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What Supplements Work!

It's hard to tell you exactly what works and what doesn't. The only thing that I can tell you is try all of them and try different brands.

If you go to the message boards you will notice one type of question that is always asked, "Has anyone ever tried this or that and does this or that work?" It's hard to tell you exactly what works and what doesn't. The only thing that I can tell you is try all of them and try different brands. What works for me might have no affect to you. My point of this article is to tell you which supplements have worked for me and what dosages I used.

1. Creatine - Well I am pretty sure everyone that is reading this has tried creatine before. This supplement works great for me. I have a different approach to taking it though. I usually will cycle this for 8 wks on and 8 wks off or so. When I take it I will keep my dosages no less that 10g a day and usually as much as 20g a day. I don't really feel that taking only 5g a day like it's recommended works very well. The reason I take such a high dose is a doctor I used to workout with told me to make tremendous gains with creatine I needed to quadruple the dose. The first week I did this I gained 7 lbs. And my strength went through the roof. There are some people however that they have a hard time with there stomach while taking creatine.

2. Methoxy products - Well if you have read my mass building article you will notice that this is one of the products that I used to help me make my gains. I took Methoxypro as my form of supplement but any will do. I took in around 500-750mg of Methoxy a day and that worked really well. This has been said to be the new era of bodybuilding supplements and I believe it. I could really feel a difference in my muscles almost immediately. Methoxy product would be my supplement of choice.

3. Maxabol - This is a product that I also used in my mass building article. To me it ranks right up there with Methoxy. I would take up to 6 tabs a day and that's when I could really feel a difference in my body. I really like the way my muscles felt while on this. My muscles just felt pumped all day long.

4. Phosphagain - This is pretty much the only product from EAS that has worked for me. I have taken this stuff for a period of 6 wks before and I increased my bodyweight an average of 2lbs per week for that 6 wk period. My strength gains really went through the roof too. I don't use this product much anymore due to the fact it's so expensive.

5. Prohormones - This is a very broad supplement topic so I will keep it simple. Go read Johns article on his Nor-andor, Tribulis stack. I have just started this stack 3 weeks ago and it is really working well. I get a pump like you wouldn't believe. I have talked to some people who have tried this and gained anywhere from 8-10lbs. But if you are under 21 I don't recommend you take any prohormone product due to that fact you are still growing.

6. Universal Animal Stak - I have taken this and I gained about 5lbs from it. I think it is worth the money just from the kick in the ass it gives you while training. I felt like a mad man while working out. But as with most "all in one" supplements you really don't get enough of each of them in a single does and the supplement is so expensive you can't afford to take more that 1 pack a day.

7. Whey Protein - For years I didn't think that protein powders where worth the money but I have changed my mind since starting whey protein. My muscles are fuller and they seem to recover much quicker than without taking it. It also makes is much easier to get all my necessary proteins in a day than it used to.

8. Weight Gainers - I really spent a lot of money on all those high calorie drinks when I first started training and they really helped. If you have a very fast metabolism I really recommend that you find a good calorie drink and take it. But if you are 190lbs or bigger I would recommend you not. By the time I reached 190lbs I was eating enough to where my body didn't need the extra calories on top of the 6-7 meals I eat a day.

9. MRP's - I don't like these and here is why. I have a hard time believe that a powdered drink is as good for building muscles than real food is. If you are not able to prepare yourself all your necessary meal for the day they can come in handy.

10. Vanadyl Sulfate - I could tell that while taking this supplement my muscles stayed pumped a lot longer than normally.

There are a lot more products out there that really seem to help some people i.e., HMB, Chromium Piccolonate etc. But what I really recommend you do is try a lot of different types of supplements and see which ones work for you. Everyone is different and what gives me good gains may not do anything for you.

The supplements I have listed above are my favorites. But I am constantly trying different types and brands of supplements. One of the problems that I see that people have with taking supplements is the fact that they are not in tune with their body. You have to be able to listen and feel your body to really know what works and what doesn't. Keep a journal of what your gains were with each supplement and how much you took. The key to remember is just listen to your body.