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My First Figure Contest!

My first competition was in 2000 with the NABF. I had only been training for it for about 4 months. Oh, but I thought I was IT...

Do you remember the first day in a new school, not knowing what to expect? What were the teachers going to be like? Would the other kids like you? Were you dressed okay? Would you fit in?

Well, it's kinda like your first competition, no matter how ready you think you are, you really don't know what to expect until it's YOU feeling those backstage jitters, seeing those BRIGHT stage lights, having the grim faces of the judges staring at you while your thinking about how much they don't like you.

My first competition was in 2000 with the NABF. I had only been training for it for about 4 months. Oh, but I thought I was IT! I thought I looked so good, oh yeah I was so ready, I was in the best shape of my life! I went to Walmart and I bought my over the counter sunless tanner and no, I did not use an exfoliator.

I went to the stripper store and I bought a shiny two piece bathing suit and my stripper heels, I was lookin good! Oh and the dress, I borrowed this God awful dress from a friend of mine, but yeah, I thought it was pretty HOT at the time.

My diet consisted of turkey sandwiches on wheat bread everyday and just a few glasses of Coke a day because it won't hurt. I ate cereal for my breakfast, sometimes egg whites on wheat BREAD...And I only snacked here and there. Did I leave out the steak and cheese sandwiches from D'angelo's? It's steak and cheese, it's healthy right? Oh my goodness, when I look back upon that contest I have to laugh aloud, really.

So, anyway, here it is my big day, I walk into the school where the contest was being held and I am led to the dressing room of the figure contestants and introduced to the very stinky smelling aroma of my fellow VERY dark looking competitors.

HMMMM okay what the heck are these girls covered in and why do I look like a ghost on the side of them? They look funny though, not me! But let me just say that these women are in phenomenal shape, ouch maybe I am not lookin as good as I thought. I was seeing muscles I never even knew existed! But I'm ready, it's okay I got this covered.

So, now it's show time and we have to put on our suits, I put on my RAVE fashions while the other girls are slipping into these gorgeous beaded, shiny, velvety numbers. It's my first time though, the judges will know and they will let it slide. We file onto stage one at a time and then all together. We are asked to turn left, turn right, face back, face the this military camp or a figure contest?

By the time all that turning around was finished and my head stopped spinning I was so ready to just take off that dumb suit and put on my dress, I felt naked with all that head to toe nit picking going on, geez.

So now it is round two, the evening gown portion of the show and once again I am sporting salvation army's finest while these other girls strut their stuff in dresses fit for The Miss America Pageant. Now, I am starting to see the light-I was not ready for this, not even close. I walked on that stage and was immediately washed out by the bright lights, who could see me over the girl on my side, she was so shiny she could have led Santa's sleigh in the Blizzard of '78!

I was a complete MESS, and it was quite embarrassing I might add. And you don't even want to know my speech that consisted of about 6 words during the interview round. How much more unprepared could I have possibly been?

Well, I came in dead last woo-hoo! Three girls and ahhh I came in third, they had to give me the trophy though (haha) there was no one else there to give it to. Nonetheless, I cried all the way home after stomping out and cursing in my head at how blind and stupid they all were and how ripped off I got. I suppose I just had to take it out on someone and I wasn't ready to take any more beatings that night.

Well, it's three years later and I am many competitions stronger and smarter. And you know what, I am still learning. I will continue to learn and to grow and to fall and get back up again. To achieve BUT never to FAIL because you never really fail you just experience. And if I would have gone home after that first competition and thrown in my stripper heels I would not be where I am now, fulfilling my dreams of being a fitness model, competing with The Fitness America Pageant and loving every minute of it.

And of course I would not be here telling you my story of a clueless girl who wanted to compete and wasn't prepared. And therefore you would not learn from my mistakes and see just how much time and preparation it takes to prepare and excel and win at whatever you have set your goals to be. And you STILL may not be ready because everyone has to have THEIR first time.