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Over The Top!

An over-the-top mentality is something that most of us need, but very few possess. Some call it intensity, others insanity or anger, but the bottom line is that unless we go over the top, we will never grow ...

Over the top, or the coined term OTP is a mental approach that can shift your lifting experience from mediocre to champion. It's the mental approach that separates the average from the extreme, the aloof from the desperate, the Lincoln Hawk from the Bull Hurley.

Where Did Over The Top Come From?

For those of you who have seen the movie Over The Top, you will quickly grasp this approach to lifting and how I tie-in in with the movie. For those of you who haven't, don't worry because you soon will grasp this concept. I believe the over-the-top principle is what many bodybuilders today fail to understand, and is probably the major thing keeping them from gaining.

In the movie Over The Top, Lincoln Hawk was a downbeat trucker trying to reclaim his son's love and his family life. He made extra cash by armwrestling at local truck stops along his supply routes. Hawk was no brute, but a mild mannered loving father who wanted to make something for the family he ran out on several years previous. Near the end of the movie, Hawk is at the arm wrestling world championships where he faces Bull Hurley, the 300-pound-plus reigning champ.

This is Hawk's make it or break it time, everything is on the line. If he wins he will receive a new truck and a cash prize, but if he loses he will be back where he started. When Hawk faces Bull he goes into a zone. He turns his hat around and "becomes a machine" as he calls it. Hawk knows its make it or break it time. It's all or nothing, and desperation sets in as Hawk crushes Bull to win the championship.

Hawk went over the top and conquered his fear and mental outlook. He beat seemingly unbeatable opponents, and beat his mind although it told him he didn't have what it took at every turn.

An over the top mentality is something that most of us need, but few possess. Some call it intensity, others insanity or anger, but the bottom line is that unless we go over the top and push past all the mental and physical barriers, we will never grow like our potential could possibly allow. It will hurt, it will hurt more than you have ever experienced. Your mind will tell you that you must give up. It will tell you that your inferior and don't have what it takes to grow, but are you going to let that happen?

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Lincoln Hawk (played by Sly Stallone) was a prime example of sheer will and mental strength in this movie. He was not huge, he was not a "tough guy." He was a good man who took the love he had for his family, and transformed his mind and body into a machine that took him over the top every time he fought battles that tested his muscles and mind.

You might be wondering how this applies to you. Well I'll lay it out flat for you. If you want to get strong and huge. If you want to develop discipline and mental willpower, become the best you can possibly be, you must be desperate for it. You have to push past everything, the obstacles that look unbeatable, the tasks that seem insurmountable.

Using Over The Top In The Gym

You have to crush them. It's do or die time every day you step foot in that gym. There must be nothing else, no women, no screaming idiots, nothing! Search for that and break every physical and mental limit you have! Learn more about gym idiots, click here!

Most of you will give up and quit. Hey that's life, the more quitters there are the better life is for us who push on. Most of you will just read this article and forget about this mental approach to lifting within an hour. But you will eventually come across people who haven't. You will always wonder what you could have done or become if you'd applied maximum willpower to push yourself forward physically and mentally in the gym every time you trained.

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