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The Ultimate 30-Day Beginner's Guide To Fitness Day 26

You survived three days of heavy-duty training that worked every muscle from the ground up. Hopefully your arms aren't too exhausted from yesterday's bodybuilding workout for some meal prep!

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So what are you going to be doing with your hard-earned rest day today? Resting, of course! Top trainers know that rest isn't just "down time"—it's when your body finally gets the chance to grow in response to all the stress you've been putting it through.

That doesn't mean you're only going to rest. You still have work, play, and handle everything else life throws your way. That means being out of the house, where you don't always have easy access to the sort of clean food we discussed earlier this week. In these situations, you have to be prepared. Otherwise, all that advertising will do its work, and you'll find yourself in a losing battle against temptation!

Ultimate 30 Day Beginners Guide To Fitness: Day 26
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Day 26 Challenge

  • Prepare a healthy meal and eat it on the go at school, work, or wherever your day takes you.

Recipes to the Rescue!

Look around the office, and you'll see people putting Steve's advice into action in numerous ways. Some use visionary fitness-focused products like the Innovator Six-Pack Bag, which allows you to haul multiple meals at a time. Others bring Tupperware from home filled with leftovers, healthy snacks, or the type of easy meals that Kevin "Fit Men Cook" Alexander can show you how to make in the recipes below.

Try one of the recipes below!

Recommended Recipes


Not sure you can feed your gains on a limited budget? Learn how to stick to your diet without breaking the bank. Recipes and grocery list included!


Proper nutrition is the key to a fit physique. Fuel your power workouts with these easy, customizable recipes that prove you can stay on track without spending hours in the kitchen.


Fitness nutrition doesn't have to be the same ol' boiled chicken breasts, baked potatoes and broccoli. I can help you turn plain and boring into amazing and delicious!

When these aren't options, we've been known to reach for one of's B-Elite Fuel meals, which were created with situations like work in mind. But they aren't an excuse for you to avoid taking control of your nutrition. From now on, you're going to bring "healthy" with you wherever you go!

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