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Get Motivated, Stay Motivated!

Many guys simply stop lifting because they've lost motivation, no not you!

What is that motivates you to work hard at the gym everyday? Truth is that it varies from person to person, but all (bodybuilders) have one goal in common, having a physique others will envy. But without hard work, dedication, willingness, and most importantly motivation it's hard to reach our goals.

Unless If you are some genetically gifted freak, then you're very lucky. But in reality not many of us are genetically gifted, that's just life. Having an envious physique is our great motivator that keeps us working hard. But, there are times (days rather) we all become blue and question the great sacrifice we are making to look good.

We sometimes ask ourselves lacking the motivation to work hard. Because, is what I'm doing worth all my time and effort? We all have at one time or another find ourselves questioning why lift hard or diet clean. At this point you've notice your dedication is very LOW!

But, you should always find that raging fire deep within, and inner voice that tells you this is what YOU want. GET MASSIVE. Many guys simply stop lifting because they've lost motivation, no not you! You will keep yourself motivated at all times and keep getting bigger.

MP3 Player

Well, there are some ways that have worked for me and might just as well work for you. For example, listening to music or favorite songs that gets you angry and pumped. Many of us lift at the gym and know how bad the music is, and we have no other choice. That's why I recommend buying an MP3 player, they are small and weigh nearly nothing.

In fact some you can easily put in your pocket and not even know that it's there. But, the best thing is that you can change the songs as often as you'll like, never getting tired of listening to the same songs. So if you have not yet brought your own music to the gym, next time try to bring your CD player or mp3 player full of the songs you like.


Moving along to "life," and all the negative influence people bring to us all. Well I'll not get too personal but here is another great method of motivation. In school we often are made fun of or put down because we choose this new way of life. I'll give a brief example: There's a party, you are invited, you decided not to go because you have concluded to stick with your new lifestyle.

But next Monday when you back to school your friends asked why you didn't go. You decided to explain them that you can't drink nor smoke. Well, then they all make fun of you because you don't party. Or saying things such as "you don't have a life." Stuff like that just kills me, and should fire you up too.

Next time on your workout you just remember what they said and picture it while lifting. I'm sure that there are many more examples that we all live everyday. ex: you tell someone you body build, they said "but you're small." That's another great workout fuel, picture them on your workout and prove them wrong! Or even you're made fun of because you bring your own lunch at school.

Sometimes our parents can really get us teens really fired up, in which case you can use it to workout. Well you get the idea, there are endless, different scenarios and we live them almost daily. Find something that has made you mad over the course of the month, week, or day and use it at your workout fuel!

Dedicated Partner

Having a more psychotic, bigger, stronger, more dedicated partner can make all the difference in the world. A good workout partner will push your limits to the unknowns plus keep you motivated. If he is bigger than you even better, because you'll stay motivated to get as big as him. And you know that pushing those limits is the only way to get as big as him.

This will keep you motivated to reach your goals to eat clean and lift hard. Well, if your're bigger than your partner, then you can select anyone who's bigger than you at your gym/school/work. Watch how hard that person lifts/trains, then you lift harder than him. This will keep your fire-spark on, with raging dedication to get HUGE.

Hard Work

There are other great ways to getting motivated that are as effective as the ones above. A good example is being able to notice the results of hard work and dieting. It's an awesome feeling when you see yourself on the mirror, and say "wow." That's got to be one of the best motivations to working hard at the gym!

People start to notice you have gotten bigger, especially girls. It feels great when you get people complimenting you; it shows your hard work has paid off, it's awesome.

Jay Cutler with admirers! (Ironman Nov 2002)

Not to mention when you start seeing your bench, squat etc., has gone up compared to when you started. These are great to keep you working hard everyday, you have finally experienced what hard work and dedication does to you (motivation).


Well, I hope that a few of you learned something new and will put it to the test. Just remember that bodybuilding isn't just physical, but mental most importantly, remember that. And don't be discouraged if you're a beginner, and have not been making much progress.

Because they will come as long as you give and give it 110%, and train smart. And don't forget that bodybuilding is not just competing and being big, it's a lifestyle. If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me, until next time,