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Plateau Busting!

Plateau Busting: stop the dreaded workout plateau. Remember the key to keeping plateaus at there minimum is CHANGE.

The long dreaded plateau. They will strike at anytime and to any body, it may not be able to be prevented but you can limit the length that they last. If you read the message boards and listen to guys at the gym it seems like there are a lot of people suffering through a plateau. Through my years of experienced I have found ways to stop the dreaded plateau in its track. Here are the steps that I use and will continue to use to keep the plateau from keeping me away from gains.

Step 1 - Nutrition
This is the most important of all the steps. When I hear people say "I haven't made any gains in the past 6 mos - year" I know what the problem is right off the bat, Nutrition. If you aren't eating you aren't growing it's that simple. Rather than make this step really drawn out just go and read the 2 nutrition articles that I have posted they will give you a great run down on the dos and don'ts.

Step 2 - Rest
This is a very simple and very effective way to stop a plateau from stopping you. Just take a week off from any training and you will be really surprised at the way your body responds when you return the gym the next week. It allows for total recuperation and sometime that's all your body needs to get a kick-start and grow.

Step 3 - Training
Changing up your routine is a great way to break out of a plateau. Change the order of your work out, change the days you train, change the days you train each body part, go heavy, do higher than normal reps, change the exercises, use the 4 second negative, just change everything up for a few weeks. Try keeping your body guessing every 3-4 weeks and it will have your muscles growing.

Step 4 - Supplements
This is my final step. I know a lot of guys that get into a supplement routine and that always leads to a plateau. I change my supplements up every 6-8 weeks. I change the brand I use for everything (creatine, protein, andro's, methoxy, etc.) that way my body never becomes accustom to them.

Here is a sample of my supplement schedule:

  • For 8 weeks I may use Methoxy and creatine
  • The next 8 weeks I will use 19Nor5diol and tribulis

    I constantly change what I use every 6-8 weeks. If you have been using supplements for a while just quit using them for about 4 weeks so that your receptors can clean out then start back up.

    As usual I try to keep things very simple, the simpler it is the more others and I seem to use it. Just remember the key to keeping plateaus at there minimum is CHANGE. Since March of 2000 I have gone from 190lbs to 230lbs naturally. I did this by using the above steps. I can feel when a plateau is coming because I usually seem to get bored when training, so when the 1st sign of boredom hits I come up with an entirely new routine. It's has worked for me and I believe it can and will work for you.

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