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Teen Transformation Of The Week - Ben Hedley.

Ben has always been skinny and wanted to change. As he learned more about bodybuilding he realized he could gain size and strength. Learn more about his successful gain in mass in less than a year!

Before Before:
118 lbs
After After:
127 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Ben Hedley
BodySpace: ben90
Age: 17

Statistics (before): 01 October 2006
Height: 5' 8"
Biceps: 10.75"
Chest (expanded): 36.5"
Forearms: 10"
Waist: 26.5"
Hips: 30"

Statistics (after): 12 August 2007
Height: 5' 8"
Biceps: 12.75"
Chest (expanded): 39.5"
Forearms: 10.75"
Waist: 27.5"
Hips: 30"

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Why I Got Started

Like plenty of members on I would say, "I have always been a very skinny person," but I truly mean it. At 5-foot-8 weighing just over 7stone or 100 pounds! It's not hard to imagine.

And for my dad being a very good "long distance" runner and my granddad being a very good swimmer then it would seem fairly odd for me to be so interested in bodybuilding! But despite everything being against me and everyone telling me that I would never be able to gain any weight I still couldn't resist, I decided to go for it and I obtained my first set of dumbbells from a friend across the road!

How I Did It

During year 10 in high school (when I was 15) I discovered the legend that is Bruce Lee and I told myself I would someday have an amazing physique like his. I began with a rather pathetic attempt at working out, simply doing bicep curls (with 4kg dumbbells!) and a few pushups every other night - this would never be frequent as I always became distracted and unfocused from my goal.

This continued with a few sit-ups added in until I reached 16 years of age when I was granted access to the local gym. My friend and I joined and our workouts became more advanced due to the resistance machines that were available although we were still not on any sort of routine, doing exercises that we liked the look of and doing sets and reps that we felt comfortable with we also enjoyed pushing ourselves by doing pyramids on machines like the chest press. As the months went on we started to push ourselves harder and harder but, again, at random times of the week.

lat spread lat spread
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Lateral Spread.

My training became a lot more serious around November 2006 when I would train regularly at the gym or at home, when I couldn't make it to the gym. A new gym was set up some months later in March 2007 and my friend and I fell in love with it.

We would go regularly and train hard. We would go and do our own workouts usually following the same muscle groups as each other depending on the day and we could then push each other randomly. For example my friend would often walk over to the cable machine when I'm doing pushdowns and hold the weight in place to cause resistance.

Biceps Biceps
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October '06 - August '07.

At my newly improved gym I started working out 3 days per week and worked it up to my current 6-day per week routine.

I soon found out how important "intensity" and technique was within bodybuilding.

As my regular routine came into place I started using not only as a means to record my stats but also as a better way of researching new exercises and routines which I could then incorporate into my own!

Ben Hedley's Posing Videos

Rear Double Biceps.

    Check Out More Of Ben's Videos Here.

Supplements And Diet

When starting my bodybuilding life style I soon found that with my fast paced life it was extremely difficult to fit in enough calories and protein into my diet so I began to use whey protein powder to make a few protein shakes a day. The first type of powder I bought was Extreme Nutrition Whey Protein Powder.

I also started taking vitamin tablets for obvious reasons.

Only recently have I started monitoring my foods as when I was previously training I was never quite sure how to check the nutritional values on simple foods like a slice of bread or a slab of chicken breast but as long as I felt I was getting enough calories then I was okay.

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Side Triceps.

My Training

When I finally developed a workout routine it started off like this: I would do around 3 sets per exercise with fair reps at around 12.


My workout is constantly changing which I think is an important factor within gaining muscle. It is always good to keep your body guessing instead of adapting.

Do plenty of research before you start training hard and find anyway to motivate yourself; I personally use music.

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Ben Hedley.

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