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The Alex Show, Episode #1 - Introduction And Back Workout.

In his first video show episode, natural bodybuilder Alex Stewart performs a serious back workout, performing and providing commentary on exercises to increase back thickness, naturally!

Episode 1: Intro & Back Workout

In his first episode, BLNPA natural bodybuilding competitor Alex Stewart introduces his new video series, and performs a heavy-duty, intense back workout during his off-season.

Alex Stewart Alex Stewart
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BLNPA Natural Bodybuilder Alex Stewart!

Alex concentrates mainly on rowing exercises to build over back thickness, as well as mid-back 'wingspan' of the lats. He finished off his routine with some behind-the-back shrugs to bring up his rear traps.

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The Alex Show: Introduction
Episode 1: Back Workout.

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The following exercises are performed in this workout:

  • T-Bar Rows
  • One-Arm DB Rows
  • Underhand Grip BB Rows
  • Deadlifts
  • Behind-The-Back BB Shrugs

Did you know? Alex is also a writer on, having a great series of contest prep articles leading up to his last contest, the 2008 BLNPA New England Natural.

Next Episode

Check back soon for Episode 2 of "The Alex Show" - Alex Stewart's new video series.

In the mean time, check out Alex's BodySpace Profile (BigStew) and let him know what you think of his new video show!