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Bodybuilding Helps You Meet Friends!

Did you recently move to a new city? Looking for people to hang out with? Or maybe all of your friends are hitched with little ones ... If you feel like you're in need of a little company, plan on meeting new friends.

Article Summary:
  • In a gym, you are surrounded by people with common interests.
  • Being in good shape, you may find people approach you first.
  • The confidence you gain in the gym is pivotal in meeting new people.
  • Did you recently move to a new city? Looking for people to hang out with? Or maybe all of your friends are hitched with little ones and now they never get out of the house unless they are headed to Gymboree. Though we keep in touch with some childhood friends for years, others come and go throughout our lives as we move, change, grow up, change some more and take on new adventures.

    If you feel like you're in need of a little company, set your target on meeting new friends.

    Set Your Target On Meeting New Friends.
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    Set your target on meeting new friends.

    Bodybuilding Can Help You Meet Friends

    There are several aspects to bodybuilding that will help you meet new people:

    The Gym Environment

      Just the act of going to the gym puts you around people who have something in common with you-they like to take good care of their body. Depending on your gym's environment, you may be able to talk to people there or at least tell them you'll catch them later outside the gym. Even if you are shy or have some social anxiety you can initially stick to discussing working out and diet.

    People With Social Anxiety..
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    People with social anxiety.
    I found this on another forum a while back and it's so true. Everyone has some amount of social anxiety. They just deal with it differently.
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      Bodybuilding builds confidence. The more you get in there and challenge your body you'll soon notice that you seek a challenge in other areas of your life as well, and you have the confidence to face just about any social situation. And, people are drawn to those with confidence. So get in there and challenge yourself daily. When your workouts challenge you every day, your fears start dwindling and what used to seem like a challenge won't even make you bat an eye.

    Is Your Self-Confidence Lost?
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    Is your self-confidence lost?
    Many of us have issues with how we look, particularly if we've grown up overweight ... Fortunately by becoming more active you can improve your self-confidence as well.
    Shannon Clark

    You Take Care Of Yourself

      People attracted to confidence. They are attracted to those who take care of themselves. Bodybuilders are the ones who often have random strangers who ask them questions in public (great way to start a conversation).

    Bodybuilders Are The Ones Who Often Have Random Strangers Who Ask Them Questions In Public.
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    Bodybuilders are the ones who often have random
    strangers who ask them questions in public.

      When you are in shape, people will stop and ask you what you do workout-wise, what you eat etc. They'll even stop you while you are eating and ask you questions about diet. And once they start asking you questions, you can feel free to ask them about the local hangouts, activities in the area, good restaurants etc.


      Bodybuilding raises your feel good chemicals-your endorphins. And, even when you aren't at the gym or exercising, there is a carryover effect-a great exercise program makes you happier about life in general. And, no one wants to hang around a Debbie or Dougie downer (unless they themselves are that way). So keep bodybuilding, increase the joy in your life and people will gravitate toward you.

    What Are Endorphins?
    Endorphins are neurochemicals occurring naturally in the brain. They have painkilling and tranquillizing effects on the body. In addition, endorphins are also thought to be connected to physiological processes including euphoric feelings, appetite modulation, and the release of sex hormones.

    Prolonged, continuous exercise contributes to an increased production and release of endorphins, resulting in a sense of euphoria that has been popularly labeled "runner's high."

    Additional Tips To Help You Meet Friends

    Spend More Time Around People

      Even if you feel that your current basis of friends aren't people you totally jive with, get out there and do things with them. You never know what their friends or friends of friends are like until you meet them.

    Join a group

      Join a group or club with people who have common interests - softball, shooting, ultimate Frisbee, kickball. Find something that sparks your interest and get out there and do it.

    Find Something That Sparks Your Interest And Do It.
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    Find something that sparks
    your interest and do it.


    Get Online

      Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, BodySpace (great way to meet people with common goals and interests). Whatever your outlet or outlets are, start looking people up who may interest you and start building a rapport.

    BodySpace: Strength In Numbers!
    BodySpace is your key to bodybuilding, transformation, or fitness success. Create your profile, start a BodyBlog, meet others with similar goals, and share information.
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    Be Approachable

      You never know where you'll meet a friend, business contact or mate. Try being approachable by smiling and generally looking happy and open.

    Get Out Of The House

      Even if that means walking around the mall or going to Whole Foods. Just get out there and talk to people (cashiers count). You'll build your confidence and approachability!

    Do You Talk To Random Strangers?

    Yes I Love Talking To People.
    Every Now And Then.
    Only If They Start The Conversation.
    No Never.


    Even if your friends aren't into bodybuilding, don't let them talk you out of sticking with your routine. The benefits of bodybuilding go way beyond the physical aspects of building a hot body.

    Bodybuilding also helps you build character, confidence, discipline, passion and overall happiness. It's no wonder people are amazed by bodybuilders and gravitate toward them with questions about health, working out and diet.

    Bodybuilding gives you that look that has nothing to do with your muscles but everything to do with how you carry yourself. And that will take you far when it comes to meeting new friends.

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