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Terry Crews: Jerome Mayberry's 10 Commandments Of The Weight Room

You think you know a little somethin' about training? Fool! You don't even know what you don't even know! Jerome Mayberry is here to set you up and train yo' person.

Listen up, son!

The gym ain't no place for lily flowers and fools, fool. I'm Jerome Mayberry, ultimate bad@ss. Teacher extraordinaire. Supreme trainer of persons!

You think you know Jerome Mayberry? Son, Terry Crews don't even know Jerome Mayberry! This ain't no Old Spice commercial. These are my commandments, kid.

Throw yo' ears at me, son. Throw them eyes! Hold onto your gym socks or they'll get knocked straight off. Get ready for school. Class is in session! Jerome's about to lay down the law in a brand new testament to gym etiquette.

Jerome Mayberry 10 Commandments Episode 1
Watch The Video - 04:14

Jerome Mayberry 10 Commandments Episode 2
Watch The Video - 04:56

The 10 commandments of the weight room: Ain't no stopping 'em!

You ever step foot in the gym again without following my rules, you won't step at all. I'll cut off your feet!

Now oil up! Let's hit the weights.

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