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Tiffany Lost 35 Pounds And Transformed Her Body So She Could Compete With Her Twin!

When Tiffany watched her twin sister place in the top 3 in Figure she knew that she had to give bodybuilding a try. See how she changed her life and made it onstage in her own Figure Competition!

Vital Stats

Name: Tiffany Benson


Bodyspace: bodybuildingTiff

Tiffany Benson Tiffany Benson


165 lbs


130 lbs

Why I Got Started

After having therapy and actually recovering from my Army vehicle crash, along with the motivation and love of my family and especially my twin sister, Heather. I felt like I could accomplish anything and everything. 3 kiddos later I decided I would start resistance training again. I got a gym membership and it all sort of spiraled from there. I could see mature muscle coming on to my frame, the harder I worked and ate clean, earthy foods. I decided to compete when my third baby was 6-months old, and I was holding him, while watching my twin sister compete in her 1st figure show. Heather looked beautiful and I loved that people behind me had to ask, "Does she really have 5 babies?" I was proud of Heather, to say the least. And genealogically her and I (being identical twins) have the same genetics. I knew I could be on stage, proud and placing top 3, just the way she was. We laugh, at how much alike we are. It's crazy.

I Knew I Could Be On Stage, Proud And Placing Top 3, Just The Way She Was
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I Knew I Could Be On Stage, Proud And Placing Top 3,
Just The Way She Was.

How I Did It

I studied up on "contest dieting" and Heather and I collaborated on what we should eat and the amounts as well ass our cardio regimen and the frequency of our weight training. You definitely want to train hard, but avoid overtraining. In my very 1st figure show I placed 2nd place in my class. And I did it all on my own, learning as I went on the journey!

I Did It All On My Own, Learning As I Went On The Journey
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I Did It All On My Own, Learning As I Went On The Journey.


Note: Supplement dosages and schedule listed below in Diet section.


My diet does change, especially when I'm prepping for a show. I change up my foods and numbers (macronutrients) quite often. But for the most part, here is an example of how I'm eating lately.

Meal 1:

Meal 2:

Meal 3:

Meal 4:

Meal 5:

Meal 6:

Note: On shoulder days (I'm bringing up my shoulder size right now) I eat an extra 75 grams of carbohydrates, surrounding my training. Oatmeal mainly, or Rice. Sometimes a Whole Wheat Pita.


Here is my training regimen right now. I do change this up also, especially when prepping for a show.

Superset - Two exercises are performed consecutively without any rest.

Day 1: Legs

Day 2: Back/Traps/Abs

Day 3: Biceps/Triceps


Day 4: Cardio

Day 5: Shoulders/Chest/Rear Delts/Abs

Day 6 And 7: Rest

This is my training regimen as of right now. I change my routines and days of training depending on my schedule and family about every 8 weeks. Or when I get tired of it I will switch it up by all means. If there is a day I feel like my body is telling me to chill for that day, I will listen to my body and chill. I do also babysit, and play really hard with my kids and my twin sister's kids. So life sometimes needs constant adjusting, with daily routines of all sorts.

I Change My Routines And Days Of Training Depending On My Schedule And Family About Every 8 Weeks
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I Change My Routines And Days Of Training Depending On
My Schedule And Family About Every 8 Weeks.

Suggestions For Others

"The hardest part is starting out," for everything in life. Getting healthy, someone's death, a divorce, the hardest part is always in the beginning. So when changing your life for a healthier one don't think too much to scare yourself out of it, just start and it will all fall into place and become easier. And it may become more enjoyable than you ever thought! Anything is possible. I know this first hand! It's just true that "the hardest part, is starting out!" I remind all of my friends, family, and clients of this all of the time. Reminder is key!

Anything Is Possible
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Anything Is Possible.

Peace, Love, Happiness, Health, & Laughter ... lots and lots of laughter!
Love, Tiffany

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