Most of the biggest and best looking bodybuilders I know have never competed and never plan to, are really nice, good people and are very humble. I am so tired when people think of us; they think, that we think, we are better than them. Sure I do this because I like to be different that the average man, I want to stand out in a crowd but I do this for me and me alone. Let's break it down even more though.

Why do I do what I do- I do bodybuilding for me and me only. I don't do it to impress anyone or to get the attention of the ladies (if I did my wife would kill me). It is simply a personal satisfaction that is hard to explain. Not much in life, other that becoming a Christian, has so much impact on your life than bodybuilding does. It takes discipline, patients and will power. Yeah it's hard sometimes but the payoff is definitely worth it.

Why do I do what I do - I do what I do because it makes me feel good and more ways than physical ways, it has really built up my confidence level like you would never understand, well some might. When I was in high school at 6' and 135lbs I was so scared to stand up in front of the class or even talk to girls (I want to thank my wife for being the one to initiate the conversation because at that time I sure wasn't going to do it, lol) I was even intimidated to meet new people too. Well now at 230+lbs I fear none of the things that I used to. I find myself never getting intimidated by anything or anyone. So bodybuilding has much more than physical effects on you too. With out it I would still have very little self-confidence.

I get this question asked a lot too "If you could only workout or have money which would you do?" My answer is "Workout". Some people don't understand this but I want to be big and achieve my bodybuilding goals as much as Bill Gates wants more money. No amount of money could give me the personal satisfaction that bodybuilding does. No one can see how much money you have in your back pocket but they will be able to see how big your arms, chest and legs are. Everyone has different goals in life and mine are to get as big as I physically can and some are to make a lot of money. I have been told that if I put as much time and effort into making money as I do bodybuilding I could make a lot of money but making a lot of money is not where my heart lies bodybuilding is.

I don't think that you are made a bodybuilder I think you are born a bodybuilder. Think about it, would the average person get up at 4:30 am and train when they could stay in the bed and sleep, Hell No. When I say train I don't mean get to the gym in the morning and sip on a cup of coffee while you are working out, I have seen this before and it makes be sick.

Bodybuilding to me is about personal satisfaction and setting and reaching goals. I plan to compete in the next couple of years and whether I do or don't will not determine if I am a bodybuilder or not. Basically I do what I do because I love it. It adds so much to my life and makes me feel good about myself. So for all you people out there that don't understand why I do this you just keep eating and keep getting more out of shape and us bodybuilders will keep training and eat a hell of a lot more than you eat but we will keep looking good.

Bodybuilding separates the men from the boys, remember that!!

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