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The Winning Package - Tips For Fierce Confidence!

Confident people are sure enough about themselves to concentrate on what they need to achieve... Find out right here what you need to do to keep that confidence level up and running for women's competition.
What does it take to compete? What does it take to win? The answer is the same to both of these questions really. It takes an amazing inner confidence, the kind that shines through SO brightly that everyone around you is automatically drawn in by it.

Confident people do not consider themselves "above" anyone, nor do they consider themselves "below" anyone.

Confident people are sure enough about themselves to concentrate on what they need to achieve instead of consuming themselves with everyone else around them and what they bring to the table. Win OR lose, a confident person believes that they have always achieved their OWN "personal best".

In a large competition, consider one contestant after another passing by the judges for a very long, grueling amount of time... Are you going to stand out or are you simply BLENDING?

Tips For Fierce Confidence

  • Stand In Front Of The Mirror & Find YOUR Best Asset. Seriously now, from this point on, you will emphasize it, perfect it and OWN IT!!

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    Find Your Best Asset.

    Never mind your worst... that is most likely NOT as bad as you yourself see it. That will only bring your confidence level down.

  • Write down at least one thing you love about yourself, keep it in your training and nutrition journal, where you will be forced to look at it everyday.

  • Accept compliments.

  • When you walk on that stage let everyone know how hard you have trained. You will walk with your head held high, your body loose and that confident smile will come shining right through!

  • Go to the salon and get a new cut, if you are scared of anything too drastic, get a trim with some layers and subtle highlights. If you're daring, cut off a few inches and completely change your color! Even little needed changes can result in bigger changes on the inside!

  • Wear the color you LOVE. The color everyone always says looks fantastic on you. Your competition suit is very much included in the "Total Package"... Don't be afraid to go Bold! If you are just too unsure keep it simple with red or black.

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Wear The Color You Love.

So... How Do You Look?

A winner is a very disciplined person. If you are not following your diet, Guess what? You don't really want it.

"You only get what you REALLY want."

And that is my own quote and I try my best to live by it. If you had a shot at landing the Cover of Oxygen magazine, would you be indulging in sweets and bad carbs the weeks before your shoot? NOT, if you REALLY wanted to be on that cover you wouldn't.

If you thought to yourself, "It's just ONE brownie" You DON'T Really want it! I am sorry, but it is what it is. You are what you eat. Following your given nutrition plan = Success!

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You Don't Really Want It!

I have been there, I have slacked. I guess I didn't want it as much as I thought at that given time. Or... perhaps, I got "cocky". There is an enormous difference between being confident and being cocky.

It can happen to the best of us, the thing that sets it apart is realizing you got cocky and getting back with the program!


If you are preparing for a Fitness or Figure competition, you should be walking out of that gym pumped up and full of sweat! Now is NOT the time to PRISS OUT!

You should be training at your max right now, pushing your body harder than you normally would. I always try to add new exercises to my routine when in competition season.

Change up my cardio ect. Whatever it takes to shock my muscles into change and turn it up a few notches. Most importantly keep hydrated during your contest training, this is crucial.

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Suit Selection

Ahhhh... A girl's favorite thing to do... SHOP!! Well, this may just be the most important contest shopping you do. Remember the "Total Package".

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Remember The Total Package.

Although, it is far more the girl "inside" the suit, it still matters very much if you do not choose a style and color suit that flatters your body and skin tone best. Especially for women with small boobs and small bums!

Accentuate the positive... Eliminate the negative! If you have a smaller chest... Pad it up woman or go for an underwire style PLEASE!

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If you have a smaller tush, like myself, which YES, I am proud of, then select a suit that will enhance it better.

Criss cross, triangle top, velvet, lycra, fabrics and patterns... Which style? Oh My!! Shop around, do it early, test it out and make it... TOP PRIORITY!


It is important to have a great complexion, so make sure to take very good care of your skin. We can easily forget about our skin after a long day at work or home with the kids, but, you should treat it like anything else, with utmost importance. It's your face after all.

Exfoliate, moisturize and the whole Hoopla! Never go to bed, without washing your face. Your face IS definitely part of your stage presence. You should also make sure that you are either waxed or shaved from head to toe... YES everywhere!

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AND exfoliate wherever your tanner is going to be applied.

If you do not know which one to use, try them on beforehand to see which works best for you. Do not be your own guinea pig the day of your show! Learn how to apply properly with practice. I have seen more bad tanning applications, than I have seen good.

Tanning is also crucial in achieving the "Total Package".

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I will tell you this. I do not wear much makeup on a day to day basis, so learning how to apply stage makeup was not taken lightly. Oh... Stage makeup is a far cry from your everyday makeup ladies... Know this.

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Stage Makeup Isn't The Same
As The Everday Variety.

I made an appointment with MAC cosmetics to learn how to properly apply stage makeup and what colors would best suit my complexion, and I practiced a few times BEFORE my show.

Sometimes, there will be women who are on hand at these shows, like my good friend and amazing makeup artist Kia Mckay, but make sure you have an appointment booked with them beforehand, do not count on them being able to squeeze you in last minute.

You should still have some knowledge in applying makeup yourself, just in case. This is a skill you will need in the future regardless, especially, if you are looking into doing fitness modeling.

Stage lighting will wash you out, regardless of how well you believe you have applied your makeup, if you are not looking in the mirror telling yourself that your makeup and tanner are too dark, then it probably isn't.

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In Closing

The Total Package is really about how you feel, when all is said and done. You have trained hard and prepared well, now what you have to do is put it all together and bring it with you on stage.

Let everyone know how much work you have put into this. Competing is not easy; just getting on stage is a task in itself.

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The Total Package Is About How You Feel.

I myself, never feel like I am completely ready come show day, and I have been doing this for over 4 years now. But, I do know what I want and I let the judges know what I came there for. I say to myself,

"I have done everything I needed to do to succeed, it's in the judges hands now and regardless of the outcome, I am a winner."

Have You Ever Thought About Competing?
Do you watch ESPN and see the women and men of Fitness, Ms. Bikini and Model America or the Iron men of Musclemania and say, "I can do that, I want to do that!".

Well then, come check out my camp this February the 25th in Mass. Myself, the winner of Ms. Bikini Atlantic 2005 in FAP, Ms. Bikini NY 2005 in FAP and Ms. Fitness Model NY 2005 in Fap, along with other professional nutritionists, Bodybuilders, dancers and athletes, will give you everything you need to know from HEAD 2 Toe, to step on that stage this competition season as the "Total Package".

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PS: To all you wanna be bodybuilders out there, this is for you too. We will have Professional Musclemania Athletes on hand to guide you in the right direction! So don't be shy, this camp is for women as well as men. Until next time, Take care/Stay Fit/Be True and TRAIN HARDER!

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