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Ask A Fit Mom - Issue 2.

Find out Tisha stays in shape while she takes care of her kids, models and trains. Also, learn how to get your girlfriend to get into shape and how to stay on track...

[ Q ] I am a 32 year old mother of two with no time for myself. I am also a stay at home mom. How do you manage working out on top of being a wife, mother and model?

    Good question, I am still trying to figure that out. Seriously though, My life really sounds more hectic than it is. It's all about planning your schedule out accordingly. I workout, while my children are in school. When I have my youngest home with me, she stays in the daycare facility within my gym.

Planning Has Built Tisha's Amazing Body.

    If I can't possible make it to the gym, I will workout in my home. I do my cardio in our toy room, while the kids play or watch TV. I will never find an excuse for myself to let my body go.

    I think it is very important to make the complete lifestyle change, involve the whole family if you can. It's all about what you really want. As far as being a wife, marriage is a two way street. Well, it should be. It's a partnership and both parties should help carry each others weight when need be.

    The modeling jobs are basically like having any other job and actually less time consuming. You basically do the job and go home. It's much harder to work having three children and therefore the jobs right now have been few and far due to my location and time allowance.

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    I hope when all three are in school full time this year, I will be modeling a lot more and working on a regular basis. However, at the time being, modeling is not a major conflict.

[ Q ] How do you get rid of the extra skin in the abdominal area after childbirth?

    Wow, this has got to be the most asked question and I had a small problem with it as well. For me personally, and this would depend on how bad the problem is. I added more weight to my abdominal training routine and it actually filled out the area of stretched skin.

    The problem is caused by the collagen fibers in your skin that create elasticity. When they become stretched out from child-birth weight-loss and aging.

    Some evidence shows that Retin-A compounds stimulate the skin to build more collagen. There are also laser resurfacing techniques that treat skin in the same manner, such as microdermabrasion.

    Exercise To Tighten The Muscles:

      Pilates, Bosu and Yoga are all excellent ways to build your CORE muscles and strengthen the transverse abdominus muscles by rebuilding them.

    When All Else Fails:

      When you have tried diet and exercise and you cannot lose the excess skin or belly fat, you can turn to surgery. Make sure that you research the procedure and plastic surgeon before undergoing any type of surgery.

    Abdominoplasty Or Tummy Tuck:

      This is a procedure for women in fairly good shape but happen to have fat deposits or loose abdominal skin that they cannot get rid of after diet and exercise have failed them. Even after the procedure, it is important to continue with a healthy nutrition plan and regular exercise.

[ Q ] My girlfriend and myself are both serving in the military. I enjoy working out, but my girlfriend does not. How can I get her motivated and how can I help her stick with a plan?

    For starters, I commend you both for what you do. It's good to hear that you have already started a healthy lifestyle for yourself. This will be a huge factor in her getting started as well.

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    Having a partner to workout with makes a huge difference. You have each other to push harder and motivate and keep on the right track! It is very easy to get out of routine and give up.

    My first advice for you is to have her start a fitness journal which will log her progress. Weight lifted/repetitions, diet, cardio, weigh-tloss, measurements and body fat etc.

    Also, it is important to know that when you begin a training routine for the first time, she may turn existing fat into muscle resulting in little or no change according to the scale. So it is important to have her bodyfat% tested and take all of her measurements, before beginning the program.

    I would recheck every every 4 weeks. You may be losing inches and bodyfat and gaining muscle and the scale just will not tell you these things.

    It can be very discouraging in the beginning to feel as if you are not making any progress. Now she has her journal to look back at and see how she is progressing in all aspects of her new routine.

    I hope that you both stick to this and I wish you the best of luck! You know where to come if she slips!

    Take care, stay fit & be true!