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Mark Ferrara Shed 25 Pounds To Get The Healthy Physique He Always Dreamed Of!

At 240 pounds, Mark knew he wasn't happy with his current physique. Read on to learn how he turned everything around and shed 25 pounds right here!

Vital Stats

Name: Mark Ferrara

220 lbs
Body Fat: 30%+

215 lbs
Body Fat:

Why I Got Started

Born Mark Charles Ferrara the day after Independence Day 21 years ago, I was raised speaking both Spanish and English. Growing up I was overweight. During my transition from junior high to high school, I grew tired of the way I looked and decided it was time to change.

I went from a computer geek to an exercise and fitness enthusiast in a matter of months. Unfortunately, I soon took my new passion to an unhealthy level by sticking with a sickly diet of less than 500 calories per day and over 3 hours of cardio per day.

I ended getting sick and being hospitalized. I was just 13-years old and had gone from a heavy 220 pounds to a healthy yet husky 160 pounds, to an emaciated 110 pounds at 5-foot-9 in less than a year. I was at my lowest.

The "skinny" media brainwashed me and I didn't know where to look at this point. This wasn't what I wanted, I just wanted to feel and look good. I always wanted to have that "larger than life" physique, but had no guidance.

At this point I was at rock bottom. I began buying muscle magazines and becoming a frequent visitor of

I was on a mission to get the body of my dreams but most importantly to be healthy, feel comfortable in my own skin, and feel free within. I have always been an extremist, but with guidance and a well-thought-out plan, I knew this time I was on a beautiful journey to success and happiness.

At this point with my driven mindset I would inevitably sacrifice everything to reach my goals. Now, 9 years later and hundreds of workouts, protein shakes, cups of oats, and nights spent thinking about the next morning's cardio, two brutal weight sessions, and plethora of high protein meals, I am living my dream.

I Was On A Beautiful Journey To Success And Happiness.
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I Was On A Beautiful Journey
To Success And Happiness.

How I Did It

I began training at local gym down the street from my high school. I would wake up at 4 a.m. on the dot, have my first meal, and pack along my gym bag with my meals for the day. I had an hour walk to the gym. I would get there buy 5:30 a.m., train with weights until 6:30 a.m., shower, and walk to school by 7:15 a.m.

This was most convenient since I always worked after school. It took a lot of commitment and drive, especially in New England's brutal winters. It reminded me of the Rocky IV movie! I stuck with this routine all through high school.

My job helped pay for my supplements and groceries, since eating quality food can be costly at times. Everyday I looked and felt better than the day before. Bodybuilding is the most beautiful thing I found at this point and will be with me the rest of my life.

But with my mindset, as most in this sport know, you are never truly satisfied. I always tell myself "there are no limits when the sky is the first step!" 9 years later at 210 pounds with ripped abs I feel amazing and love sharing my passion with others who have gone through a similar experience and are simply in need of some guidance.

At this point I am pursuing a modeling career and my dream of a supplement company endorsement and am confident in my endeavors. I look forward to the amazing life ahead and what it will bring.

I Look Forward To The Amazing Life Ahead And What It Will Bring. I Look Forward To The Amazing Life Ahead And What It Will Bring.
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I Look Forward To The Amazing Life
Ahead And What It Will Bring.


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Meal 1:

Meal 2:



Meal 3:

Meal 4:



Meal 5:








I do cardio every morning before breakfast.

Suggestions For Others

Keep your head up, stay focused, and never let go of your dreams!

Never Let Go Of Your Dreams!
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Never Let Go Of Your Dreams!