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Develop A Body The Gods Would Envy: Part 1.

Body Development: gain 40lbs of muscle or just improving your overall health!

For those of you whom have read my previous work, I applaud your progress and persistence. This article is for you people who have really wanted to start your journey towards building a body of your dreams, be it adding up to 40lbs of muscle or just improving your overall health. I'm here once again to present information that is taking the bodybuilding/fitness world by storm, along with adding a few personal tips that could improve all areas of your life.

So you've been searching through training styles all over the place, you've heard "Do XYZ to get this result," or "You can also be as big as me if you just take so and so of my self created supplement developed by my super researchers in a secret Russian laboratory at a mere $295! Haha. I always get a great laugh from these, but most people are many times confused such as I have been. You're probably thinking "I've looked everywhere, and I have yet to find something that can be proven as the most efficient and effective way to train. I want scientifically proven facts, test subjects, and a sure program that will do what it says." Well I know exactly what your feeling because I've felt that in the past and have literally agonized over what training methods really produce results considering no two humans have the same genetics. After years of overtraining and training "tips" from coaches, mentors, and programs galore, I one day stumbled upon the work of Pete Sisco (

Pete Sisco has developed a training system so effective that people all over the world have added 30-40 lbs of muscle on their previous under/undeveloping bodies in mere months! To top these claims Pete has scientifically proven why his techniques work, along with providing more than enough test results that simply cannot be ignored. Now that I've got your attention, I'm going to give you your "key to the dream body you've always wanted." All you have to do is open it up and pursue it with action.


Many people have taken the first step and now wish they had done it so much sooner because of the fast, dramatic results they've experienced.

For those of you have who been searching for the best way to add size and strength, Pete's discoveries will amaze you. His best selling program is used by over 150,000 bodybuilders, and is taking the bodybuilding world by storm. It will give you the best body of anyone you know, or will never know. That's how revolutionary it is. It allows you to unlock all of your strength and size.

Pete has proven that recovery involves the entire body system and that in order for maximum growth to take place, maximum demands must be placed upon the muscles followed by adequate rest, not just a 48 hour period and back into the gym.

So I've given you the tools to forever change the way you go about bodybuilding and how to turn your body into something you've only dreamed of. Now get started!

Be on the watch for Part 2 of "Develop A Body The Gods Would Envy," when I delve into gearing nutrition and a sound mind with your training to help you reach your goals.

For now here are some excellent sources of informative information on proper dieting from some of the most knowledgeable nutrition experts and teen bodybuilders working hard to help you reach your goals.

Big "Zir on fire" Red: A teen on top of his gain (woops, I mean game), Zir has gone from 165-225 in a mere few years, and he can even give you modeling tips since he's modeled for fitness magazines.

Big "Pussy" Cat: Just playing Cat. Cat could be a nutritional scientist, some of his stuff just amazes me with how deep he goes into nutrition. Definitely one of the best around.

Layne "Major Pain" Norton: A competitive bodybuilder with a knack for training and a body that would dwarf mere mortals.

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