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The Ultimate 30-Day Beginner's Guide To Fitness Day 25

Experienced trainees often set their schedules by bodypart-specific training days. Today, you're going to get a taste of the type of advanced bodybuilder-style training that helped Steve Cook build a pro-level physique!

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For the most part, you've performed full-body strength workouts up to this point in the Optimum Nutrition 30-Day Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Fitness. Today, you're going to try the first half of a classic bodybuilding "split," where you train only one part of the body at a time.

You might recall that you performed a split back in week two, using "ramped" sets that progressed in weight. During today's workout, you'll stick with "straight sets," which use the same weight across all sets, in a classic muscle-growth rep scheme: 3 sets of 12 reps.

Steve Cook, who knows a thing or two about building muscle, will tell you more about today's workout.

Ultimate 30 Day Beginners Guide To Fitness: Day 25
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Day 25 Challenge

  • Perform a bodybuilding-style upper body workout.

There are as many different types of splits are there are different bodies. Some classic ones include workouts that focus on the pushing muscles or pulling muscles, or others which isolate certain body parts like the chest, shoulders, or legs. If you've ever heard somebody complaining about their "leg day," then they were following a split.

Splits are a fairly advanced technique, and it's a good idea to build a foundation with full-body workouts before doing them consistently. But with time and experience, you'll discover this approach can get results in stubborn areas that won't respond do anything else!

Cable Crossover

Key Terms

  • Tri-Set: Three exercises performed back-to-back with no rest between exercises.

  • Triple dropset: After performing the final rep of a given set, drop the weight by 20-25 percent and lift to exhaustion. Repeat this technique two more times for a total of three "drops."

Beginner's Bodybuilder Workout

Elliptical Trainer

5 min (Alternate Options: Bike or Treadmill)
Elliptical Trainer Elliptical Trainer

Round The World Shoulder Stretch Round The World Shoulder Stretch

Chest And Front Of Shoulder Stretch Chest And Front Of Shoulder Stretch

Decline Dumbbell Bench Press Decline Dumbbell Bench Press

Cable Crossover

3 sets of 12 reps
Cable Crossover Cable Crossover

Kneeling Single-Arm High Pulley Row Kneeling Single-Arm High Pulley Row

Seated One-arm Cable Pulley Rows Seated One-arm Cable Pulley Rows

Cable Shrugs

3 sets of 12 reps
Cable Shrugs Cable Shrugs

Standing Biceps Cable Curl Standing Biceps Cable Curl

Reverse Grip Triceps Pushdown Reverse Grip Triceps Pushdown


Seated Side Lateral Raise

3 sets of 12 reps (triple dropset)
Seated Side Lateral Raise Seated Side Lateral Raise

Cool-down/Foam roll

Brachialis-SMR (Pecs)

30 seconds
Brachialis-SMR Brachialis-SMR



30 seconds
Latissimus Dorsi-SMR Latissimus Dorsi-SMR


Lower Back-SMR

30 seconds
Lower Back-SMR Lower Back-SMR

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