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Is There A Perfect Training System?

We all want to have great bodies, and bodybuilding is the main way to achieve that look we so desire.

As bodybuilders we are constantly seeking new ways to improve our physiques and raise the results of our workouts. We want to continually improve our bodies and through that we are always searching for the best ways to train. The bodybuilding industry is a billion dollar industry. This is shown greatly through the numerous ads, magazines, and commercials we see everyday and everywhere, though the problems of the industry are another matter entirely.

The bodybuilding industry has turned into a money driven machine, and for those new trainees who wish to start their journey, it can be not only confusing, but also almost downright impossible to find and develop a routine they feel comfortable with. Because of the hundreds of supposed systems, supplements and people claiming they have the hidden secret behind huge gains and super strength, many new and even old trainees including myself can have a difficult time wading through the useless information. We all want to have great bodies, and bodybuilding is the main way to achieve that look we so desire.

There is so much propaganda prevalent today that it is difficult to find training partners and those who are knowledgeable, but the main problem is that most people are looking for a "works-for-all" solution, when in bodybuilding that is impossible. Our bodies all are genetically different. We have different recovery systems, different muscle lengths, different fiber types, and many other factors that respond to training differently then what the fellow bodybuilder will have. Many times we can be caught up in the hype of something that supposedly gives you maximum muscle in no time at all, yet for some it will work great, while for others it won't work at all. There are numerous systems out there: HIT, Max-OT, Westside Methods, Supersetting, Compound Aftershock, POF, SCT, and ICE to name a few, but you cannot solely base what you're going to train with from what results other people have experienced using them.

When discussing this topic with other experienced and successful teenage bodybuilders one statement arises from this discussion over and over. "You must try different things and find out what works for you." What works for Arnold doesn't work for Yates and vice versa. The pro bodybuilders do routines extremely different from each other in terms of Mentzer and Arnold, Pearl and Haney, yet they all have awesome physiques and advocate why their systems are proven and the best.

They need to put food on the table also, which is why you should, based on the large base of information available to you, choose something to start with and then do periods of evaluation and change according to what works for you and doesn't. Bruce Lee spent countless hours studying various training styles and systems, and his physique is still held by bodybuilders and society alike as something amazing, yet he trained much differently than most bodybuilders. Bruce trained for speed and power, but look at the muscular development that resulted from this training. He found what worked for him, and as a result he had not only a terrific physique but also great power and speed.

Through these examples I hope you realize that much of training is trial and error. Everyone has to start somewhere, and with proper nutrition (which is a must if you want to achieve the best body you can with what you have) and finding what works for you, you have the ability to develop an amazing body. For all natural bodybuilders, it is my opinion along with many others that nutrition is AT LEAST 75% of the battle!

One of the many reasons we constantly see people in the gym working out day after day with little to show is because they are not evaluating their training or utilizing a good diet. Many people see a system that a pro is doing and they automatically think that it will work for them, and even though after 6 months they see little results, they continue with the program because they feel it worked for the pro and it must work for them. Sorry to say but the unnatural pros in the IFBB many people look up to, "train halfheartedly, and have many problems most people have no idea about". And the sad story is, when natural trainees look up to them they feel they should look that way and have astounding results, but when it doesn't work for them they feel they can never develop an amazing body and give up, when if they'd merely evaluated their training and diet, they could be well on their way to something great without the use of drugs.

The great bodybuilders of old were all natural, and because the magazines and hype promote the dying freaks, people have no exposure to the real natural bodybuilders whose physiques we should be looking at and evaluating, not something that is completely unreal and corrupt. For you natural bodybuilders, base your physique with the legends of old, those are the true bodybuilders.

To cap it off, we must all realize we cannot let our supposed genetic limitations stop us from the body we can create. Many great bodybuilders have apparent flaws, yet they still have awesome bodies. You can develop an awesome body without drugs. Many of the pros are living lives you wouldn't believe behind the scenes, and if you want proof of this go read through the pages of Ironman's Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding, there is a discussion with an IFBB pro about what the IFBB world is really like for the unnatural bodybuilders.

Remember, men like Scott, Reeves, Park, and many others all proved that natural bodybuilding is worth it and has great results no matter your genetics. Not even the legends of bodybuilding had perfect bodies, nobody does. In fact, many people with the best genetics never even train because they feel they don't need to or don't care, so they will never develop a body like they could because there is no effort put forth, yet many bodybuilders start because they want to develop a body they can be proud of, and look at what hard work does to average men. It turns them into works of art, and gives self-confidence like nothing else. So don't get down on yourself if you're "to short", "to skinny" or "your head is too big," because if you believe things like that, you're only holding back your potential for what could be the next champion physique whether competing or training only for yourself.

Keep at it, and remember you have the potential to go far beyond what you ever could imagine, it is those people who don't give up, and constantly seek to improve themselves and those around them who have great impacts upon our world. Are you going to have an impact, or are you going to let limitations control your life? Only you can decide.

Motivate each other and learn how to improve your gains by posting and reading posts on our popular Teen Section of the Bodybuilding Forum!

Important Recap:

1. Nutrition is at least 75% of natural bodybuilding. Diet is a key to a great body!

2. Un-natural Pros do not take any supplements at all, it's all drugs and it is very corrupt and saddening to the sport of the Iron Game.

3. Follow the legends of old, they set the path for you, and they trained using tried and true principles.

4. Everyone has apparent genetic flaws, yet everyone can develop a great body. Stick with it. If you ever need motivation to keep going, check out Fit For Life's article on his Life Story.

5. You must evaluate and change your training over time to find out what works best for your body. Everyone is different, keep what is useful and don't listen to the useless.

6. IMO, if you really want to be a pro bodybuilder, keep it natural and compete naturally. Even though the bodybuilding world may fall and never attain greatness and naturality as it once did, hopefully someday natural bodybuilding will take the spotlight once again. If you want it, keep at it, and you may be able to change things for the better.

7. For new trainees, use the message boards, read as much as you can about diet and nutrition.

8. Keep it real.

Jonathan S

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