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Fitness From Scratch - What You Need To Know, Part 2!

This article is dedicated to going after your dreams, no matter how big they might seem or how far out of reach you believe they are. Here is some motivation for you from my own competition experience.
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Wow! What a journey, my fitness friends! Almost one year later and I have overcome one of my greatest fears - competing in Fitness!

2006 Super Fitness Weekend

I wrote part one of this article a little over a month and three weeks ago this weekend, after a strict 12-week diet - the longest I have ever dieted for a show before. After countless hours in the gym hitting the weights, sweating it out on the cardio machines, kickboxing and practicing my routine, I placed 4th! 4th place in the 2006 Fitness Atlantic Pageant on May 6th.

Tisha Rodrigues Tisha Rodrigues
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Tisha Rodrigues, Winner
2006 Model Atlantic Contest.

My very first time hitting that stage and I did it. I never would have dreamed of placing in the top 10 - my goal was to just get through my routine, without messing up too much. So, when I saw those scores posted, I had to check my number at least 10 times before it really sunk in. Never mind when I was called out for the top 5!

What's Your Goal? What Is Your Goal?

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Everything I did to prepare for this show was absolutely worth it - brown rice and all! To top it off, I also competed in the Ms. Bikini and Fitness Model contests. I was running around backstage like a crazy person, but at the end of the day I didn't just leave with really sore feet and brand new calluses.

I left that show with a 2nd place trophy in Bikini and a 1st place trophy in Model, but the most prized trophy of the three to me was the 4th place trophy that seemed completely unattainable to me just a few moments before I actually received it. To recap, I placed:

  • 2006 Model Atlantic (Women) - 1st Place
  • 2006 Bikini Atlantic (Medium) - 2nd Place
  • 2006 Fitness Atlantic - 4th Place

My First Figure Contest! My First Figure Contest!
My first competition was in 2000 with the NABF. I had only been training for it for about 4 months. Oh, but I thought I was it...
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This article is dedicated to going after your dreams, no matter how big they might seem or how far out of reach you believe they are. When you put your mind, heart and soul into achieving something, you can positively do it, I am proof! Although I have no formal background in dance or gymnastics, I gave it my personal best using what my strong points were and showing off my personality.

This year I knew that I had to have a stronger physique to score well in the physique round, so I did something about it - I worked hard, ate much better and stricter, and put on a good amount of muscle tone. Fitness is not just about your routine - it is scored in two rounds, so you have to be pretty tight in both.

Tisha Rodrigues Tisha Rodrigues
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Go After Your Dreams, No Matter How Big.

Before I stepped onto that stage, I also did my research. I went through photos from the Fitness America and Fitness Atlantic websites, to see the physiques of the other competitors and how they scored, as well as viewing the videos of the routines online and on tape over and over and over again.

I studied what looked good and what looked bad. I watched to see what the audience reaction was to certain things and how the girls expressed themselves on stage. Although I did this on my own, the research I put into performing was so crucial in my outcome, I truly believe.

So, What's Next?

I wasn't sure if I would ever compete in Fitness again, especially after being a nervous wreck all day and almost backing out at the last minute before my turn. I still want to continue doing Fitness and make my routine tighter and more entertaining every time.

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Although I don't feel ready to perform at the Universe level just yet, I will be in New York at the Fitness NY show this August to give it another go, so wish me luck!

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