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The Ultimate 30-Day Beginner's Guide To Fitness Day 30

Day 30 isn't the end. Today, you're going to select your next destination. You are now more knowledgeable, confident, and ready for a lifetime of fitness than ever before!

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Over the last 30 days, you've earned an entry-level education in the fit life. You've trained for strength, fat loss, and muscular development using bodyweight, machines, and free weights. You performed warm-ups, cool-downs, and mobility work inspired by the latest exercise science. You made healthy meals at home and ate clean on the go. You got a taste of high-intensity interval work, but also saw the lasting value of moderate-intensity cardio.

There is always more to learn from fitness. No matter what comes next, you're in a better place to achieve your goals!

Ultimate 30 Day Beginners Guide To Fitness: Day 30
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Day 30 Challenge

  • Write about your experiences in the 30-Day Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Fitness on BodySpace and other social media. Share!
  • Use's Find-A-Plan tool to select your next fitness challenge.

Find Your Plan

The bodies and workouts in some of our most popular trainers may still seem far away, but after the last month of learning and hard physical work, you are more than qualified to pick one of them. And you won't be alone! Thousands of people have committed to our plans and successfully changed their bodies and lives. You're next, and you won't be alone

Our most popular trainers, like Kris Gethin's 12-Week Hardcore Trainer, Jamie Eason's LiveFit, Steve Cook's Big Man on Campus, and Jim Stoppani's Shortcut to Size all include instructional videos, workouts, meal plans, and everything you need to live the fit lifestyle. But if you ever need a refresher, come back to the 30-Day Ultimate Beginner's Guide for Fitness.

Before you leave this trainer, briefly write about your experience on your BodySpace page and other social media. Consider sharing your story with someone who you think could benefit from following the same trainer. That's what it's here for!

Thanks for coming on this important journey with us. Now go put what you learned into action!

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