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The Power Of Visualization!

So Jon, what is visualization and how will it take my training to the next level? See how visualization can help your workouts get to the next level!

So Jon, what is visualization and how will it take my training to the next level? Well, my friend, people you've known and looked up to have been using the power of visualization to transform their lives for years. These people include Andrew Carnegie, Tony Robbins (the motivational speaker in the movie Shallow Hal) Michael Jordan and Frank Zane, among many others. These people, though only just people, have made huge impacts to our society because of what they've accomplished. Yet, we all have the ability to change the world, but it starts with ourselves.

Visualization is visualizing in your mind what you will achieve and accomplish. It's seeing yourself with all the great things you want, doing all the things you hope to do. The power of visualization is that once these images start to be repeatedly put into the mind, the subconscious takes over and can't discern what is real from what isn't, and you become what you're focusing upon. For instance, have you ever noticed how when you purchase a new car of a specific color, you suddenly start seeing many other cars of the exact same type and color? Those cars have always been there, but you just haven't put the importance of the car into your mind.

Many people always ask me questions such as, "Why do bodybuilders develop such great bodies, yet I go to the gym quite a bit and don't attain the level of fitness the greats do?" I tell them of course there are many factors when comparing yourself to the greats, such as nutrition, the ability to train without outside stresses, genetics, motivation from peers (such as Muscle Beach), access to information and other factors. One of the most important factors which isn't widely understood by the common trainee has to do with the mind. A favorite quote of mine is "What the mind can believe, the body can achieve." Many of the greats had supposed "great" limitations, yet they broke through them by believing and seeing themselves achieve their goals. They saw themselves in their minds as much bigger, more muscular, winning the competitions, and taking their training to the next level. Many bodybuilders have broken through their "mind plateau" if you will, by forcing their mind to believe which in effect changes them.

It has been proven, that what you put into your mind you become, but that is one of the many reasons those who push through the barriers take themselves to another level most people don't. Many years ago nobody thought that a 5-minute mile could be performed, but once one man achieved it, soon hundreds followed. The mind can be an extremely powerful tool, used for good or bad. The mind can make you are break you. Now that I've given you some food for thought, I'll leave you with an exercise you can perform along with the other exercise I lined out in my article entitled "Motivation That Will Take You To the Top".

Each day before you go to work or school, sit down, take 5 deep breaths to stimulate that immune system, and for 5 minutes visualize what you hope to look like, what poundages you see yourself lifting, view yourself with everything you want to accomplish." This technique is so powerful, yet the people that do it still amaze our society because most people don't know the technique, and don't have control over this area. The saying is true, "Garbage In, Garbage Out."

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If you focus on something enough, you will become it. This is one of the reasons many small guys eventually break goals that most people will never break. Look at what Layne and Jay's training has done for them. That is why many powerlifters lift extreme weights while most men gawk at the mere idea of lifting those poundages. The powerlifters are surrounded by other men who are lifting those weights, and they begin to believe they can do the same if these men have, which makes it true for them. The mind is a powerful tool, used for good or bad, it can determine what you will or won't become.

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