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Teen Transformation Of The Week - Stephen Bessey!

During middle school, Stephen was always being made fun of because of his weight. After taking enough ridicule, he decided this was the time to get in shape. Read on to learn how he packed on 25 pounds of solid muscle!

Before Before:
175 lbs
After After:
200 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Stephen Bessey
Height: 5'11"

Weight: 175 lbs
Max Bench: 185 lbs
Biceps: 13"
Waist: 34"
Chest: 35.5"
Quads: 20"
Calves: 12"
Forearm: 11"

Weight: 200 lbs
Max Bench: 250 lbs
Biceps: 16"
Waist: 31.5"
Chest: 45"
Quads: 26"
Calves: 14"
Forearm: 14.5"

Why I Got Started

When I started middle school, my nickname became Bessie The Cow because of how overweight and non-muscular I was. This instilled a desire to become the best looking I could. I always looked up to Hercules, The Hulk, and Jay Cutler. Last year I finally did something about it.

I had already been taking a weight training class at the school, but you could hardly say I worked out, although I put a little weight on my maxes. I always looked up to the older guys in the weight room and wished I could look like them, but figured you had to have the genetics or steroids to do it.

Stephen Bessey
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Last Year I Finally Did Something About It.

How I Did It

It started last year. I went to the local library and picked up every bodybuilding book it had and started to read them. I quickly realized I could be as big as I wanted to be. I started training immediately.

I changed my diet and everything I did in life. I put goals and quotes all over my room and read them every day. Recently I accomplished all of them which really boosted my self confidence, now I need to make new ones.

Stephen Bessey
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I Quickly Realized That I Could
Be As Big As I Wanted To Be.



I avoid fast food except on weekends. I don't drink soda and I eat only good carbs like multigrain bagels, oatmeal and breads. I eat six meals per day. Each meal is two hours after the last. I maintain a balance of anywhere between 160-and-220 grams of protein a day through shakes and bars.


I followed a strict workout regimen that changes every week with different ways of working out. I alternate between these exercises in different ways, like negative, HIT, and forced reps. I usually perform reps in 3 sets of 10 or 4 sets of 3, depending if I was doing a light day or a heavy day.

For cardio I ran bleachers when it wasn't track season, usually for thirty min to two hours. I also did fifty yard sprints, usually around 30 times.

Stephen Bessey
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Stephen Bessey.

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