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New Year's Motivation & Training Tips For Mothers Everywhere!

Resolutions - If you do not follow through you are only cheating yourself. Get some great motivation and training tips for all you mommies looking to stick with your New Year's resolutions all year long!

Hello to all my mommies out there... do I have your attention? Good! We have reached another new year; so why not make a new year's resolution that is going to stick with you throughout the entire year! After all, it's not a New Year's resolution really, if you do not follow through.

If you do not follow through you are only cheating yourself. Let's be perfectly honest here, who do you want to make the change for? Why do I ask? Because, first the change should be for yourself first and foremost! Now I know the drill because I owned my own fitness studio and saw it firsthand.

I opened in the beginning of the year and by April I went from too many clients, to squeeze in lunch, to scrubbing my studio floors with a toothbrush in boredom!

Everyone is so excited that they clean out their cabinets and rid themselves of sugary sweets and chips, ect., join the gym, maybe even buy a piece of fold up cardio equipment. Most likely, however, the equipment will become their ironing board, or what have you, in the months shortly to follow.

What is going on here? Since when can't mommies be hot? Wouldn't it be great to pass by the mirror after a shower and be happy with your body, with your achievements, knowing how much dedication and hard work you have put into it. And it wouldn't hurt of course to pull the hubby off the sofa to take a few glances at that new physique of yours either.

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Mommies Can Be Hot!

So, I have a quest for all you mamas—that would be weightlifting. Yes, weights women, weights. Please do me the favor and take a timeout from the same cardio class you go to everyday because that is more like a social hour than a workout and the reason you are not seeing the results you want.

Trust me, it's not that the class is not effective, whatever that may be, it is because your body is now at a standstill and needs some electric shock treatment.

Weights For My Mamas
Getting Started Factoids

Number One Question Women Ask Me All The Time:

    "Do You Weightlift Or Diet?"

    The answer ladies... is both. Training and Nutrition go hand-in-hand and just so you know, I do not like the word DIET. I prefer proper nutrition. As much as we would all like to find our little "Miracle" in a bottle, it's yet to happen.

    With changing technology, you may cross your fingers now, but please don't hold your breathe on my shift. You are what you eat and my famous saying,

    "You only get what you REALLY want."

Eating Like A Smart Bee

Simple, healthy eating is SIMPLY eating SMART. Common sense correct? Well not everyone see's it like that, but really it is.

  • There is no QUICK FIX, avoid the "Fad Diets," and NEVER starve your body.
  • Eat right for life. Make it part of your NEW YEAR NEW YOU resolution.
  • Yes, moms too can EAT smart and teach their children along the way.
  • 5-9 servings of fruits and veggies.
  • Never skip meals; to contrary belief this only SLOWS your metabolism down.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout your day; 1/2 your body weight in ounces is perfect.


  • BYE BYE refined sugar and too much caffeine; Tame the evil beast!

Last Note...

    It honestly CAN taste great; "Smart Eating" that is. Believe me as a Fitness and Figure competitor for the past 6 years I have learned, along with my family, how to make meals taste good and still be good for you.

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Meals Can Still Taste Good & Be Good For You!

    You need to educate yourselves on new tasty meal choices and flavor alternatives because there are so many out there. It's not too late to ask for a healthy recipe book for Christmas, or better yet, buy yourself one and look at it as an investment into the new and improved, healthier YOU!

Exercise For The Busy Bee's

I know your time is crucial; the kids, the big kid (cough-Dad-cough), the house, the activities and of course, the PTO, of which I am not a member by the way... that I really don't have time for. SHHH... I am not REALLY a Superhero, but it's so important to take the time to take care of YOU; that begins with your health, your well being.

I juggle four children, one big, three small; in addition I also have two dogs, two gerbils, two part time jobs, competition preperation, training and the children's extra activities as well. So ladies, I am the wrong person to give silly excuses too. I will promote the simple fact that you only get what you put into it.

Stay At Home Bee


    Walking or running outside or performing cardio on equipment of your choice for one hour. Weightlifting to work the entire body using dumbbells or body bar or both. You may incorporate cables and stability ball as well.

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    You may do one set of each exercise for each body part trained. Two exercises each if you desire. Each exercise performed should be counts of 12 or higher if working by repetitions.


    45 minutes-1 hour of exercise DVD of your choice that is a COMPLETE body toning series.


    Go to the park with your children and make the playground your gym equipment.

Working Out With Children. Working Out With Children.
Getting back in shape after having a baby requires excellent time management! The more you can work child's play into your workout, the more time there is for everything else that needs to be taken care of during the day.
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    Get moving with those rug rats! Use the jump rope, climb the monkey bars... can you still make it all the way across mom? Excellent workout! How about playing basketball on the court or football? You can perform tricep dips at many spots in the gym, the higher you are off the ground, the more effective tricep workout you will get. You can even try placing a basketball under your calves while performing them, if you want a challenge!


    Take a fun class like belly dancing, strip aerobics, Zumba, Treadmill walking class, ballet booty or anything that feels fun and gets your heart rate up, up, up! If you want to stay home, think of investing in a heavy bag and some mitts. Have your husband or older child be your partner.

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Proper Stance For Heavy Bag Training.
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    Take turns working the mitts and let out your worries by kicking and punching that bag, it's an amazing workout and a great source to release built up stress.

Heavy Bag Training. Strategies And Programs. Heavy Bag Training.
The heavy bag is a tried and true piece of equipment that has helped many professionals. In addition the kind of workout you can get from it is amazing.
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    Kickboxing and boxing will whip your mommy butt into a completely new shape in a short amount of time when followed with proper nutrition. You can say goodbye to those arms—that wave with you—when you work the mitts and heavy bag at least three times per week. You will find yourself getting stronger and better after each practice.


    Weights only day - Whether you are at the gym or at home all you need is a few sets of dumbbells in different weights, a few body bars and perhaps a medicine ball to get a very effective workout from your very own home.

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    Depending on how many times per week you would like to weight train, you may also split your workouts into two-three body parts per day; all depends on how much time you have to dedicate to your workouts. For the busier mom I suggested working the complete body in one session and performing one exercise per body part. It's all up to you. You can change this up as much as you like.

    Every 4 weeks it's good to shake things up a bit—Your workout today should be at least 45 minutes—I like to work 2 body parts per day and perform three sets each including at least 5 exercises for each body part trained.

    We all have different goals; some days I may not have time, but when I do have time I do the complete body workout and use my time wisely; I still get an excellent workout. You may include a cardio workout as well if time allows.


    Relax throughout your day; do your motherly duties (just kidding)... be a mom. If you can escape the madness, go to the salon and get a mani or pedi!

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Take A Day To Relax.

    Indulge in your favorite temptation today; don't go overboard, just release a bit! If you can make the time to go out one time a month, take Saturday night to go out dancing with your girlfriends. If life is not being that generous, turn on a nearby radio and let loose, it's very empowering; it is an all over feel good workout. Heck, dance in the mirror, I love it. It just feels good to me. Do what feels good for you!


So get busy my Busy Bees and pick up a set of weights, give them a shot; you need not give up your regular aerobics, just incorporate them into a NEW routine. Live happy, live smart and feel great, you deserve it! Think of it as a New Year's gift to yourself to follow through with for the rest of your years; younger and healthier years. You can do it!

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You Can Do It!

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