The Expendables 2 Q&A, Workouts And More!

The stars of Expendables 2 share how they trained for their roles as bad-guy- crushing, explosion-causing heavyweights.

Stallone, Statham, Couture, Crews, Lundgren, Schwarzenegger: The boys are back, and they're bigger than ever. In a movie as jam-packed with action legends as The Expendables 2, a killer physique isn't expendable—it's essential. hit the front lines to bring you an exclusive Expendables 2 Q&A with Terry Crews, Randy Couture and Dolph Lundgren. Learn how the boys ate, trained and built some serious mercenary muscle!

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In order to look big and bad on screen, the actors needed to get big and bad in real life. Preparing for these roles required an intense training camp and continued time in the gym for maintenance. Although each of them had backgrounds in their respective athletics—football, martial arts, UFC—they all learned how to hone their workouts to improve their already legendary bodies.

Parts of The Expendables 2 were filmed in Bulgaria, where muscle-making staples like 24-hour gyms and beef were tough to find. The cast had to make a few adjustments to their training and diets, but they used their health and fitness knowledge to get the job done. The actors' commitment to their roles is a great reminder that, even though it takes a little extra work, you can maintain fitness wherever you go!

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