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The 'O' Show, starring Walt and Gina Ostarly. Walt is a professional modeling photographer and a personal trainer, and his wife, Gina, is both a figure model and an NPC fitness competitor. Listen in for modeling and fitness training tips!

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Welcome to The 'O' Show podcast, with your hosts, husband and wife team Walt Ostarly and Gina Ostarly! Each week, Walt and Gina bring you unscripted, no-B.S. talk about the fitness and modeling world.

What Is A Podcast?
Podcasting is a collection of technologies for automatically distributing audio and video programs over the Internet via a publish and subscribe model.

Podcasting enables independent producers to create self-published, syndicated "radio shows," while giving broadcast radio or television producers a new distribution method.

The 'O' Show, hosted by Walt & Gina Ostarly is the first podcast that explores both the figure modeling aspect and the competition prep aspect of women's fitness - all in one show - from a funny, husband & wife team with years of experience in the business.

Walt and the girls
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Walt & The Girls.

This show is for those with an appetite for cutting-edge, female modeling information delivered in an entertaining format. Listen in now, for free!

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Listen in as expert photographer Walt and MySpace hottie Gina Ostarly interview the hottest models in the industry!


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About The Hosts

Walter Ostarly is a world-renowned fitness model photographer and personal trainer. Walt has photographed such up-and-coming fitness models as:

Gina Ostarly Gina Ostarly
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Some Beautiful Examples Of Walt's Work.

His work is regularly published in/by the following magazines/sponsors:

  • Planet Muscle
  • American Curves
  • Muscle Magazine International
  • Gamma O
  • Anabolic Jungle
  • Fitness Models Magazine
  • Bonita
  • etc.

Gina Ostarly is not only a fit mother of 3, but also a figure and calendar model, an NPC fitness competitor, and the Fitness Queen of MySpace! She recently won the 2006 Shannon Dey Figure Classic!

What Does NPC Stand For?
NPC stands for "National Physique Committee, Inc." Visit their website at (The NPC is for amateur fitness and bodybuilding competitors.)

Gina Ostarly Gina Ostarly
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Gina Ostarly Captured By Walt Ostarly.

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Contact Walt Ostarly at, and/or Gina Ostarly at with any questions and comments.

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