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Teen Transformation Of The Week - Jon Morgan!

Jon's addiction to food left him tipping the scales at 260 pounds. Once he decided this wasn't the physique he wanted, he set his sights on dropping the weight. Read on to learn how Jon shed 40 pounds and 10% body fat!

Before Before:
225 lbs
After After:
185 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Jon Morgan
BodySpace: JonMorgan07

Age: 18
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 225 lbs
Body Fat: 25%
Waist: 43

Age: 19
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 185 lbs
Body Fat: 15%
Waist: 33

Why I Got Started

My sophomore in high school I was tipping the scale at 260 pounds. I got the nickname "Chunks" from my friends and it still is among certain people. I wasn't in bad shape, I could run a 10-minute mile and was still athletic, but my body fat was high due to the poor food choice at school and having a passion for food.

I realize now that I ate because food was my drug. I felt better when I ate. But I realize there is way more to life than just eating and my health was in big risk. I picked up a Muscle & Fitness magazine and made a commitment to get in the best shape possible.

Jon Morgan's Body Fat Progress.
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Jon Morgan's Body Fat Progress.

How I Did It

My sophomore year I joined wrestling and ended up losing 30 pounds and felt good but I soon shot back up 10 pounds. Upon graduation I weighed 225 pounds in June of 2007. Over the summer I started a better but not so good diet (where I got down to 190 pounds), but it was a low carb diet for months at a time and I didn't know much about nutrition.

Over the summer of 2008 I started researching a lot on That summer is when I saw my greatest gains and fat-loss. After much trial and error with a lot of frustration I finally found what was right for my body.

I Finally Found What Was Right For My Body.
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I Finally Found What Was
Right For My Body.

I have to say there were a lot of sacrifices in order for me to get where I am. I feel so much more energized daily and in great health.


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    Monday: Shoulders

    Tuesday: Arms

    Wednesday: Back

    Thursday: Legs

    Friday: Chest

Cardio is preformed 5 days a week, anything from HIIT to Jujutsu.

There are many variations of the art, which leads to a diversity of approaches. Jujutsu schools may utilize all forms of grappling techniques to some degree (i.e. throwing, trapping, joint locks, holds, gouging, biting, disengagements, striking, and kicking). In addition to jujutsu, many schools taught the use of weapons.

Suggestions For Others

Never give up, you will always encounter bad days and conquering them will only make you stronger. Temptations are everywhere, so just keep your goals in mind and how much you will enjoy reaching them.

You Will Always Encounter Bad Days And Conquering Them Will Only Make You Stronger.
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You Will Always Encounter Bad Days And
Conquering Them Will Only Make You Stronger.

Also remember "you are what you eat." I want to personally thank Jordan and Rocky Indovino, without them I would not be the person I am today and everyone else for their continued support in me reaching my goals.