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This Holiday Season Give The Gift Of Fitness With!

Help out your friends and family with their fitness goals this season!

Do you have family and friends who are into health and fitness? How many people do you know who are making those New Year Resolutions to get in shape? Wouldn't it be great if you could play a part in helping them meet their goals? This holiday season you can do just that and we at want to help you.

Start Them Off On The Right Foot

Whether it is a family member, friend, co worker, or anyone else that you know saying that in 2011 they are going to finally get started losing weight and getting in shape like when they were younger or for the first time, has all the tools they need to get them one step closer to their fitness destination. You can get them started on the right foot by giving them one or more of these great gifts of fitness.

You May Not Be Able To Tuck A New Body Under The Tree, But You Can Still Give The Gift Of Fitness This Year.

Body By Design

Our Editor-in-Chief and lifetime natural bodybuilder Kris Gethin has written a book that is going to take the fitness world by storm and you can pre-order it now so your recipients are among the first to benefit from this body changing program. Kris takes the reader step by step through a training and nutrition program that has been proven to help thousands of people around the world. He also shows how to use's very own social network, Bodyspace, as a tool and source of motivation to keep the new lifestyle going. In addition to that readers will see numerous stories of inspiration that will show that it is possible to achieve whatever goal you have set for yourself. Without a doubt, this is one gift that will keep giving over and over again long after the holiday season is over!

There are other great tools to help them become educated in weight loss and muscle building available as we have many different types of books and DVD's that will help anybody and everybody reach success.

Order Body By Design!

Help Them Track Their Progress

Once they get started they will need to measure their progress to ensure what they are doing is working. We got them covered there too. We have everything from tape measures to show those inches that they are losing, calipers to prove how much leaner they are becoming, and even digital scales so they can work toward seeing a lower number every time they step up. There are way too many items to list here but you can check them all out in the body measurement section.

Friends That Travel/Preparation

Perhaps your loved ones are on the road a lot and are concerned about how they will get their meals in every day they aren't home. No problem. We have pill boxes so they can organize their vitamins and other supplements, gym bags so they can pack their training gear to take with them, and shaker cups so they can take their protein powder and mix it quickly when they need a quick meal between meetings.

It can be time consuming preparing food and it would be much easier if they had help in the kitchen. You can take care of that too thanks to We have food scales to ensure they are using proper portions and mixers so they can prepare their shakes and drinks faster.

In The Gym

So you have someone on your list that is going to start training in the gym or is already a gym rat. What better gift to show you care than showing you care for their safety and performance? We have all different types of belts for back safety and to help prevent injury. There are different styles too so you can choose one that meets their specific needs.

We also have straps, wrist wraps, gloves, and many more items that will help them become more comfortable when training and allow them to achieve maximum performance when battling the iron.


Whether your gift recipient is in the gym putting in a solid workout or just lounging around with friends, nothing beats feeling good except for when you look and feel great! That's why no shopping list is complete without shirts, hats, and any other clothing item that shows anyone who sees them that they are bodybuilders and athletes.

There are many great t-shirts and tank tops in the clothing section that fits any type of social situation or to ensure comfort when training. We also have shorts and pants to complete the ensemble.

Need more? Ok, there are also hats and even shoes that you can purchase for your gym buddies or for the loved one who will be stepping in the gym for the first time. Maybe you know someone who is going to compete? You can either get them their tanning products to help them look great onstage or buy them the posing trunks that he or she will accept that first place trophy in!

Last But Not Least

Did I mention supplements? Regardless of whether the goal is to gain or lose weight, play a sport or get as strong as possible, you can make life so much easier on the athlete in your life by buying some of the supplements that will compliment the hard work they're putting in with their diet and training. You have your choice of over 12,000 products that you can pick from - can hook you up with literally anything and everything they need to reach their physique goals in the New Year and beyond!

Regardless Of Your Goal Has Got The Right Supplement For You.


There you have it. Whatever it is they need - help setting up a new plan, help going about their workout sessions while looking great, or providing key nutrients that are needed for success, is your top, one-stop destination!

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