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The Best Bang For Your Buck!

One of the worst parts of having a bodybuilders lifestyle is affording all those supplements that will give you that competitor's edge; and being a teen bodybuilder only increases this problem. Learn how to get the best bang for your buck!

One of the worst parts of having a bodybuilders lifestyle is affording all those supplements that will give you that competitor's edge; and being a teen bodybuilder only increases this problem. I have personally sought out to find the best deal for the best type of supplements you can find anywhere (on of course) and this is what I found.

Creatine Transport System

A lot of people these days prefer taking the "guess" work out of making a good transport themselves and rather buy it pre-made. The main ingredients that makeup this transport are:

Now when most people search for a Creatine Transport, they either look to MuscleTech's Cell Tech or Prolab's Phosphocreatine. These product do give results, but at a horrendous price. EAS's PhosphagenHP has virtually the same ingredients as the other two alternatives but is much cheaper.

    Phosphagen HP - 42 Servings for 19.69
    Cell Tech - 40 Servings for 41.50
    Phosphocreatine - 25 servings for 23.95

Nighttime ZMA

ZMA is considered one of the essential supplements in most bodybuilders "stack". The amazing effects is has speeding up recovery and boosting natural testosterone levels is crucial to get the most out of your training and diet regimen. There are also some special ZMA products that are specifically made to be taken at night. These usually contain the ingredient L-Dopa, which helps to bring on sleep.

As a user of this supplement, I have found that Kaizen's Nighttime ZMA is the cheapest ZMA on and works just as good as Cytodyne's Z-MassPM but at a fraction of the cost.

    Z-MassPM - 30 servings for 25.59
    Nighttime ZMA - 30 servings for 16.39


All bodybuilders know that getting at least 8 hours of deep sleep is vital to let your body recovery as much as possible. If a lack of quality sleep persists, overtraining is almost inevitable. ZMA can help prevent overtraining to a certain point but when ZMA and Melatonin are stacked, the results are amazing. Melatonin's main purpose is to bring about normal sleeping patterns and 'deeper' sleep. I have found that Optimum Nutrition's Melatonin far beats any of the other prices of Melatonin on and is top-quality.

Vitamin C

No bodybuilder will be likely to last long without getting sick without taking the proper vitamins and antioxidants. Hard training and dieting can tax the immune system and leave you susceptible to getting sick. The naive would 'tackle' this problem by drinking a glass of orange juice. Not only is orange juice practically made-up of fructose (fruit sugar), but the "100% vitamin C" label is deceiving. To elaborate, the FDA's recommended intake of vitamin C is about 60mg, which usually contained in an 8oz glass of orange juice. The problem with this is that the bodybuilders recommended of vitamin C is from 1000-2000mg (1-2g). That would mean that one would have to drink around a dozen glasses of orange juice a day. Can your diet handle that much sugar? This is why I, and most bodybuilders supplement with Vitamin C. Optimum Nutrition sold the cheapest Vitamin C in 500mg and 1000mg dosages.

    Optimum Vitamin C (500mg) - 100 servings for 2.48
    Optimum Vitamin C (1000mg) - 100 servings for 5.12
    Twinlab C-1000 Caps (1000mg) - 100 servings for 9.85
    Solaray Vitamin C (500mg) - 100 servings for 8.28

Mixed Protein

Most bodybuilders strive to intake at least a 1g per pound of bodyweight a day, to ensure their muscles are getting an adequate supply of amino acids to rebuild and repair. It is extremely hard, though, to intake that much protein from just food sources. That is why the majority of the bodybuilding population supplements with protein powders. Most people use whey protein because of its high BV. One problem with whey is that the body digests it fast. This isn't a problem if you are taking it right after a workout, when your body needs a fast stream of amino acids.

It is a problem the rest of the day though, because you should be taking a protein that digests slowly and provides a steady stream of amino acids throughout the day. This is why the best idea is to purchase a protein powder that has a mix of 'fast' (whey) and 'slow' (egg and casein) proteins. I have found that Optimum Nutrition's ProComplex has the best quality, taste and price of any of its competitors.

In conclusion, to get the most out of your efforts in the gym, these supplements can be crucial to your success. You don't though; have to burn a hole through your wallet to afford these supplements. With the information I have provided, I hope all you teen bodybuilders out there can save some money to spend on the second priority in our lives; girls.