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Teen Transformation Of The Week - Thomas Jasielski Put On 45 Pounds Of Lean Mass And Lost His Love Handles!

Throughout his entire life, he was known as Chubby Thomas. He took on a workout routine and became a skinny and lanky Thomas. Learn how with proper nutrition he bulked back up and added 45 pounds of lean mass!

Before Before:
145 lbs
After After:
190 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Thomas Jasielski
BodySpace: ecko223

Age: 15
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 145 lbs
Body Fat: 17%
Max Bench Press: 75 lbs
Arms: 12"
Chest: 33"
Legs: 16"

Age: 17
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 190 lbs
Body Fat: 8%
Max Bench Press: 315 lbs
Arms: 16"
Chest: 41"
Legs: 21"

Why I Got Started

Throughout my entire life, I was constantly known as the "Chubby Thomas." I was fairly active during the earlier years, playing house league hockey, however that ended around the age of 13. Looking back, it was the constant eating of unhealthy and fast foods that created that bloated version of me. Almost every strenuous activity I would endure was quickly followed by a meal that was greasy and unhealthy. My transformation began in my Grade 10 year of high school when a girl named Kassy commented on my "love handles" I knew from there on that this had to change.

My Transformation Began In High School When A Girl Commented On My 'Love Handles.'
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My Transformation Began In High School
When A Girl Commented On My 'Love Handles.'

How I Did It

I joined my local gym, and began doing over an hour of cardio each and everyday. Not knowing much about training or nutrition, I burned a ton of calories but my intake was not substantial. In the next 6 months, I went from a fat 185 pounds to a skinny 145 pounds, a skinny and lanky Thomas. It was not until my good buddy Scott joined the gym with me. Having somewhat of a background to weight training because of his home gym, Scott and I began our journey.

Within a year, we looked better than we could have ever imagined. We began eating tons of healthy foods like poultry breast, tuna and other lean meats. We supplemented our workouts and meals with proteins and amino acids. We began eating over 5 meals per day, loaded with protein or carbs when we needed it most. There were times when kids would stare at me strangely when I took out a protein shake at lunchtime.

We were on the right track with It began with the articles and progressed to BodySpace. Without it, we had no knowledge of nutrition or training - we were as blind as bats. It was not until a year ago that I began taking bodybuilding seriously, I began splitting my months into bulking and cutting phases to increase my appearance and increase my strength at the same time. I peaked at 190 pounds, with still some retention of my abs, and cut down to a solid 165 pounds this summer.

I look and feel greater than I ever could a couple years ago. I'm hoping to do my first bodybuilding competition within the next year!

I Look And Feel Greater Than I Ever Could A Couple Years Ago.
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I Look And Feel Greater Than I
Ever Could A Couple Years Ago.


When I first began working out, I got caught up in the marketing of supplement companies. However I have consistently brought protein supplements into my diet, as they are more crucial to me than anything. I also strive to supplement my diet with a multi-vitamin and amino acids to help keep me as healthy as possible and help my body deliver the nutrients I need. I occasionally use a pre-workout complex to amp me up before a workout when feeling tired or unmotivated. However, I choose to stay away whenever possible as the crash that follows is often too harsh. The only supplement I feel is completely necessary is food, without a proper diet and nutrition, it'll be extremely hard to progress your transformation.

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A typical day for me would look like this:

I also have a couple snacks in between meals such as yogurt or fruit to curb my hunger.


My training varies each time of the year, during the winter months I won't focus too much on abs or cardio, as those are more crucial to me in the summer.









Suggestions For Others

It may be hard in the beginning, but just keep picturing the final product and keep working towards it. With a bit of effort and determination anything you desire can be achieved. Take all the negative energy and turn it into positivity. Never make excuses, everything and anything can be transformed with effort.

Never Make Excuses, Everything And Anything Can Be Transformed With Effort.
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Never Make Excuses, Everything And
Anything Can Be Transformed With Effort.